ON TOP of the Mountain (weekly photo challenge)

Here are some shots from “ON TOP” of the mountain at Massanutten.

The first shot is my son and his friend – they were fixing gear and posed for a shot for me. They are on top of the “Diamond Jim” run, which is at 3,300 feet.

I love all the rocks in the background.  

In the second photo, I wanted to show how you can access the “top” of the mountain easier by driving to the upper parking lot!  You park, get out, and then walk right up to a lift (notice the two boarders walking through the trees for easy access).

Also in the second pic, my husband is holding up the mini skis he still has from the 1990’s – ha!  He gave away his K-2s when we moved – and well, this Virginia mountain top is not the same as “Rocky Mountain High” Colorado slopes –  but it is mighty fine for the East Coast!

twil serve

on top of the mountain at Massanutten_priorhouse
Above: Jacob (left) and my son, Ch- (right) Bottom left: My son Ca- and husband. Bottom right, my son Ca- on the top of “ParaDice” ski run, which is at 4,100 feet


looking at massanuteen map of trails and elevations_priorhouse_2014
Looking at the trails and elevation data (L to R-  friend Jacob, my son Ca-, and my husband)


This is linked to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which is “ON TOP” this week.  See more ON TOP entries or add your own by going  HERE!


26 thoughts on “ON TOP of the Mountain (weekly photo challenge)

  1. yes yes an yes ryde on 2 kewl fer skewl frum wolf creek here ,,so lucky 🙂 way kewl yeah happy 420 🙂 yeeehahhhhhhhhhh….. 🙂


  2. Never skied in my life and although I have climbed high mountains in my youth (highest being Parnassus 2452 m , in 1990, it has always been during summertime) You look as if you had a great time! Happy Easter!


  3. I was reading an article last night about how snowboarding is dying as a sport. Basically the started with numbers of snowboarders at resorts, which is down, and went from there. What do you think?


    1. wow- well I never heard of that before! and after I read your comment I looked it up real quick like -a nd you are correct, I guess it is on the decline. hmmmm

      but that was not the impression we got. In fact, just last week my husband was talking about how all “grown-up” the sport has become – you know, second generation stars, and then in the olympics – and he was reflecting on when there was a bit of friction between the emerging snowboarders back in the early 1990’s – where skiers felt “better than…”

      also, this resort has a small snow board “jump” not he bunny hill for training boarders – and when I saw that on the bunny hill, it gave me the impression that snow boarding was doing just fine….

      anyhow, I am curious to follow this – so thanks for mentioning it – and what timing too! And all I know is that my boys like it and we feel really blessed to go – we have a friend that is “grandfathered in” to get some sweet package deals each season….


      1. Yeah, I was just curious to ask someone who actually does the sport after I read the article. So, I went and found the online version of what I read and it was here:http://bit.ly/1f93sOz Because I read it in Outside, I wan’t really going to just take it at face value because they have a tendency to contradict themselves especially when it some to popular trends. On month cross-fit is the best thing ever, next month it will kill you.
        I guess the other thing is, does it really matter how popular it is as long as there are enough people participating, they will continue to offer it.


      2. well I will have to checkout your link – and I know what you mean about triple checking certain sources – and well, I was surprised that when I looked it up there were articles from last year – and then one from last March with an arrest photo of Shaun White:


        anyhow, I like your point about the popularity as long as there is enough interest… and the resort we go to (Massanutten) – well they said they make their money in the summer – and not in winter!!! so maybe some winter sports in general are not as popular….


    1. hey Island Traveler – thanks for dropping by – and you are right – on top of the world – at least on this east side of the Mississippi…. 🙂


  4. (EN) Finally I can see your” famed” son 😉
    (IT) Alla fine riesco a vedere il tuo “famoso”figlio 😉


    1. ha! you raise a very good point, because if too much of a drain, well it pulls from the experience…. well said….. 🙂


  5. Thank you for sharing your mountain with us! We got to ski in CO this year and just had a blast. Never mind that I got separated from the kiddos/hubby and skied down the wrong mountain! It took me a bit to realize that I was in a different village when I finally made it to the bottom. Gotta love the ski adventures, right?!


    1. was laughing pretty good with skiing down wrong mountain – and whew – some of those Colorado resorts are humongous (isn’t that an interesting word….. hu- mong- o-us….) O_o

      anyhow, I love your humor (and if you get a chance later, let me know where you skied! just curious).


      1. OMG..Now, I’M laughing. Humongous IS a silly word 🙂
        We skied at Vail (though, we aren’t typically that fancy!).
        It was fantastic! Fortunate in the that the days were not too cold and that the nights filled the mountain with fresh powder. That said, I’m a little too far along in the years to ski much more than 2 days. That’s a young person thing!!


  6. Am chuckling while reading your post – this is totally out of my league! Still feeling the bruises while skating on ice on the canal and biking in the snow as a teen (in Holland) – am not signing up for more:) Sounding like a genuine city slicker, or what? Happy for the “kids” having fun here! Did you snow board too? How young are you?? (don’t answer that!)


    1. well I am a skier – but only since last March –

      anyhow, your canal ice skating sound alike fun (and sorry about the bruises) and I already knew you were a city slicker – with a paint brush in one hand and a camera in the other! 🙂


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