Happy Easter (Matt Redman Song)

For Easter today, I wanted to share a song that is out right now, it is one that has been very special to me this month….

in ways I cannot even put into words….


 Here are a few of the lyrics:

Your Grace Finds Me

by Matt Redman

It’s there in the newborn cry

It’s there in the light of every sunrise

It’s there in the shadows of this light

Your great grace

It’s there on the mountaintop

It’s there in the everyday and the mundane

There in the sorrow and the dancing

Your great grace

…Your great grace
Oh such grace
Your great grace
Oh such grace…


And to any of the atheist or agnostic readers that follow this blog- and to the bloggers of other faiths -well this is not meant for you – because I genuinely respect your beliefs and views – and I am sorry if any rude Christians have done ‘this or that’ (and believe me, many Christians are out of line and rude – even to their own!!!) 

But for those that want a good book to skim about “GRACE” – and to see a different side of faith ( and if you want to see a different view from the ‘angry’ Fox news channel) – well check out Philip Yancey’s classic gem of a book from the 1990’s – “What’s So Amazing about Grace

click image for link

There is also a Grace “Visual” edition –

click image for link

Have a nice Easter….

    “….grace is more amazing than you’ve ever dreamed.”

Philip Yancey



17 thoughts on “Happy Easter (Matt Redman Song)

  1. (EN) May I just say”you are wonderful”? 🙂
    (IT) Posso dire solo” sei meravigliosa”? 🙂


    1. thanks Lumar – and that means so much because I try not to post religious stuff – but yet when I want to I love being able to do so if I wish. But I intentionally do not want to keep a “religious” blog – and I value the mixed faith followers I have – and actually, one of my followers is an atheist (and maybe a few more as well) and I told him the one time that at first I felt awkward if I ever posted something Christian – and then we both agreed that he is a “big boy” and he can just not read posts or even unfollow (the beauty of blogging!!!). and so that is cool….
      and well, this song has been so special to me – and so to hear that you enjoyed it makes me extra glad I posted it – music can be so universal – eh?

      have a great day – 🙂


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