More of summer…

Usually I welcome fall with open arms.  We indulge in fall soccer, new jackets, and seasonal lattes.  One year, I even bought jumbo pumpkins over Labor Day weekend and placed them on my porch as an early welcome to the transition of fall.

But this year, I found myself yearning for a little more of summer.

more summer



Looking at the yellowing leaves on the Maple trees in the yard only made me miss summer more – and instead of welcoming the cooler and denser air that is usually so refreshing,  I still wanted one more trip to the beach with the boys.  A highlight for us is to go to Virginia Beach in the latest part of summer, which is mid-September, because the water is perfectly tepid and the locals causally browse the open boardwalk with no crowd.  Virginia Beach is not the most upscale beach around either – and so the smaller crowd helps the atmosphere somewhat.

But I also wanted one more dip in the pool – oh, and then more time to garden!

The veggies and flowering shrubs all had a late start because of June’s cold temps – and so basically, I just wanted more of summer.

Well the other night- I was checking out at the store and the cashier and I were exchanging small talk.  He shared about his fall plans, and I told him that I was just not that into fall this year – because I did not get enough of summer.

Then he said something that changed my view.  He said, “Well you only have 7 months and summer will be here.”

Without even realizing it, this cashier helped me switch my rear-view thinking into a forward view focus.  Instead of yearning for what I did NOT get to do this summer- I felt encouraged at the thought that a whole new summer would be here in a matter of months.

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Some people call this looking through the windshield (at what is coming and what lies ahead) instead of driving while looking behind via the rear view mirror.  Sure – at times we need to look back and reflect!  Yes, we need to dissect to improve and plan as we go, but too much “rearview gazing” will rob of us of much needed momentum. It will pull from being in the now – and will pull from enjoying what is to come.

As I left the store, I was also reminded again about the social connection we share with others –and how sometimes the little things shared in passing can have a ripple effect.  When we make the effort to remind someone that the cup is half-full – well it could help the person move beyond half-empty wallowing.  The little things we say MAKE A DIFFERENCE – and they can be used to stir up truth and act as a catalyst to bring every thought captive.

One of my husband’s favorite old sayings is not a super profound phrase, but I love it – and I always smile when I hear him say it to someone who is wrestling with regret.

                           “The best time to plant an Oak tree was 30 years ago, but the second best time is right now.”  

Well this simple little phrase gets us moving AWAY FROM the ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’ mode – and helps us “get to getting” to go and “do what we do.”

~ I still may not enjoy the fall poems this year and I frown a bit to be updating the cold weather wardrobe  – but I am looking forward to next summer – while also in the now – and when June arrives, we are heading to the beach!

So wherever you are at right now – remember to monitor any “rearview mirror” driving – especially if it pertains to matters or life issues that are much bigger than the mere changing of seasons.  Do NOT forget that there are no accidents with God – no coincidences!  And He knew any mistakes or setback that would come…. He works all things FOR good (not that all things are good, but they work for good to those that love Him).  God has good things in store for you – good things for this current fall – and for all the other seasons yet to come!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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