Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring (walk in my garden)

The DP’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Spring and so I walked to my garden to grab a photo of my favorite SPRING flowering shrub- the Chinese Snowball Bush:

My favorite spring shrub: Chinese Snowball Viburnum, which is often confused with the Annabelle Hydrangea
My favorite spring shrub: The Chinese Snowball Viburnum, which is often confused with the Annabelle Hydrangea.


However, this walk led to some “rabbit” trails.

The first rabbit trail…

has to do with the Azalea shrub –  because it is one of the most popular spring flowering shrubs here in Virginia. Here is one I received many years ago – it sure has been a slow grower.

Azalea and Coreopsis-tickseed-priorhouse may 2014
Yellow Coreopsis (tickseed) and pink Azalea blooms!

This reminded me of a neighborhood in North Richmond that has charming houses with well-established azaleas.  So while passing through that neighborhood, I grabbed two photos from the car window.  Also, for those that like to jog/run, there is an Azalea Trail Run each year in Alabama – and I heard it is beautiful.

charming houses on laburnum avenue with established blooming azaleas-priorhouse2014
Charming houses in North RVA, with Azaleas in bloom.

Also on Laburnum Avenue – sits the lone statue of A.P. Hill – and I have heard some say that they wish an SUV would run into it. I have no opinion either way – But there is controversy about why this monument is not on Monument Avenue with the others.

AP Hill monument on Laburnum avenue-rva-priorhouse2014

The other rabbit trail…

has to do with the activity going on across from the snowball bush – there is a bird’s nest!

I have been staying away from this area because the momma bird is always out zipping around and squawking, which is actually what great mommas do when we guard what we love!  But also, I just did NOT care to peek.  I have been kind of annoyed by the birds for a few years now – for a couple of reasons – and part of it is the mess they make – on the furniture, the house, etc.  I even took out our backyard water feature because it became a nasty “droppings” zone.   One time I started a poem that began, “When I planted all those trees for view-  I did not know all those darn birds would come too….”  just kidding….

Anyhow, inspired again by Amy Moranto’s blog, and also after enjoying the song birds last month, I decided to take a look.

As I was peeking in the nest home, and saw abounding life – you know, as the little belly moved up and down with air –  Well it reminded me of a Monk episode where Natalie (season 7, episode 8) ran to get her camera to capture some of the wonder that is felt when you see these little babes.

Seeing newly hatched birds is just kinda wonderful!

So I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.

birds in nest-priorhouse 2014


I also grabbed a little video – and as I started NOTICING more signs of spring – I realized this was exactly what Jo was getting at when she started her Monday Walk challenge,  and so my last rabbit trail was making a two minute video to share:




In closing, I hope your Monday goes well, and if it is one of those “trying” Mondays – maybe you should add some cocoa powder to your coffee – or add some honey to your tea – Or better yet – go outside and take a little walk – to explore and…. “see”….



48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring (walk in my garden)

  1. I love the pictures of all the. Flowers Yvette – and even of he little birds. When I walked in our neighbourhood this week, I did not see many flowers as the cold has prevented the tulips from coming out. Some flowers have been planted but the cold has caused them to shrivel 😦
    Hopefully this week it will be warmer.


    1. Thanks Colline – and yeah, we lost some earlier flowers to shriveling too – there sure was a lot of later cold days than in years past – and I think warmer days are a coming…. 🙂


  2. Good morning, Yvette!
    Your post is such a great way to start the day. The sun isn’t up here yet, but as soon as it is, I’ll be outside taking my own walk, too!
    I’m envious of your azaleas…they die as soon as they see me reaching for them in the nursery. (our soil is too high of pH). I’ll just live vicariously through you.
    Congrats on your new babies–aren’t you glad you peeked?
    Please finish your poem–I think it’d be fabulous!
    Enough rambling on this end as the birds are calling me and the garden isn’t gonna water itself!


    1. well aren’t you the early bird riser! ha – had to throw that in there.
      and you know, it is funny that you should say that about the special needs of Azaleas – because mine (only have two) should not even be growing where I have them (they prefer less sun and as you note, high pH) and knowing what I know now I never would have put them where they are – no wonder they were slow to get going – amazing they even made it – ha! feeling a lesson coming on….. just kidding….

      have a great day mamma-tick! 🙂


      1. They are growing where they aren’t supposed to grow cuz you are MAGIC! I bow down to your wizardry 🙂

        Okay, NOW I’m going outside.
        You have a great day, too!!


      2. haha – not quite… and the secret really is what some of us gardeners learn the hard way = it is ALL IN HAVING RICH SOIL!!!

        Oh, and compost tea feeds almost anything….


  3. Those shrubs look like the ones used in flower decorations, but I suspect they are the real thing and the ones we commonly see are the “imitations”. They are beautiful! So is the rest of the virtual walk, thanks for sharing the video too 🙂


    1. thank you so much! and i only have one snowball bush – lost the other one the first year – but this one has had spring blooms that remind me of certain spring activities that I would bring a vase of flowers to – 🙂
      thanks for the nice comment. have a good week.


