Artsy Times Square Billboard (Jakesprinter)

Jake’s “creative inspiration” prompt this week is BIILBOARDS.

On a trip to NYC, I bought an artistic rendition of Times Square, a fun little matted print from one of the folks set up at a street side table.  We also enjoyed having street artists make our caricatures, and then enjoyed some food truck goodies.

Anyhow, I decided to add a few graphics in this version of the billboards at Times Square.

I added in a six SEVEN  items – which includes 4 things for Mr. Jake.   Can you identify the things I added?

bollboards in time sqaure featuring jakesprinter_priorhouse

update – there are actually 7 things that I added…. nothing to the far left – 🙂



here is a second version (for Kan) with a few additional goodies to be found.

times sqaure picture 2

27 thoughts on “Artsy Times Square Billboard (Jakesprinter)

  1. Cool image! I had fun doing this. I thought the “believe you can” image was added, till I read your hint. In the centre there is the wordpress billboard and the Sunday post one. To the right, I could spot another wordpress icon, a cross and jakesprinter text added. What did I miss?


    1. well I am impressed – thanks for looking – now did you notice the PHOTO of jake above the “jakesprinter” text – it is from his about page! The funny things is that I thought most would miss the cross and the jakesprinter text – and you got both.

      and well I guess you get some sort of gold star here too – because the really small “believe you can” sign was an additional item to the six I was recalling when I posted this morning (can I call you eye*kan) and it is also a little left of center – so I need to fix that in my post!!!



      1. 🙂 I actually clicked in the link and saw Jake’s about page after I posted my comment. Incidentally, you are absolutely right… the “i” in my user name is for “eye”… Since essentially my blog is about travel and place through my eyes (Kan is my nick name). So it doesn’t really stand for “I can”…Though I do like that pun.


      2. well I did not know that about your name – and awesome that both takes have a cool meaning.
        Also – if I would have known you would have been the one to guess them all (and so fast) well I would have added in a big ol’ sign for Reese’s peanut butter cups (I remember your post saying you like them – and my youngest son does too- and so I would have added that billboard ad to the FAR LEFT. ha!


      3. Thanks! That’s so nice and thoughtful of you Yvette. I spotted three Reese’s signs and also my profile pic (so cool!) 🙂


      1. Haha! Art Ninja! That was funny! I like it! And I like the laugh you gave me!
        Maybe I should call me that, as an alias! O_o


    1. Thanks Meghan – and I had fund working with tone as I added the images – it was like somewhere in between sepia and black and white – and the original was so muted – well it was a unique adjustment.


  2. So sorry for being late lots of work this week …I look forward to my emails and so shock about this post Thank you very much my friend 🙂


    1. de nada! and I know we are all busy – and so no reply needed my friend. 🙂 But thanks for this one – and see you at the next sunday post – have a great week Mr. Jake!


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