Another ‘Most Expensive Painting’

FYI – A new record was set at Christie’s auction house on Novemeber 12, 2013 – when Francis Bacon’s 1969 painting, “Three Studies of Lucian Freud,” was sold for more than $142 million dollars-

Christie auction credit to YNG

and as Marion Boddy-Evans put it – there is now another new “Most Expensive Painting.”         More details hereBacon’s triptych (of his fellow artist) beat the 2012 record set when Munch’s “The Scream” sold for 120 million (Sotheby’s).

Another record was broken on November 12th as well, which was for the sale of art of a living artist, when Jeff Koon’s “Balloon Dog (Orange)” was sold anonymously via phone for 58.4 million. It stands 12 feet high and is made of stainless steel!  The orange dog is from a series and the others, which are yellow, blue, magenta and red, are in private collections (i.e. Steven Cohen has the yellow Balloon Dog and Eli Broad’s blue one can be seen in LA’s County Museum of Art).  Check out the Exhibition Inquisition WordPress blog for more about Koon’s work.

These interesting Ballon Dog pieces were made by the now out of business art makers Carlson & Co. (check out NPR’s report on Carlson & Co. or go to Balkin’s blog for more about the Ballon Dog piece)

Koon's balloon dog on display

So to all the artists art there – keep doing what you do! – Of course – the monetary aim is not the primary concern (or a concern at all) for “most” artists who create and design wonderful art, but wow, you just never know what will catch on and what will one day be viewed in a way that brings in millions….you just never know! So keep doin’ what you do!

One thought on “Another ‘Most Expensive Painting’

  1. God Painted this Scene of My Life
    I was traveling at 60 miles an hour on the highway
    Early Thursday morning November 14, 2013
    Returning from Galveston to Houston
    Which I now call home
    Overwhelmed with guilt shame and regret
    Of being alone
    And feeling like my sins had not
    Been forgiven yet
    Which I knew was a lie
    But the enemy
    Just wanted me to die
    But that is not Gods plan
    Because as I looked to my front there was a
    Car in my lane stopped and not moving
    I had no response the steering wheel was quickly
    Yanked right and then quickly back to the left
    It was like I wasn’t there and I was out of body
    Watching this miracle
    I thank Jesus and the Angels of protection that had been
    Sent to prevent me from harm
    I was shaken
    I did not look back
    I finished the drive
    I finished the trial
    Today I thank God the Father
    And his Son Jesus
    That I am in the land of the living
    To smile
    I know who I put my trust in
    And I am his miracle
    In this dark world of ours
    Where drugs, violence, sex
    And the love of money
    Steal souls
    Hopes and dreams
    God has delivered me just one more Time
    To be a light
    And do right
    Because the battle is not mine
    It is truly Gods Fight.
    I just Pray
    And Say
    Thank you for my Life to Day
    And please Lord light
    My PATH so I do not stray
    From the right way which is in Jesus Christ
    Forgive me of all my sins I plead
    So I truly can help those who are bound
    God gave me life and saved my life
    So I am Happy
    I am free
    To be
    What Our Heavenly Father made me to be
    His mouth piece of PEACE!
    By Jeffrey D. Simmons
    11/15/13 1:49 Pm


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