My favorite show: The Profit

I love “understanding” people!

I enjoy learning more about why we “do what we do…”

I believe that “work” – and what we “DO” in life is the fabric of who we are – whether as a CEO or as a volunteer somewhere!

This leads me into my favorite new show.

It is called The Profit. (Link is here.) 

The Profit on cnbc_tuesday nights 2014

I mentioned this show in one of my February posts (HERE) and well, this show is now a family fav! Usually we all just record individual shows to watch individually later on the DVR – but the last few Tuesday nights have had us gathered around the flat screen, tuned into CNBC, to find out if The Profit, Marcus Lemonis, is going to make a deal or not.

The Profit is a show about turning around failing businesses  = but it is so much more = it is about improvement and righting wrong choices! 

The Profit is a….poignant show that is Packed with basic principles of psychology that goes beyond business….

Marcus Lemonis is a businessman who invests his own money to help failing businesses. But he is not just about writing a big check and doing the handshake– instead, we get to observe a brilliant stud of a businessman – who strategizes a “repair plan” that teaches us about life, relationships, and the basic need for a good plan.

The Profit’s motto/mantra has three key “P” words: good business revolves around “People, process, and product.”

But there are a lot more “P” words that come to mind when I watch the show. In fact – 8 more! And I just have to share:

1. Passion:

 The Profit brings his genuine Passion to each endeavor – he enjoys what he does – and the passion he brings to the smallest details permeates each deal.

2. Plan:

Things are just better with a good plan. 

Would you get in your car and drive aimlessly around the city? Well maybe for a cruise in the Jag you would do this at times, but even that drive would be a part of a larger plan – And The Profit is a show that highlights how an effective plan – how NEEDED DIRECTIONALITY-  is crucial to all success.  It is essential for so many parts of life – whether running a home, a classroom, or different areas of a business. 

do you have a plan


3. Personal:

People that can properly prioritize their personal “issues” will have more success in all areas.  In every episode we see this wise principle highlighted – and how the “best” thing to do may not be a personally desirable choice, but it is good for the long-term aims.   Like in the Eco Me episode (here), changing the product label may not have been a preference for the owner, but it was needed for that product line! And my husband and I were just in Petco last week and we actually saw a few Eco Me pet products – and what pulled my eye was the updated and colorful label.  Seeing that modified label reminded me about how it was not the personal preference of the owner – and yet her yielding on what she personally wanted led to a better market fit for her product. 

Also, in the most recent episode, Amazing Grapes (season 2, #7), the owner, who had to work on being present (and other things), well later on, the “staff” had to determine if it was a good idea to have the owner’s band playing there- it was nothing personal if they said “No” – they all just had to decide whether or not it was good or bad for business.   Another example from the show comes from the emotionally charged WorldWide trailer episode (here) where we see how personal issues, like raw wounds of broken trust between partners, can hurt the “help” process – and in this case – the personal issues became a ball and chain to fixing the business. 

You see, there are certain times when we just have to keep our personal preferences (or issues) out of the equation. This does not mean we compromise – or fake anything –  and it does NOT mean that we lose our special touch – or our niche – it just means that we prioritize where, when and if  “personal” stuff fits in – and then move forward.

When we prioritize – we can enjoy our personal stuff more in other ways…

4. Prudent:

Success in any organization is grounded in common sense! Which actually makes me think of some “C” words that come up on the show, like how success is also rooted in “Communication” – “Collaboration” – and keeping your COOL! And in each episode of The Profit we see Marcus model a genuine response – with some prudence. 

There are times of giving tough love with finesse – times of  firmness – big time!  – and then times of extending grace – and we even see examples of his having to keep his cool with dropping a few f-bombs” along the way (bleeped out 😉 ) and I think this also adds to the show by showing us the very real side of the layered mix that is involved with managing repair plans! 

5. Partnership:

One of The Profit’s key business tips is to “be a good listener” – and this means working WITH people – in a partnership format.

Good leadership is not about ruling over or bossing, it is about “hearing” and respecting and working with others as a team!  When we operate with partnership – when we empower others (using wisdom in how we do that of course) – well we can pull from each other’s strengths!  When each person is in the right role – the team runs on all cylinders.

