Poem and a Photo (lives you touch)

I have been feeling a bit moved today, especially after reading a couple of posts from bloggers who are the “real deal” as they share stories of perseverance – and as some continue giving and pushing through.

When I saw this photo (below) on Sreejith’s blog – it whispered to me – the orange sunset – and the whole feel of the shot – and then seeing those strong hands – turned and intentionally opened – to release the artsy looking Appooppanthadi seeds (milkweed) – well it reminded me of those who give!  Reminded me of those who keep on investing in their family –  or those helping someone with health challenges – or those that are just serving the community  (like by blessing others with your writing or photography)…

So I wrote a little (basic and simple) poem – to go with this photo to remind us all that the little things we do REALLY DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

so keep on doing what you do….


The lives you touch-

are very real!

When you…

 serve and give

dream and live

accept and forgive

recharge and refill

commit your skill

IT is part of the life wheel-

YOUR essence and feel!

To release the clutch-

to give your touch

with open hands

little bits and parts

of a giving heart!

We give in whispers…

appooppanthaadi_sreejith_milkweed_in_aireach slow exhale

emanates our love

which flies into the air

like seedlings above.

Strength of yielding

and serving….

with child-like observing.

YOUR presence

is a present- 

and the lives you touch

are very real!

The little things you do

         A R E

a VERY big deal.




24 thoughts on “Poem and a Photo (lives you touch)

  1. Oh, that photo make me missing the nature already. I think I should go to Shreejith blog and see more awesome photos there.
    and yea.. I love you poem 🙂


  2. Hello Yvette,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my name along with your poem.

    I am so happy that one of my image could inspire you to write a beautiful poem, feeling so content today 🙂


    1. Hi Sreejith – well I am so glad that this post pinged back – I was not sure if I did that right and so I was going to go and comment on your blog later on – but so glad that it made it – and that you approve – and thanks for giving me permission to use it.


    1. Thanks Zee~ And I am not sure why the posts did not show up – ;(
      but glad you made it to the blog and thanks for taking the time to comment. ~y. 😉


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