A few minutes outside…

peach tree is in bloom_priorhouse.

I had work to do INSIDE. 

Yet it was so gorgeous….


Blue skies……  Warm air. 

Looking out the door, I saw a chair.  

I decided to sit in that chair to feel the sun for a few.

To my surprise, a bird was in view.  bird in tree_wings_priorhouse

It sang too. 



This is linked to the Daily Post’s “Fifty Word” Challenge –  and is also linked to Ese’s S/Q challenge – which is WINGS this week.

Not the cry, but the flight of the bird, leads the flock to fly and follow.”




55 thoughts on “A few minutes outside…

  1. Oh, I don’t blame you Y and I know the feeling. It’s much more fun sitting outside in the warm sun and enjoying nature. Great captures! 😀


      1. Snow sounds like fun when it doesn’t involve work. LOL! Autumn this side and I had a lovely swim yesterday but today it’s a bit too chilly. Enjoy hon! 😀


    1. well they are blossoms from a peach tree – but sadly I think the tree has a trunk fungus and will not make it for very many years – but I found a sealant that may work – but just for fun in 2008 we put in some fruit trees and some beery bushes – thanks for dropping by I am looking forward to following your O’keeffe inspired PS project.


  2. Oh yes it was a beautiful day here too at last. No flowers or greenery yet but the birds are arriving day by day. Your photos really capture the warmth of the day.


  3. Beautiful pictures! Those are cherry blossoms, right? Those are some of my favorite flowers! And you captured them wonderfully! And such a cute little birdy! The only birds around me are annoying little squawkers… I wish we had beautiful song birds, like that one!


    1. close…. they are peach tree blossoms. Put it in the years in 2008- and last year we had a good amount – so fun! and so sweet…. but the tree is having a trunk problem – maybe a fungus and may need to be removed – but I am going to try a sealant – hopefully we can save it.
      oh- and we have the squawkers too – boy do we!!! argh!

      okay, hope you have a great rest of the week….


      1. Oh, peaches don’t grow where I live! They are very pretty! I hope they don’t take that tree down! It’s so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, as well! 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading!! and the day before new years I walked outside and saw small buds on some trees – we have mild winters here in VA 0 and well, it reminded me that spring is a couple of months away – wow!


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