Me and my Beau -part 2 – (video of walk in carytown)

Well I have a little follow up to my Glow poem post yesterday…

Yes, a part 2.

I found “the song” that played – and had to share it with you.




We really just ran to the store –

Tried to get to there before they closed!

Afterwards we took our little stroll

And grabbed pictures with the phone…

– photos for the “travel theme” glow…

and then that song came on, the one that was old

it was smoothly playing – on the patio….


and well, I hope your Sunday has- some really great flow!



This is linked to where’s my backpack travel theme – Glow – part 2.

17 thoughts on “Me and my Beau -part 2 – (video of walk in carytown)

    1. yeah – sorry – just fixed it – and thxxxxxx
      hope you are having a nice day Dawn – oh and there are some windows in here that I was going to maybe use for your “lingering look” next week – but changed my mind. they went better with the glow theme – 😉


    1. thanks so much…. 🙂 – and after recently making that ‘glass palette’ video I started a couple other projects…


  1. How fantastic is that?! I have technology envy. Love the creativity you have brought to the challenge. I felt like i was walking along the street with you looking for things that glow. Loved it!


    1. Thanks Sue – and all of it was done right here on my Apple computer (now how come that was way cooler to say back in 2002???) haha
      hope you have a great day!


  2. Great way to put ‘your’ song with your photos…love this song btw! wonderful 🙂 Have a great day mon amie… 😉


    1. thanks so much Sherri – and I love the singer’s voice – however, I did not realize that it was about a cheating dilemma – I just like the “love you” part, ya know, But thanks so much – and… merci pour la visite amie!!!


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