One Word Photo Challenge (pink)

pink chair at art show - with edited versions - priorhouse 2014

I took this photo at an art show last summer.

Sometimes art shows and museum visits can become a bit much and on this night I was “over saturated” with all the art!

I thought I was done taking photos, but on the way out I just had to grab a quick shot of this chair and wire art.

Later, I liked it even more and wish that I had spent some time taking a better photo – maybe a little to the left and back about two feet – but I am glad to have at least grabbed this picture – and the pink fits in nicely with Jennifer’s color this week.

Do you like the way the artist set this room up? Well I wish I had their name to give credit!


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This is linked to the one word photo challenge, which is pink this week.

Hope you have a nice hump day.


11 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge (pink)

    1. yes – there is some pink in that wire – and again – I wish I took a bit more care with grabbing the shot!! but you saw correct my 5.0 friend! 🙂


    1. yeah, you might be right. – and actually it was one of the less squashed cubicles at the show – because hundreds of artists get a cubicle – some share one – and well, so many of them are packed with A LOT of art – and when I was walking by – this room may have felt refreshing because it only had five pieces – whereas the others were so packed – so to compare it that way is different. also, my angle is horrible – and may not do the work justice… hmmmm
      thanks for taking the time to leave a comment – I really respect your art critiques….


      1. I had wondered why it was all is such a small space, so your explanation make sense. It is interesting how art really does need space to breathe and how that can really impact how you interact with it.


      2. and by the way – I really liked the photos you shared from your art visit earlier this year (cannot recall the sate) but that was a fun share


  1. In an odd sort of way — I really like the chair — Gives me an idea of using canvas as upholstery, and do some abstract art work in my favorite colors!!


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