Things in pairs – and Stephen Colbert

Well I am so excited for the final episode of The Profit tonight – featuring the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.  And I was excited to just realize that the pie company – which features ALL NATURAL ingredients – well they also offer an extra tart version of their key lime pie – (have a neighbor, Debbie, that would freak out for one of those) and have a gluten free key lime pie option –  now that is awesome.

I am wondering why they picked this show to be the grand finale – and I guess we shall soon find out….
Now I think I mentioned that my boys also love the CNBC show called Shark Tank – and that comes on before and after The Profit – and someone just tweeted that the shows are a “perfect pair

and while I totally agree – it made me sad to think that the other perfect pair on television will be breaking up – and that pair is John Stewart and Colbert Report….

perfect pairs - shark tank and profit and stewart and colbert

Now even though I do not watch Stewart and Colbert regularly (by choice), but I have to say that The Colbert Report has given us some of the BEST laughs EVER!  (tip of the hat – wag of the finger… and the Word…)

And a great light will go out to lose the Report – but maybe his new role replacing David Letterman will work out… maybe…..

Instead of writing about it – I will just link you to the Doobster’s blog, because I LOVE how he recently summed up the Colbert change HERE:  Mindful Digressions on Colbert’s Announcement



Shark Tank and The Profit…


Stewart and Colbert

at least until the end of the year……




7 thoughts on “Things in pairs – and Stephen Colbert

    1. I know! And a really good key lime pie is very difficult to find- and then sometimes the good tasting ones have chemicals – and so the “all natural” is what I think is a highpoint…
      have a nice day Dawn….


  1. Thanks for the link. I have to admit that I’ve never watched Shark Tank or The Profit, so I can’t say much about them, but, like you, I am not a happy camper about that great pair of shows being broken up. Colbert is irreplaceable.

    And, FWIW, key lime pie, the genuine thing…is my favorite pie.


    1. Thanks Doobsters – and why can’t they leave a good thing in place – like can’t Colbert stay on that show til the gray hairs come in?

      But I guess it is the cycle of life, eh?

      and I was so glad when you posted about it immediately – I think you worded it the way most people feel. 🙂

      Lastly, I actually had a summer of experimenting with making key lime pies and while they came out great (O_o ;)) – it was exhausting and time consuming – but we could not find any “genuine” ones and the only ones even close – were the cheesecake factory key lime cheesecakes – but not the same! Also, that restaurant is a heart attack waiting to happen and their food makes me wonder too much.
      so “tout natural” for moi!


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