Little Bit of North Carolina on the Front Door (Wreath Poem)


wreath - 2013 - christmas - FRASIER_fir__cones_juniper_NC

We have a little bit of North Carolina – hanging on the door

A wreath of Fraser Fir –  bought at  the store.

Replaces the metallic wreath, which was shimmering and fun

But this year, fresh is back – now glistening in the sun

     “From the Mountains of North Carolina,” was posted on the tag

         and this fresh little beauty – we just had to snag

                      this wreath also caught our eye

        remembering Boy Scout wreaths – we always used to buy

             Nathan, our Denver neighbor, sold pine wreaths every year

                     and placing that order — meant holidays were near.

Today’s juniper and cones whisper of Colorado days-

Reminding us of friends, family, past holidays

                 fresh decor – like the “hanging of the greens”  – over at St. James

Magnolia, Boxwood, Winterberry, and Pine-

 aromatic and refined

So yeah, a little bit of North Carolina –  on my Virginia door,

a fragrant embellishment, connecting to Colorado holiday lore.  


***update: For more information on holiday wreaths, check out the igardendaily blog.

Second author update – for the poetry police, my simple rhyme scheme poem here is not trying to be the poem of the century… just for fun!


Lastly, as many readers know, my boys are studying British Literature this year and adding to that feel, I wanted to share a wreath poem by the Welsh born English poet, George Herbert (ca. early 1600’s).

 A Wreath (by George Herbert)

A wreathed garland of deserved praise,

Of praise deserved,

unto thee I give,

I give to thee,

who knowest all my wayes,

My crooked winding wayes,

wherein I live,

Wherein I die, not live:

for life is straight,

Straight as a line,

and ever tends to thee,

To thee, who art more farre above deceit,

Then deceit seems above simplicitie.

Give me simplicitie, that I may live,

So live and like, that I may know thy wayes,

Know them and practise them:

 then shall I give

For this poore wreath,

give thee a crown of praise. 












6 thoughts on “Little Bit of North Carolina on the Front Door (Wreath Poem)

  1. Hey Victoria- well I think I forgot (or never really appreciated) the beauty of real greenery – lol.

    and Merry Christmas to you too!


  2. Thanks for the comment – and I thought about adding a big red bow to this wreath, for an even more classic feel, but the gold had to stay!
    Oh yea, I also have enjoyed your daily WREATH posts this month – (WordPress linked me to your site after I posted my bit of north carolina post) and what a fun idea.

    However, my favorite post the apple espalier – we plan to move in a year or two – and this is the FIRST garden project on my list. I have a small apple tree out front now – it is only a few years old but we get a good amount of apples and this year it led to my older son baking apple pies (he is not a baker – and only likes to sautee and grill – so this was even more special). well – happy gardening!


    1. Thank you for the nice words about my apple espalier. Well, I did see the Rudolph wreath and it definitely seems like a candidate for Throwback Thursday! You are familiar with that term? Thanks for sharing!


  3. yeah, I have heard of Throwback Thursday (just this summer) and here is where your seasoning and expertise comes in, because I did not “realize” that the Rudolph wreath was old and classic – but now I totally SEE it – do you think 70’s maybe? lol


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