29 thoughts on “basketball sunset (cool photo)

    1. yeah, and sorry – I linked the photo to the source, but forgot to add the credit to the caption – but this is not my photo – it came in as a tweet!! I added in the source.


    1. thanks Linda – and the photo is from Darren Rovell – I just updated the captionโ€ฆ but March Madness has arrived here for sure! MM for us means lots of basketball practice at the gym (for my boys) and then the college games will be a playing each nightโ€ฆ..


    1. Thanks for dropping by ๐Ÿ™‚ (and BTW – your dog’s eyes do look like they have the style of the Egyptian eye make-up – lol very cool). ~y.


    1. Hi! and well, the photo is from a twitter (via darren rovell) – and I wonder if it was done in the real sunset or in photoshop. lol
      anyhow, thanks for dropping by and I really like your art!


    1. Hi – well it is not mine – it was a mid March tweet from darren rovell so maybe you could scroll through his archives to see the photographer. Or just grab the image from my blog and use it for personal use – sorry I cannot help you more – have a nice day…


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