shoot-quote challenge- HOT

Ese’s shoot/quote prompt this week is the word Hot….

And after seeing Cara’s unique (and “hot”) “glass dress” at the GACC Thursday night,  well the next day I opened a Delancey Place email to find the coolest photo of “Neg Maron” (below), which is Haitian art sculpture that is a symbol of freedom from slavery:


This reminded me of an art show we saw at the same center (GACC) last July, which was a hot summer day, and oh so fun!  My step-daughter was in town and it was the last day of her visit – –  and our friend, Lucas, (from Brazil) was also in town — and it was the first day of his visit. Here is a photo I took:

at Haitian art show_2013
At the Haitian art show.
It looks like my husband is talking about the art – but when I took the photo,
they were all actually talking about different types of “high-fives.”



The Haitian art show featured colorful paintings that depicted the vibrant culture and the gorgeous mountains in that region.  The paintings also gave us a feel for the HOT climate in Haiti – and here is a collage I made:

Colors of haiti art show at GACC 2013



So…. the quote I am choosing to go with this prompt is the motto from Haiti’s Coat of Arms:

“Union Makes Strength” 

I like this saying because while alone time and solitude are a gift at different times, well – we also need people in our lives – they make us stronger.

We are better together.

Sharing a "Double High Five"
Sharing a “Double High Five with ending Fist Bumps” 

Keep this in mind if (and when) social situations get messy!

Keep this in mind if it takes effort to love someone –

or if you are drawing boundaries and have to wait out some tough love situations –

Keep this “strength in unity” motto in mind at all times – because we really are better together.

Here is the link to the Delancey Place’s Haitian book review:  The Maroon Man Of Haiti




17 thoughts on “shoot-quote challenge- HOT

    1. Hi Vass – thanks for the comment – and it still makes me laugh because it really does look like he is explaining contrasting colors – or whatnot. and did you notice how tall his daughter is? 6′ 3″ – 🙂


  1. I bought some art at an open air market in Haiti about ten years ago. The artist asked for so little money, we paid him a lot more than he would have taken. It was the cost of a mediocre lunch for us, but maybe a month of food for him and his family. He thought we were silly American tourists who didn’t know how to bargain, the poverty there is almost unimaginable. It was the least we could do and I love our paintings.

    The statue is magnificent and the paintings are wonderfully typical. When I see them, I can feel the sunshine.


    1. Thanks for the visit – and nice comment! 🙂 And how truly nice of you to pay the artist more – and well said – Haitian art does make one “feel the sunshine” – perfect words. ~y.


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