travel theme: Misty (keep out the funk)

Alisa’s theme this week is “MISTY” – and two things came to mind – first – times of my boys playing sports on overcast and misty days, and second, – the pretty morning fog I woke to one day – when I was on a trip to Jasper, GA to interview one of my favorite poets, Norma Furgerson.  Both of these are examples of things that I also think add freshness to life – or what my husband and I refer to as “keeping out the funk.”

You know – if we are not careful – a hum drum haze of life can creep in and zap life’s freshness – and sometimes – it’s the little things we do that add up to keep us fresh!!!


So here a few photos of the beautiful morning mist I woke to – on a trip that took effort to make happen.   

I took a morning walk – to stretch and pray – and captured the fog that had rolled our way…

looking out window_normas_house_2009_priorhouse

And here are a few shots of fun sports on misty, overcast days!

Sports for us also took effort to make happen – especially because we played ten months out of the year for almost a decade –

but these sports rescued anchored our family and we know they were what all of us needed to help KEEP OUT THE FUNK!!

misty sports day _lax_soccer_2007_priorhouse
sports photos are from 2007 to 2009


well Happy Monday – and I hope you find the little things that help keep your days fresh – to help “keep out the funk!”


For more entries on MISTY, (and to read a cute little poem by J. Hegley, about eyeglasses) check out Where’s My Backpack




30 thoughts on “travel theme: Misty (keep out the funk)

  1. It has been rainy and misty here as well these last two days. But it’s been nice! Very smooth and mild air. I kind of like it! As long as it doesn’t remains here for too long. 😉


      1. Today the rain is pouring down. I really do prefer the mist since I can’t just stay at home. But offcourse the rain is needed! My daddy always said: it can never rain too much before midsummer.
        Thank you! I like that gravatar too, but I realized it isn’t good on Facebook.


  2. Love that first sequence of misty shots of paths and trees, Yvette. 🙂 It was a little like that as we drove back from Durham this afternoon but Mick wouldn’t stop the car for some photos.


    1. Hey there – well the poems I read from Norma I think she wrote in Kentucky – also a nice place – and this was where she lived out her years with her dear daughter – and I think she started to scratch out some poems there – but mostly played scrabble and did crossword puzzles (sharp mind). hope you are have a nice start to your week on the ol’ west coast!


    1. glad ryan has indoor options – and yeah, I think I forget how “cold” some of those overcast and misty games were – and in the bottom photo I added that one in because the sun had come out on that day – and well, it was slightly warming…. 🙂 have a great day


  3. (EN)I think “fog” help us to appreciate light of the sun. If we travel in the fog and realize that fog is made ​​of water and water is life, perhaps we can feel those tiny droplets of life on our face.Not easy sometimes.Thanks for this post :-)…
    (IT)Penso che la “nebbia” serva ad apprezzare la luce del sole. Se riusciamo a viaggiare nella nebbia e ad accorgerci che la nebbia è fatta di acqua, acqua che è vita forse riusciamo a sentire quelle minuscole goccioline di vita sul nostro viso. Non è facile a volte. Grazie per il post 🙂


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