Feeling Displaced?

I have been missing Colorado this month, partly because in the 1990’s my hubby and I used to help with our church’s “kiddie camp” during this month.  It was a week long labor of love that left unexpected warm memories.

This is red rocks park. Many people who live in CO go here to walk, hike, or train by running the steps at the RR Amphitheater.

One year, we even left a beach side vacation days early (from Hilton Head) to make it back to CO for little ol’ kiddie camp (well we were young and still learning about proper boundaries of course), but a stanza from a Dorothy Parker poem comes to mind as I think about the places we used to call home:

“Why is it, when I am in Rome,
I’d give an eye to be at home,
But when on native earth I be,
My soul is sick for Italy?”

People who have moved around a bit know what it is like to feel torn with some geographical displacement.

And here are some thoughts about this “condition” 😉


Yes, you can enjoy where you currently reside,

While still longing for another place deep inside.

There’s displacement when you have moved from home to home

For me, it may not have been Rome,

but living in multiple states – well that has been pretty great!

Now if you have never moved or lived elsewhere

You do not have this same displacement care

But for those with the luxury of this stance

We must remember— it is NOT by chance-

We have had the gift of living here and there

But we are never truly at home anywhere —

down here-

               We were built for another place!

And one day – we will receive the Lord’s embrace

We will put a face to all His wonderful grace

And none of us will be displaced —  a

ny more…

When we are really HOME  —

and pass through heaven’s door!

      Let us all see displacement with a new hue-

                   Because I know what I need to do.

Be still

and Chill.

I am not ready to dig up my Virginia roots

                          So instead, I will put on travelin’ boots.

I will visit the places we can

I will explore with the clan

So we might appreciate where we are planted

While possibly visiting other places we took for granted!

So while I reflect on different paths we have had

May I embrace this day for what  IT  has –

it’s not so bad!

and remember —

to Rejoice —  and — Be Glad…..


Teaching Tips:

~Check out one of my husband’s favorite books ever – called Heaven, by Randy Alcorn.  This potent book highlights not only what we have in store when we truly arrive at our permanent home (HEAVEN), but also offers insight about how our life NOW is a gift – and we are to enjoy our Divinely appointed displacement while we are a light for Christ down here.

~Remember it is good to TALK about things! A talking family is a healthy family.   Don’t force it, but find things that start convos in your house – it will pay off int he long run!

~Sometimes you’ll have to pause to MAKE time for discussion (do not wait until it is really bad).  You may have to pause life things – or talk to and from places – but do not forget the value of DISCUSSING things – because this chatting it up is a form of “talk therapy” – and it can be something we all have easy access to – and it is especially helpful with topics of the heart –  like missing former homes or just desiring to see friends and family.  Also, because my spouse and I talked and problem solved int he early years – like we even pulled a few all nighters to resolve and debrief situations – and well, it has paid off with not only making right decisions – but with more unity.  🙂

~Remind teens to plan, ponder, and reflect – but to also learn how to be content in what God has given us this very day – and to  “rejoice and be glad” –   Psalm 118:24: This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”