Throwback Thursday Part 2 (Joyful students for Colline)

For part 2 of today’s Throwback Thursday, I have some pictures of JOY to share.

I have been meaning to share some photos with Colline – a fellow Educator, and she often highlights the different wonders of working with children…

joyful kids playing
Art Students enjoying the light rain (it was the end of the day, it was safe – and they were careful).

Throwback Thursday_children's joy

Throwback Thursday_2002_ _kids_san francisco bridge
My boys in 2002….

Have a nice Thursday –


36 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Part 2 (Joyful students for Colline)

    1. Thanks Vass – and I had to note that because my motto truly is “safety first” -and also – I am very sensitive to extra picky parents – in fact, it is a strength I have – I can please the hard to please parent – well almost all of the time….
      but these kids were private students and the parents were laid back and really cool…. but the “no shoes” part bothered me – but – well – um, it was a short little time out …. 😉


    1. 🙂
      and I still have one more pic to show ya, the art that was inspired by the batik. I will get that out next week sometime.
      Hope you have a nice Friday and a great weekend –


  1. Oh, such joyous photos of being a child! They are all marvelous but the side by side photo set of the two boys down a sandy slope is just superific!


    1. thanks you so much – those are my boys and it was one of the last times I used film!!! I had my first digital camera at that time, but was still going back and forth – and well, that was from a year we lived in San Jose – and it was a heavy year at times, but there were many things we soaked up – and embraced the area – and also, the kids were at such fun age and they really had the best schools and friends – and all that – anyhow, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂


      1. I can’t believe it rained that much up there. Just be glad you are no longer in this (close to being bankrupt) state for severe water rationing is in store for us likely next year! I’m sure your sons give you joy but certainly conniptions!


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