29 thoughts on ““Flower lovers golf shot” at the Masters!!!

      1. Busy start, I guess like most people.

        Stay Frosty Mr. Prior (By the way the definition of stay frosty which I always end up my post´s with, is actually in one post I published, just in case)


      2. Hey Charly – I know we only recently met in the blog world – but do you really think I am a dude? O_o
        and I may have missed the stay frosty post of yours because – well, I cannot read all your stuff – I will tell you why in minute… be right over… and it is “MRS” prior – or just prior will do. 😉


  1. LOL – I saw this live and poor Rory really got a terrible break on a really good shot to put him here. I loved that he “took his medicine” and made the most of a bad situation to make the cut. When he was here on Kiawah last year he was gracious, friendly and incredibly approachable so I always hope for the best for him. And I guess if you have to be in trouble, nice to be surrounded by such beauty, eh?!


    1. so you met him… how cool!! and Tina – have you traveled the entire world?? seems like it –

      anyhow, yeah – surrounded by beauty – even though most of those “greens” are so “not” organically beautiful – but that’s okay….


      1. Yes but not this time. I met him when he was on Kiawah last year for the PGA. As for having traveled the entire world, not yet but I’m working on it Yvette!!


    1. Hey Mr. Jake – I did not even think about the flowers – the focus was all on the shot – but you are so right – those golf shoes and swing – well little azaleas took a hit! 🙂


  2. Hey – I play that shot all the time – well it doesn’t have any flowers just rather tall grass and trees and stuff – and it takes me a couple shots to get out – otherwise its just like this great shot of Rory’s.


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