Lisboa Antiga ceramic tile (photo challenge)

I have given away about 75% of my leftover stuff from teaching art.  I will save some of the remaining goodies, and while I am not sure as to “what” I will keep, here is a fun little tile I found while cleaning out the bins this week.

It is a vintage ceramic tile from Lisboa Antiga, Portugal – and I just love this little beauty!

This tile has a natural violet-blue hue to it:

Vintage Ceramic Tile Lisboa Antiga Portugal_blue

I decided to edit the photo a bit (and wanted to use it to enter Cee’s “fun-foto” challenge this week as well) – so I adjusted the definition, temperature, and contrast – and got this cool version of it:

Vintage Ceramic Tile Lisboa Antiga Portugal_purple_hue

I am not sure which I like better, but the edited photo seems clearer. Which one do you like? Well either way, this looks like a nice place to visit sometime.

This is linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, which is the color purple this week.

AUTHOR Update:

For a modern photo of this street in Portugal, check out “Lisbon’s Bairro Alto by Cheri Lucas Rowlands”  – HERE

35 thoughts on “Lisboa Antiga ceramic tile (photo challenge)

    1. Thanks Colline – but it is REALLY hard to decide – my oh my!- how stuff accumulates over the years – and as an Educator I am sure you have your bins o’ stuff too. 🙂


      1. oh…. so you are not always from Canada? and smiled with this – “I am collecting again” – and sometimes that is just what we need to do for life zest…. 🙂


    1. Thanks Amy…. and I wonder how your blue and white tea cups would look with a purple edit (even though I am sure you tired of looking at those after your project – lol)


      1. and actually I am now growing quite fond of the tile – with all this fun reflecting on it – so I may just kep it as a memory of March 2014…. 🙂


  1. Great tile and very striking way of editing it. It is the sort of scene where you wonder what all the people in it are thinking- especially the lad in the centre with his bike 🙂


    1. thanks for the feedback – and you know – the guy to the front left is the one that makes me wonder the most. and maybe you can tell, but I wonder if he is playing an instrument? hmmm and also – I kind of like the steam coming off the food cart.


      1. Looks like it doesn’t it? But hard to tell what kind of instrument it is, if so. He seems to have just dropped all those boxes and finished work for the day. Just noticed the bird cage (?) top left too. It is a ‘getting the evening started’ sort of picture… very nice.


      2. well trifocal – now you really have me looking at things here because you are SO RIGHT- it is that kind of art scene that is like ‘getting the evening started’….

        I just noticed now this duality of life depicted in the top verandas – to the left we have the laundry hanging (on two porches) with this domestic, everyday ‘life is moving” causal feel – contrasted by the folks enjoying the view on the right porch.
        A bit romantic (amiable) and has that formal energy from the people standing – leaning – dressed and with the hat on – and their leisure stance is much different from the laborious feel we see with the laundry hanging – nice contrast.

        and actually this mere little post has me liking the tile mas


      1. Thanks hon and you’re welcome. I posted just a while ago and the little break was nice and relaxing. Maybe too much and I missed the lot of you too much as well..hehehehe


  2. Difficult choice, but I think I prefer your edited version. The original tile is a beauty though – I love Lisbon and this really captures the feel of its narrow streets.


    1. thanks for the vote – and also – of course you have been to Lisbon too – I will have to search your archives…. 🙂


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