Photo Challenge – Lookin’ up (blossoms in DC)

tree in arlington va
Cherry Blossoms in Northern VA – image by Y. Prior – 3/30/2012

My nephew lives in Arlington, VA – and we took this “looking up” photo while visiting him in 2012cherry blossoms at nephews – he took us all to a nice lunch that day and when I saw this photo today – I felt, well, –  “happy” (hate that word – but that is what I felt…)

I also love having old photos scroll on my screen saver for this very reason – to see random pictures and then remember when….

I also thought it was perfect for the Look up, Look down, challenge” from Travel with intent -(week 22)

Oh, and a bit of FYI – did you know that the D.C. area has a Cherry Blossom Festival each spring? – and you can see the area via WEBCAM  – so beautiful!!

Here is the info from the Gov website:

A Gift of Beauty and Friendship:

The beautiful and delicate cherry blossoms cultivated in the National Mall and Memorial Parks have inspired generations of viewers since 1912. A gift from Japan, the flowering trees symbolize friendship between nations, the renewal of spring, and the ephemeral nature of life.  Blooming occurs between mid-March and mid-April depending on the species of tree and annual environmental conditions.

Also, one more tidbit to share: We only have ONE of the trees left that the cheap builders put in our initial landscape (the rest have been replaced), but the final one happens to be a flowering Cherry (like the ones in D.C.), but sadly this one has problems and may not be savable – but we have been trying….

bad tree from builders
April Cherry blossoms… at night (such a pretty mess….)

22 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Lookin’ up (blossoms in DC)

  1. How beautiful. I adore cherry trees and would love to see them in blossom in Japan. I didn’t know there was a blossom festival in Washington so there’s something else to add to my list! Thank you for joining in the challenge again this week. Debbie


    1. must have been beautiful to see –
      and here in VA, the tree that I have in this blossoming variety – well it actually starting to bud already – could not believe it. Have a good day Vass, um, I mean Βασίλης!!


  2. cherry blossoms are definitely beautiful…..we have a city in Northern Michigan that is one of the biggest harvesting areas of cherry’s in the country and one year I drove through there when the trees were in full bloom and it was pretty awesome…….. I prefer eating grapes though 😉


  3. Lovely photo that most definitely makes me thing Spring! I was lucky enough to go to the Cherry Blossom festival a few years ago. We timed it perfectly and the blossoms/trees were amazing! Although it was pretty chilly to be walking all over for several hours with little kids, it was a grew experience. I hope to go back again sometime.


    1. Hey Andrea 🙂 – and you know, I heard timing is key with this event – and had some friends who missed out because the trees were late to bloom one year –


  4. They are beautiful! Reminds me of the Cherry Blossoms in California during Spring time. Perhaps soon, I get to see them again in person. Have a great weekend.


  5. They are so beautiful, Y. I hope you were able to save the pretty one on your lawn. So your nephew in Northern Virginia is a very good reason for the visits to D.C. at the Cherry Blossom Festival time of year!


    1. Hi Mark – and thanks for the comment – and yes, so great to see my nephew – but we did not see him this time – he travels for his job… 🙂


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