Thursday Special: Signs

There have been some FUN signs coming up around the priorhouse this week. Thought I’d share a few of them for a quick “Thursday Special” entry…. (and some of these are a bit “throwback”)

rejoice and be glad sign

warhol signs_priorhouse
I like this 5th avenue sign (from NYC) because this famous street is noted for the glam and glitter – yet this sign shows another view – that many folks see with good ol’ 5th ave…. Also, Warhol has been coming up in convos too….

fun signs_priorhouse_2014

water scene for taylor

at the harbor 2013 portsmouth va- priorhouse 2014 -

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no dogs or sailors on grass

Part 2:

collage of signs _priorhouse_2014

. cool video on manatees here  (they like to have their belly rubbed… very social sea cows)

and live manatee webcam here or webcam here


Have a nice day.

38 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Signs

  1. 😉 You know i’ve been thinking about settle ways to say things, but for some things, not saying anything is the settle way.

    But since I lost my 15 minutes of fame, I think that someone else is stealing them from me. I just hope its Robert De Niro and not some fruitcake from Hollywood or a nut job with a guitar. 😉 And I have been doing the math, 15 minutes by 7 billion doesn’t add up even if you are watching TV 24/7. Some billions will still remain unknown. But I guess that was the thought behind the original quote. Having such a “democracy” at the MM is futile, paradoxical and illogical. Because those who care about 15 minutes of fame, (followed by a life time of anonymity), would feel a major blow, when they understand the concept! 15 for everyone, means none for everyone. (But a waste of time for those who get to watch waiting their turn)


    1. well said bass – and thanks for some stuff to chew on (so it is not really a thoughtless Thursday) and you know, I heard that Warhol changed the way he said the “15 minutes” quote – and that he inferred a couple different meanings the ay he canted it up – and now I can’t recall wh I read it, but also heard that he liked to “mess with people” by changing up his quotes – part of his eccentric, quirky side….. which also gave us such great art. O_o


  2. (EN)Funny to think how signals can have as much or as little meaning depending on who watches them. For me it was a journey into a world, yours.
    (IT)Buffo pensare quanto i segnali possano avere molto o poco significato a seconda di chi li guarda. Per me è stato il viaggio in un mondo, il tuo.


      1. Hey Jenna – also want you to know that at the pet store we ran into two new pet owners with Huskies! And well, I directed them to your blog (and to the Ruckus blog too) for all yhr cool tips and info about this lovely breed…. 🙂 and my step-daughter just got a Huskie puppy – and well, directed her there too…..


  3. What a fun photo challenge! I love signs. 🙂 My favorite is probably the sign that says no swimming with the building behind it. Was there any water? 😀


    1. well yes – there was a bit of a water there (I uploaded a photo to show ya) – this sign was from the Portsmouth harbor and we stopped there so my step-daughter – could visit a dear friend who lived there.

      It was on the way home from a very long day at the beach – and we were tired and NOT in the mood to stop anywhere. but it was also an important little visit –

      and then there we were – sitting at the most beautiful harbor – with a few fog horns here and there – and as we made the best of our wait – it became one of those blessed hours for us – a time of quiet conversation with a pause to smell the flowers (or make that – a pause to enjoy the view…)


      1. Sounds like a great day! 🙂 Even if you didn’t want to stop there at first, you enjoyed it! I love things like that, when u expect the worse but ends up being great! 😀


    1. Thanks for dropping by (woof) and well, that sign is actually from a local restaurant that has a Florida decor theme – and we were there for a b-day party recently and when I saw that sign, the play on words was fun. thanks for the visit – and happy Thursday to ya.


  4. in queste immagini si sta sospesi, come in un gioco luci e di nuvole
    grazie , abbi una lieta notte

    in these pictures you’re suspended, as in a game of lights and clouds
    Thank you, have a happy night


    1. I just checked out your post – and how cool! great signs you posted – was laughing pretty hard at a couple of them. 🙂


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    1. well thanks for peeking in – and I appreciate you including the Priorhouse blog as you make your rounds through the blogosphere!! and here’s to Tuesday – 🙂


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