Jake’s Sunday Post (McRoberts, eggs, empty tomb and Kobe video)

Jakesprinter’s theme this week is Easter – and I have 3 things to share.

FIRST, and this is not meant to disrespect anyone’s religious side here, but on Easter, we were joking that it looked like Jesus was playing in the NBA – and he was tearing up some nice shots on the court.

It was actually one of the Charlotte players (Josh McRoberts, #11) who looks like Jesus.

One shot (in the photo) was up against the Birdman (Chris Andersen) and it had a certain feel to it that added to the joke.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 9.10.27 PM
Easter basketball – Jesus came to play….. (jk) -Collage Credit: ESPN, ABC, and NBA


Well – make that McRoberts looks like what “certain people have depicted” as their view of what Jesus “probably” looked like, but we do NOT really know.

And there are very specific reasons as to why we do not know what he looked like!  Now we do know he was “average” looking – and likely under 5’5″ – and many people forget that he was Carpenter for many years and so he likely had the rough hands of a work laborer.  Also, Philip Yancey once talked about how so many people depict a “Prozac Jesus” with blue eyes and a stoic demeanor that glides.   When in reality, he expressed emotion plenty – especially over RELIGIOUS ABUSE (see an article here titled Jesus Confronts Religious Abusers).  And again, I am not trying to ruffle anybody’s feathers here….


SECOND: On Monday night we walked up to the hostess stand and they had this cute Easter display of jellybeans anchoring a small arrangement.


easter eggs_priorhuse2014



I want to share one of my favorite Easter images…. the empty tomb – because to me – this means everything.  

empty tomb photo with cslewis quote_priorhouse


And again, I am not trying to stir up any religious arguments here – not at all –  I don’t have the time to “really” argue – or the desire.  Also, sometimes some people just want to rant about things without really looking deep  for answers anyway.  It seems like some people just rant and then want to find support for what they already believe – and believe me, you can find research to support almost any “view” – It is sad- but true.

Anyhow, if someone reading this wishes to probe Christianity from a NEW angle – instead of the crap you see in the mainstream Christian world (yuk) – well I invite you to check out books by C.S. Lewis – (here), Lee Strobel, (website here) or some teaching from my boy Ravi Zacharias (website here)-  because I guarantee you they will be able to answer even your most difficult of questions.

Also, and I really mean this – only God can reveal truth to you – and so go straight to him…..

And for the atheists that follow my blog, whom I really value as fellow bloggers, well I encourage you to go right to God and ask him to reveal the truth – because I know for me, there is no book – no historical argument – and no factoid that makes me believe.  Instead, I believe because I have felt the presence of a living God.  I have felt the promptings of the Holy Spirit and I have been immersed by a loving presence that is felt –  and when it is felt – you are never the same – it changes you forever –

I am not saying religion has to be all the “feeling foo foo” crap, and I am grateful for folks like Lee Stroebel and Ravi – who enjoy pounding out the logical side of things… but even with all that – there is part that is ONLY felt – and when the God of the Universe fills you with his touch- everything changes….and it starts there…..  and when you know that you know what you know- ha- well, um, enough…. let’s move on…


Last thing to share – saw this VIDEO on Panini America Blog – yeah baby!


Did not expect the ending (who do you collect…) and just SO well done.

Have a nice day.  🙂



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  1. (EN) My humble opinion is that God is just a word that you can tell or not to others. No need to believe in one God but need to believe.
    (IT) La mia opinione è che Dio è solo una parola,che puoi dire o no agli altri. Non serve credere in un Dio, ma serve credere.


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