Time Flies (poem)

Time flies

You close your eyes –

and six years have gone by.

You open your eyes-

to change, growth, and new ways

Yet many things are not changed –

same stuff- different day.

However, as time flies….

our lives are lived.

        often measured by what we give.

Also  – by what we get –

           what we absorb

           what we soak up…

           As memories fill our cup

             – fill our life bank

             – fill our love tank

When I open my eyes to see a new decade

When I feel this huge gap in time –

I thank the Lord for my APPOINTED life climb.

This vapor of a life is different in length for us all

But each season –

              each year –

is a gift that is NOT small!

So live your life,

embrace each day –

and pray without ceasing

as you intentionally go your way.


This is one of my favorite paintings. It is untitled – acrylic on wood – from 1968. I love it.

18 thoughts on “Time Flies (poem)

  1. God is In Control
    Today I witnessed the Glory of God’s
    Mercy and Grace
    My brother in Christ has a glow on his face
    A marriage that was broken
    Has been mended with Love
    That kind of power can
    Only come from Our Heavenly Father Above
    Who is all and in all that call on him
    Out of a pure heart
    Which he only knows
    I am sure it his Love
    That mends hearts and lives
    Through unfailing prayer
    His power and presence
    It is manifested
    It shows
    My brother and I journey began
    Some six months ago
    Through study and prayer
    His marriage is restored
    By Grace
    And Mercy
    Through pain and trials
    We know how the story go’s
    The end of a thing
    Is better than the Beginning
    When we stop sinning
    And be obedient
    Our blessings are our proof
    That we are Winning this fight that we are in
    I hung up the phone
    And all I could see
    Was my Father in Heaven
    And his Son Jesus
    Grinning with glee
    Exalt the Lord
    While we have breath
    He has made us Victorious
    We can Stand and Go through
    All our tests
    Our Father know what is best
    And in his Arms
    Doth my Faith do Rest
    Praise the Lord
    For he is worthy to be Praised
    I pray my friend’s marriage
    Remains solid to the end of his days!

    By Jeffrey D. Simmons
    October 1, 2013


  2. That was very touching.
    Enjoy life maybe what you give is a measure of what you get. Plus the ending was priceless.
    Great poem. And thanks for doping by my crazy un-paid blog.


    1. well I am absolutely honored! and I really like your work! an I recently stumbled across your blog and look forward to following. 🙂


  3. What a thoughtful and inspiring poem!
    Thank you for following my blog, I look forward to following yours too.


    1. thanks so much for taking the time to read – and I am not sure as to why wordpress has linked this specific poem post with my profile – but I guess it does show some of me.

      I am really into writing poems all that much – I just like to write in simple rhymes where the message is delivered lightly with some rhythm – for me – it is the delivery of the message and less about writing “scholarly” poetry –

      anyhow, there is a little story with this one – thought I would share for others who are directed here.
      I had already posted for the day – and so I was not looking for inspiration.
      While cleaning up, I saw this black and white leopard shower curtain in the kids’ bathroom – and I had a flashback from 6 years earlier – when my step-daughter was here – as an adolescent – and she took a phone selfie photo with that print in the background – and she arranged the curtain just so, etc.
      But now – it was six years later – and she was 6’4″ – in college – and as I looked at the curtain – it felt like JUST last week when she took that selfie; inside I was like, “Wow, time sure does fly…..” ha – and then I did what bloggers do – I sat down and wrote about it.

      anyhow Pyett – looking forward to peeking in on your posts each week – and can’t wait to see what unfolds from the scrapbook… 🙂


  4. Found this, read this, liked this !!! “… often measured by what we give / … by what we get – what we absorb, what we soak up … “, and this was good: “I thank the Lord for my APPOINTED life climb. / This vapor of a life is different in length for us all.” Hope you are well. T


    1. thanks so much T – and I will be in touch with the update soon. thanks again for dropping by and heard “love is worth the fight” twice this weekend – and prayed for T and the fam- oh yeah! be in touch soon – (hello to the Mrs. too -)


  5. Thanks for a poem that reminds me of the importance of thanks and appreciation.
    I think that painting is beautiful too.
    Imagin how contented he is with his boat and (batch) house by the sea.


    1. Thanks so much dear Jack – 🙂 and I agree about the painting – feel a sense of contentment and calm – and I just learned what a “batch” is – lol


      1. It is what Kiwis call a small getaway holiday cottage.
        Aussies call a weekender.
        If I have it right, because slang expressions like everything change in time.


        1. Thanks Jack – and I just learned that because we have a burger place here in RVA called Burger Bach (here)- (which I think should be spelled BATCH) but also I follow a blogger, New Zealand Jill, and she shares some Kiwi terms too…


        2. Hi Jack – well actually I did not really notice you spelled it wrong, but we were talking over dinner that the restaurant should probably spell it with a “t” – well my husband thought so – because we kept saying “bok” (like the musician Bach).

          hope you scones came out nice 🙂


    2. Eternally fleeting is time that mankind can not comprehend nor see because time belongs to the Creator whose existence spans time and eternity. Our moment is but a blink of the fabric of the cosmos that we wish we could know but because Time doesn’t fly we will never know!

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      1. awesome Doc Jeff – and what you wrote reminds me of “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” –
        love you my brother 🙂


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