Strengthened in the Process (Golden Gate Bridge poem)

It seems like the topic that keeps coming up this week is the VALUE of going through hard times. 

Our small group message was about “How we grow from adversity”   then in my inbox I read that we can onlydevelop GRIT from going  t h r o u g h dilemmas”and then my husband is editing a video about how “hard times do NOT necessarily mean you are OUT of God’s will.”

cade at bridge 02cade at bridge - b - 02

Then, in our DVR que- there was How Stuff Works featuring steel and suspension bridges and how the Golden Gate Bridge is an engineering marvel of STEEL!   (In the photo, my son – who was 2 1/2 at the time, is touching the steel cables.)

Now how do you think steel is made?

Steel gets made through a strengthening process!!!

The molten iron ore goes through a 200 foot furnace – to experience a bonding process – and impurities get separated – and well, the analogy was clear!  As humans, we too are strengthened in the process- and rather than just being delivered from every tough situation – we get fortified by going through the process.  

cade and grandmom 2002
Grandma “K” and Cade

And sure, some hard times may have an eroding, weathering effect – or the purpose is not there – or not clear – and relief is needed soon, but please do NOT forget that God will NEVER give you more than you can handle.  And He is right there as your rock – as your steel.

Perspective is key!  Sometimes good ol’ experience is the only way we can develop empathy or grasp wisdom.  Or maybe the problem is divinely appointed for multiple reasons (the lives you will touch, a change you needed, or your occupation with it will save your life or just keep you from getting prideful or puffed up, or it is a consequence, or a difficulty that came just because of things in the spiritual realm that you will see more about later).   Hmmmm  – well that is part of what has been buzzing around the Priorhouse this week – that “trials can have much value” – and remember – you do not go through this alone, but the Lord is right there with You.

near golden gate bridge 02
northern CA – 2002


Lastly, here is a poem about the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not only does it highlight the steel that makes up this modern wonder of the world – but the words in this poem highlight some of the perseverance and GRIT of the men who built it – as they “Honored cause and nobly fought
 – And that which they so bravely wrought….”

The Mighty Task is Done

by Joseph Strauss

At last the mighty task is done;

Resplendent in the western sun

The Bridge looms mountain high;

Its titan piers grip ocean floor,

Its great steel arms link shore with shore,

Its towers pierce the sky.

On its broad decks in rightful pride,

The world in swift parade shall ride,

Throughout all time to be;

Beneath, fleet ships from every port,

Vast landlocked bay, historic fort,

And dwarfing all–the sea.

To north, the Redwood Empire’s gates;

‘To south, a happy playground waits,

in Rapturous appeal;

Here nature, free since time began,

Yields to the restless moods of man,

Accepts his bonds of steel.

Launched midst a thousand hopes and fears,

Damned by a thousand hostile sneers,

Yet ne’er its course was stayed,

But ask of those who met the foe

Who stood alone when faith was low,

Ask them the price they paid.

Ask of the steel, each strut and wire,

Ask of the searching, purging fire,

That marked their natal hour;

Ask of the mind, the hand, the heart,

Ask of each single, stalwart part,

What gave it force and power.

An Honored cause and nobly fought

And that which they so bravely wrought,

Now glorifies their deed,

No selfish urge shall stain its life,

Nor envy, greed, intrigue, nor strife,

Nor false, ignoble creed.

High overhead its lights shall gleam,

Far, far below life’s restless stream,

Unceasingly shall flow;

For this was spun its lithe fine form,

To fear not war, nor time, nor storm, 

For Fate had meant it so.

The Golden Gate Bridge (designed by Ellis) was completed in May 1937 and Strauss, the Chief Engineer who was a bit of a spotlight hog, wrote the above poem.

Cool article about perspective from Psychcentral here….

And ironically, as I just used the Golden Gate Bridge in this post about seeing the value of hard times – I found this wordpress blog noting that the Golden Gate bridge is where many discouraged souls take their final leap – all the more reason why we need to take every thought captive (and come against any discouragement in Jesus name) and remember that when we put our hope in God – when we delight ourselves in the Lord – He will bring us through every trial – and He will also give us the desires of our heart!  🙂