Palm frond art (and expertise…)


palm fronds on plam tree_floridaYesterday was the Masters.  Congrats to Bubba.  Now I am NOT into golf, but I do like to follow current events when I can – yeah babay - golf shot by rory mcllroyand when my husband shared the cool flower picture (of Rory in the azaleas) I tuned into the tournament.  It was my first live follow of an event via twitter (with fun rolling updates from the tournament). Later, we noted the expertise of the golfers – like Bubba’s strength of flight = and then the “interesting Jimenez” and his funny warm up routine (more here).  Somehow we ended up talking about the “fake bird sounds” incident from years ago – when CBS got busted for piping in “inaccurate” bird tweets during televised golf games. (more HERE)

Remembering that story reminded me about how I love folks who are seasoned.  You know, people who are just really good at what they do.  Now sure – we can’t be good and expert in every area – and then many times people “think” they are more of an expert then they really are – but I find it a complete joy to observe honed skills – and it is just cool to “feel” someone’s expertise. 

The golf pros are a good example, but we also see this with those astute “birdologists” that noticed those bogey bogus bird sounds.  It took some experience to notice that the whistle of a White-Throated Sparrow could not have come from Kentucky (at that time) or that the Canyon Wren could not be chirping in Michigan because it does not ever fly east of Texas.

Now some people say it does not matter if it is for ambience – and I am not sure how I feel about it – because I used to play an hour long CD of jungle music in the art room – while it was snowing outside!     However, I think the response to “inaccuaracies” is what counts, especially when it comes to more formal productions like this.  And CBS has wisely responded to this complaint by trying to use live, or recorded chirps, from indigenous birds.

Another example is with James Cameron, who was was confronted by the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Mr. Tyson pointed out that the Titanic movie did not have the correct constellations in place for the time, place, and date of the ship’s accident!  Cameron responded by spending the extra money to fix this oversight when they made a 3D release of the movie.  I think this shows that excellence is not in “being” perfect –or always being right – instead – it is about improving! 

That may seem cliché – but it’s true.  It applies to all areas, whether at home, in business, or wherever it is we “do what we do.”

Errors are going to be made – but excellence is seen

by how we respond –

and we should at least try to improve –

even if it is just…

a little bit.  

In closing, seeing that it is the start of a new week, I thought I would highlight some art from an artist we met down in Florida, Jeff, who just so happens to be an expert, or really good at, turning palm tree fronds into art! 

 palm frond art by Jeff_priorhouse_2014


(see more Palm Frond Art by Jeff here).

Hope your Monday is a nice one. 

18 thoughts on “Palm frond art (and expertise…)

    1. Thank you 🙂 and I like the way you put the two “e” words together – and “error’s & excellence” would have been a catchier title for the post! 🙂


    1. ha! good point – plenty to go around – and it is recycling too. He explained that he uses a high grade paint – think he even said auto paint – and his pieces were exceptional.
      and Linda – maybe you should grab some from fronds your yard and start priming….


  1. I agree it’s so cool to “feel” someone’s expertise. Thank you for insights of making errors.
    Love jeff’s art works.


    1. Hi Amy – 🙂 and his art pieces looked better in person – some of the colors and sheen were so vibrant – and well the photos may not show all of the beauty – and thanks for taking the time to comment. I love that you love art….


  2. I’m not into golf either but I did enjoy studying your flower lovers image. For me, the parks, gardens and greens represent the better parts of the game. And I’m embarrassed to admit that my favourite sports coat is coloured green.


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