Sunrise Surprise

watercolor painting 2012 by ashley cat in window
Cat Gazing at Sunrise
by A., 8th grade, watercolor painting- 2012



This morning I caught a beautiful sunrise…

Not really a huge surprise

But for me –

a color treat!

Through an upstairs window –

I saw a pink glow

colors NOT the norm

a yellow pink storm!


I thought the hue

was one of Gary’s cars

instead – a color bizarre!

It made me smile –and think-

“That sure is unusual pink!”

does this happen “everyday”

is this a common display

Am I too busy to “see”

such natural beauty?

Now sure – not every sunrise

Is a feast for the eyes!


Letting the dogs out – or starting a car

The emerging sun is just an everyday star

Many sunrises are rather bleak.

Hidden by houses or faint and weak

But this morning…

‘twas the nicest surprise

rich colors to greet my eyes

A feeling so free

Above snowy rooftops and through trees


May not seem like much-

And sure, it’s not “that” rare to see

But as I started my day –

It was a gift to me!

11 thoughts on “Sunrise Surprise

  1. When I was a kid I could care less about seeing sunsets or sunrises….funny how age changes us; now i love waking up before sunrise in order to glimpse the first rays of the morning 🙂


      1. yup 🙂 I used to be a major sports nut when I was younger, in fact I was so into sports that during my teen years I always played on three different baseball teams each year (one year I played more than 150 organized games) as well as two basketball teams……..

        in the last decade though my philosophy towards sports has changed quite a bit; while I’m not against sports, I do believe that our American attitude towards athletics is a bit off kilter. Neil Postman’s books have influenced me quite a bit in this area………


      2. so much to learn about the culture monk – baseball huh? and whew – I thought my boys had some bust years back in the day with our back to back seasons – but I think 150 games has us beat! wow….

        and I agree with the American attitude regarding this – and I will have to add that Postman author to my “hold” list – to read later on when I can dive into some fresh books – (the list is not too big, but it is growing…)

        thanks for taking the time to comment/reply …. 🙂


  2. On my Twenty-Things-We-Learned-Blogging-This-Year post, I said that one of the things I had learned was to appreciate photography and poetry, and now, after reading these beautifully arranged words, I was reminded why I said that. What a treat!!


    1. Thanks so much “V” –
      and I enjoyed that list of 20 things – and had 3 that I loved the most – but the very favorite one was to the kids…. “Don’t study” – just BLOG!” lol 🙂


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