  4. Literally medicinal. Oh, goodness: so boring! How about this: “WOWWWW ! This was Beautiful! Elegant. I just saw Seeker’s blog, her most recent post. I think you two inspired each other. About a year ago, I delivered an Easter story that I wrote … used the metaphor of my grandfather going out to the rose garden, then walking back into the house with the fragrance of roses. Okay, Peace to you. T


    1. Hey T! 🙂 thanks for that – and you are so right – I just went to her blog and see exactly what you mean – well a bit different – but I like how she encouraged her readers to do this:

      “get off your butt, walk away from the computer, go outside, breath and relax. Not to mention, unplug yourself from any gadgets and open your ears to the sound around you….”

      okay, hope you have a great week – heard you have snow – and well stay thirsty my friend – I mean stay warm….. stay warm…. 🙂


  5. What a great post! Your love hate relationship with the birds is pretty hilarious (and understandable). That snowball flower tree is really neat. It was lovely to go on your Monday walk with you. Thank you! (oh and I love the beginning of your poem, and Monk too)


  6. I love you video. I almost never watch videos, I’m biased against them for some reason. Anyway, I just had to see your robins of course 🙂 You’re right, they do all look the same 🙂 Thanks for mentioning my blog, I appreciate it. That nest spot, looks like a good one.


    1. well I bet it is something in your artist side that has that bias – because you know – artists just have sides that are like this 😉
      but I am glad you pressed the play and then enjoyed it – ***big smile*** – and thanks so much Amy – for making me laugh so hard with tripod on the chairs – and then your series of posts which got me peeking in – I needed that! Oh – and there spot is pretty private and secure – and well, I think they are safer than the ones you noted in that recent post of yours. Hope you have a great week Amy. 🙂


      1. Yes, I am hoping they do well 🙂
        I have always sort of wondered what the neighbors think of my tripod set-up, only one has been brave enough to ask 🙂
        I’m really not sure what my video hang-up is. To be honest I have a hard time sitting through a tv show or movie. I know there is plenty of worthwhile content I am missing, but it just isn’t my thing.


  7. Love the slides, Yvette! The newly hatched birds, what a capture!
    I just noticed that your new posts are not picked up from my Reader 😕


    1. thanks Amy!!! and that reader is tricky – and I recently realized that I have missed some bloggers too – hmmm – and sometimes it starts to cycle and loop – argh! anyhow, so glad you made it here – and thanks for the comps. O_o

      have a great day dear Amy. 🙂


  8. What a lovely tour of Spring — I enjoyed the video as well — sweet nest of birds. Thank you for sharing with us!

    On my “one day” list, I will learn how to put together a video — any special program to do it with?


    1. Hi Becca – and thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂 and check out Animoto for starters – (http://animoto.com/features) they used to be better about 7 years ago – but it can get you started. And I also suggest getting a Mac – they have iMovie, which is very user friendly. 🙂


      1. I’ve made a few ones with Animoto — for business, and then I got bored with the templates. It has been a while — I will go back and revisit. Thank you!


    1. Hey Sue! 🙂 well those grays and browns will soon be soon be unfolding buds and all those spring colors – and with LESS pests and bugs – because that bit of extra cold has a MANY perks (IMO) ha! 🙂


      1. That is correct! Very few varmints and pests….well other than mosquitoes. Always have to look at the positive right? 🙂


  9. Lovely post, the house and garden looked like a picture from a magazine and those little birds were laying so still when you peeped in at them. What programme did you use to make that excellent video?


  10. Hydrangea are my favorite flowers so I love your Chinese bush! Looks like spring has definitely arrived in your neighborhood Yvette! Lovely, springtime fresh post!


    1. thanks Tina – and sorry to just get to this now – and well – I am still getting to know you but I can see the Hydrangea as something you would like. 🙂
      and thanks for including me in your list of blogs to drop by and visit – appreciate it –


  11. Richmond is such a beautiful place to take photos and yours are lovely. I was in Maymont a few weeks ago and had fun taking pictures there.


    1. Hi! well sorry to just be getting to this – and whew – I bet you grabbed some nice photos!

      Maymont is so nice and my first set of greeting cards from “Shutterfly” were with a photo from there –

      however, I have one small issue with photos from Maymont- it seems like there are always pictures from this place when we go places around here. and we were at an eclectic art show recently and the lady blew up about a dozen f her photos from Maymont and this may sound bad – but we were all like “yawn – yawn” – anyhow, thanks so much for leaving a comment – and have a great day!


  12. I am impressed with your little production! I’m a fumble-butt with such programs but which one was it? And the baby birds… The mother has her wings full! Lovely footage of the grass moving in a breeze, too.


    1. well I LOVED your little flag blowing int he breeze over Jack’s stone – and it is my favorite 8 second video ever! amazing – and ❤ to Jack


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