Travel Theme: Glow (a walk in Carytown)

Poem: “Me and My Beau” by Y. Prior (part 2 is here)

The rain had stopped – and “Me and my beau”

looked up to see this Glow….

…..   we both enjoyed it SO!

photos showing glow_2014_priorhouse

And on the patio

there was a song playing that I used to know….

oh – so long ago…

but I remembered parts – felt the rhythm – knew the flow.

I wanted to dance, just kinda slow –

my Beau joined for a second, but then said, “No…”

and rightfully so….

after all, we were on the patio.


Then down the block – we continued to stroll –

while lo and behold – there was a glowing NEON “O” –

glow of the old school neon light in carytown_priorhouse


Our walk continued to flow….

while we sipped some “iced mocha Jo”

and then noticed a sign that our city was about to grow:

A crane was there – emitting a vertical light show!

here it is in black and white-  to show beam mixed with shadow:

crane with a glow_priorhouse



And while Me and my Beau

enjoyed all this GLOW….

It was time to leave –  we had to GO!


But ya know, we still took it slow

hand in hand –

on this simple stroll,

which I enjoyed so…

and my smile  – well it had a soft – um, glow?

O I don’t know!

it was really just so-so….

but still something to savor – and bestow!


two dogs kissing nose to nose in the glow_priorhouse


This is linked to where’s my backpack travel theme – Glow – and the poem is to celebrate a bit of National Poetry month.

~~ And a side note to the poetry police – this simple rhyme scheme is not trying to be the poem of the century – I just like to write my thoughts with basic elementary rhyme – if you are looking for deeper poetry – well you will not find it here…. peace out! ~~


Here is the video from Part 2:

47 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Glow (a walk in Carytown)

  1. Oh wow! That was truly so beautiful. You and your beau. I could totally imagine that and your beautiful captures made it just more possible Y! Awesome! 😀


    1. Thanks so much Sonel – and your comment really made my day! 🙂

      even though I think it should be “my beau and I” which is why I have – me and my beau- in quotes – but who cares really, because in poetry- I guess anything goes.

      have a great weekend. ❤


      1. You are very welcome Y and I am glad to hear that hon. 😀

        Who cares? Exactly! It’s poetry like you said and I truly loved it. 😀

        Have a great weekend as well. ❤


    1. thank you so much. and it is all true – but the photo of the crane was from ear lie this week – but it fit so well – 🙂 and the song was called Dilemma – by Nelly – (thanks Shazam) which is a song I would never have on any of my playlists – but I knew it from the saturated air time it received. “and no matter what I do… all I think about is youuuuuu” was the only part I really knew from long ago…. – ha! and “east coast I know your shakin’ right…”
      thanks again and have a great day!


  2. rhymes with glow- nice one – and thanks of being my beau… and h u s b-

    ****and I just got the Keanu Reeves joke!!!**** with the whoa….


  3. I loved this! You captured everything so beautifully! I’ve always been fond of water drops, light and the ensuing glow. To cap it off…your poem was divine, made me smile AND want to grab my own beau for a little spin around the patio.


    1. thanks mama-mick (I love that name for you….)
      thanks muy mucho – and all pica taken with iPhone. 🙂 – also, hope you enjoy your little spin too….


    1. hmmmm – me too – will be the digital o’keeffe work or something form the neighborhood – or something totally new…. guess we shall see….


    1. Thanks so much Amy…. hope you have a great weekend too…. it is the last weekend of April… can you believe it?


  4. (EN)Petals of the same flower that sway in a gentle breeze…nice 🙂 your flower must be a special one.
    (IT) Petali dello stesso fiore che oscillano in una leggera brezza…bello 🙂 il vostro fiore deve essere speciale.


    1. I thought Ailsa’s post was stunning this week, and I’ve really enjoyed your interpretation, Yvette. Nice poem. Don’t ask me if it scans, or any of that 🙂 And I love your first photo.


  5. Beautiful, I love the night and all of the lights that come out! Great writing and rhyming, I liked the flow. 🙂 I have a hard time rhyming… Inspired me to take more night walks!


      1. don;t you just love auto correct!! the one that comes up for me is doe snot (what is that_ when I am trying to write “does not”- ha! but spuds are cool too – 🙂


  6. Dear Yvette,
    Oh, your lovely rhymes,
    Inspire me
    Many a times,
    To reply in kind.
    But I can’t seem to get it right,
    Try as hard, as I might
    But I do love the stories you tell,
    Rhymed ever so well!


    1. thanks Kan –
      seems like you understand
      rhymes can be simple and divine
      and I’d say you did mighty fine
      with your comment in rhyme
      ’twas right on time!



  7. Oh so romantic and so cleverly put together in words and photos. It left a glow in my day… 🙂 I had to come over and see this post after being intrigued on your Monday walk.


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