Weekly Challenge- LETTERS (art stairs and letter Y video)

For the weekly photo challenge, here is an upshot photo I took of some art stairs in Florida.

art stairs_priorhouse_2014_florida
Art Stairs from the East Coast of Florida (image by Y. Prior – February, 2014)

Also, I could not resist the chance to have some with my favorite letter – Y!  It happens to be a nickname my friend Nesa gave me back in the 1990’s.  But I really do love this letter – not only because it  acts as both a consonant and a vowel, but the shape of it looks like arms open for a hug, or reaching upwards.  It could be two roads parting ways – and well, it is a cool letter!

And so I decided to make a short “Y’ video – and I even found Norah Jones singing a letter Y song on Sesame Street –



In closing, here is a pun for you:

I am friends with 25 letters.  I don’t know Y. 

Have a nice Tuesday!

This is linked to the Daily Post, and you can go here for more takes on LETTERS –


20 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge- LETTERS (art stairs and letter Y video)

  1. What a great set of stairs! so colorful and fun. perfect for the challenge… I like your description of the letter Y holding its arms up to the sky… so cool! I’ll never want to call you by your whole first name again!


    1. Thanks Meghan – and when I took this picture of the stairs – well I did not plan to share it – and if I could go back I would likely take a few more shots – and maybe angle ti where we could read more of the letters on the stairs – but I am glad to have gotten this shot. My mom and I had just finished lunch and we were leaving the courtyard when I took a few photos – and I grabbed the stairs shot to show a few students…. anyhow, have a great day – and what is it – day 58 in the countdown?? hmmmm


  2. Wow! Excellent post, both the image and writing! Your image, too, brings back childhood memories of using fluorescent paint. ‘Y’ is a cool letter, isn’t it? 😀


  3. Great! 🙂 I agree that Y could be two roads parting ways, but when they return they meet again. Lovely picture of the stairs.


    1. they could meet again – or never meet again – sometimes both are just as good -ha! and thanks for dropping by Mahesh!


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