Building Art in RVA


Richmond, Virginia is also called “RVA” – and here are some pictures of  Street building art – and I love all the blue!

wordless wednesday_lingering look at windows-richmond virginia_priorhouse

wordless wednesday_rva_priorhouse-1

I believe this was painted in 2007-  to celebrate the 400th anniversary (quadricentennial) of the settlement of Jamestown, VA –

wordless wednesday_ _remove_priorhouse-1B

This is linked to Dawn’s lingering look at windows….week 16!

and linked to JNW‘s color of the week, which is PEACH – because those little peach bricks are just fun!

and a few more Richmond photos: 


triple shot friday 1

triple shot friday -2 triple shot friday shadows fun foto

Hope you have a nice Wednesday!

27 thoughts on “Building Art in RVA

    1. I know, they must have used high quality paint – and I think being in between buildings has shielded it from weathering…. 🙂 and wow, 7 years ago – to see that is crazy, because it feels like just yesterday…. in some ways….


  1. Blue is my favourite colour. And just love the amount of blue in each photo. If it is not quite blue I shall use my colour vision loss as my excuse ;-).


  2. These are really fun Yvette – I find street art truly amazing. It’s always so vibrant and colorful. My fave is the cityscape 🙂


    1. Hi Sue – and we almost missed it – but we went to look something else and there it was – and it was the bricked in windows that first caught me eye – go figure! 🙂


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