6. Potential:

The Profit identifies unseen potential – in the people, product and process  – and then zooms in.

This is a show about HOPE – and how how planning and strategy –can lead to possibility – because  things CAN get better. 

anchor with what is weighing you down

7. Pressure:

Each episode highlights how the right amount of Pressure is a good thing. Pressure is sometimes (often) the catalyst needed to motivate and drive behavior – and it can lead to more effective performance and help us get rid of what is NOT working. In the Athans Motor episode- a little pressure was needed to rev up ales and to bring in the proper inventory.  

8. Pleasing:

The show is about repairing failing businesses so that a profit can be made –but it is also about how pleasing it can be when things are “running right” =  this goes beyond any profit percentage – which matters very little to me personally.  But when things are right – everyone wins!   And HEALTHY FUNCTIONING has a rippling effect – ! And whether planning for a little ol’ family of four or crunching big business numbers – it’s a pleasure to have things aligned. 

The Profit is a show about “righting” wrongs. Marcus highlights improvement, repair, and how “aligning” things just makes everything better – and this applies to ALL areas of life, not just business! Many times our life situations need to be “righted” or realigned = And this show has tips that apply universally.  This show aims to save failing businesses (and jobs) but it also serves as a reminder that a well run business allows people to work with PRIDE, which edifies.

We were designed to work, which goes beyond extrinsic reward like money and profit; because “doing work” is at the core of who we are – and work is good for us!


In closing, The Profit is a show that highlights what I am passionate about, which is:

BEING UNDER GOOD LEADERSHIP is one of the best feelings in the world.

eddie van halen jumping

The season finale episode is next Tuesday night – and I don’t know where you will be next Tuesday at 10 p.m., but the Priorhouse will be tuned into CNBC to find out what kind of deal is made with the Key West Key Lime Pies (link is HERE).


If you watch the show, please let me know what you think!  



and yes, that is Eddie Van Halen jumping in the photo – click on the pic to see more….

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    1. Thanks Dawn – and I may be heading to DC in a couple of months – so I will email you when I know the dates to see if lunch is a possibility – 🙂


      1. It’s mutual. However when you have nothing positive to say it is best to say nothing. Hugs. ♥


  1. Never heard of it! Is he from Greece or something? And how he deals with the fact that there are not enough paying jobs around anymore?


    1. ha! looks like el Greco – 😉 but I guess he is “Lebanese-born American” – and
      the job thing? – now that’s a really good question – and I grew up in the Buffalo, New York area and saw the lack of jobs for people in the 1980’s – and it was so grim – and there continues to be an exodus from that western new york region….


    2. Hey Vass – wanted to share this link -because GREECE just came up over on Delancey Place:

      “Before and after its crisis, the country of Greece was calculating its GDP — a critical economic number its own lenders relied on — in a dusty backroom without computers. There was evidence it was “cooking the books,” but the man sent in by the European Union and IMF to correct this misreporting was charged by Greece with “betraying the national interest,” a crime that carries a potential life sentence…”
      more here:


  2. Wonderful post, Y! Really enjoy the reading. I must say that I haven’t worked with a leader who is a good listener, unless you say what they want to hear… 😀


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it Amy! and yeah, I agree that many only listen to what they want to hear – that is SO common.
      and well, sometimes the impression from the show makes Mr. Lemonis look like a big jerk – and someone (who only watched one episode) said they “would never work for him” – and we had a short little debate – because I know that person very well and know her work ethic – and I knew they actually would want to work for someone like him – wanna know why? because when things are right – when people are in their roles and when the numbers “add up” – it is a pleasurable working environment – and he respects a good work ethic.

      the clashes we see on many of the episodes are people unable to change (which is hard – and not every one can stop doing a somewhat good thing to do the “better” thing – if that makes sense). There is so much psychology in the world of work – and while this show has a lot of editing – most episodes are streamlines and pieced together to give you a feel of things.

      anyhow, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂 and I hope some day you get to work with a leader who is a good listener… O_o


  3. Never heard of this one before. I don’t actually watch TV; i don’t have a working TV. I listen to youtube sermons. lol. vw


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