Triple Shot Friday – works of art (DP challenge)

This week’s Triple Shot Friday is Linked to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, which is WORK OF ART this week.


A couple of years ago, after a Tuesday Art workshop – Macayla stayed a bit late.  She used up the leftover paints and made some marble art while I cleaned up.   When her dad came to pick her up – he said that one of her marble art paintings looked very similar to a painting her grandfather made many years ago.  He was able to pull up the grandfather’s piece on his pad – and here is a photo showing the two works of art  – how similar and how very cool!

Makayla's marble art looked like a piece her grandfather put ina museum-priorhouse 2014



This is one of my favorite works of art – just a classic oil painting by Cindy Knapp –  (Untitled) – I bought this painting while visiting family in Florida in 2009.

one of my favorite pieces of art - priorhouse 2014
Classic WORK OF ART – oil painting on canvas.


A hanging (well used) lax stick and a Joe Sakic signed hockey stick are “Horizontal Room Art” for my son!

lax stick and hockey stick - loking up - priorhouse 2014
A WORK OF ART for an athlete!

In closing…

I leave you with a video/slideshow with some “outline” sheets of Masterpiece “works of art” – they are leftover from Tuesday Art.



Outline sheets are great because they help you “get to know” a work of art.   When we pull out the color and the textures – seeing the lines within the composition can give you a better feel for the use of space and for the positioning of different elements.  If you want to get to know an art piece more – take a picture and then make a simple “outline” sheet – and you will never see the piece the same!  Different aspects will unfold and you will get more of a feel for the piece.


Be back Monday.


Details about Triple Shot Friday – this is something I started because I thought Andrea (at igardendaily) did this each week/month – but she didn’t – it was just a busy Friday for her while doing her month of wreaths (which was amazing) – anyhow, I kept the idea of Triple shot Friday going for a few reasons.  First, Debbie (who takes some amazingly unique photos) well she sometimes grabs great shots of things in triples (HERE is the 3-headed monument to Jan Toorop).  I also like doing a Triple Shot Friday right now because I am not blogging on weekends – and I find that having the triple shot focus for the final weekday gives me more ideas.  Oh – and HERE is a post done in triple shot from my blogging friend Preeti – her photos – and words-  are so tasty – for example, she writes, “The lush green foliage is a treat for summer sore eyes.”



Author update (thanks to Firebonnet for her question)

If you want to make your own outline sheets – check out Nadene’s blog for a quick tutorial – HERE  – she calls them tracings – and well, trust me – this is not just for children.  In fact, I challenge you to try this – the next time you visit a museum or see a work of art that “speaks” to you – well make a quick sketch of it.  

You may want to try Nadene’s tracing activity (at above link)  – or try the “3 sheets” way – where you make 3 versions using a soft pencil (maybe 5B).  Make a first quick version of the piece – and do not stop to erase – just loosely fill in the outer lines – and then look at the spaces and shapes in between objects.  Try this two more times – and even if you end up TOSSing all three sheets – when you are done – you will have an entirely different view for the work of art.  

However, if you like one of your versions- get some colored pencils, oil pastels – or even some watercolors – and add some color – or just use your soft pencil to make different values in various sections!  Even if art is “not your thing” – this kind of activity can enrich your overall outlook, increase your art criticism, tap into the side of you that was designed to create,  and as noted, it can help you get to know the certain work of art you were interested in.  Try it – and see for yourself…. 


47 thoughts on “Triple Shot Friday – works of art (DP challenge)

  1. Are these outline sheets from your students? Or are they yours? What a fantastic idea. I realized as I was watching what I have overlooked when seeing the completed work. Fascinating! Love your son’s wallart. And how amazingly similar the two paintings are, Macayla and her grandfather’s. Wonderful post!


    1. Hi Meghan, well I have made a handful of outline sheets – but these are all ones that were from a two year period – and I cannot recall each source. I think one is from Nadene at Practical Pages – – and then most are from a teacher’s booklet that I passed on to someone else – or from files that were given to me.
      Oh – and thanks for the nice comment – 🙂 have a great weekend.


    1. I am sorry – but I do not like to get involved with ads and reblog stuff like this – just a personal boundary – but if you get your ads going again – I will still try and visit your site – and I am truly sorry that there has been this issue with Word Ads and I hope good things will come from it.


  2. Yvette I love the variety of your post. I find the similarity of the girl’s art to her Grandfather’s to be amazing! Thank you for sharing and happy weekend to you and yours. 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue – and I guess the grandfather’s art is hanging in a New Mexico museum – I will have to email the dad and ask him – because now I am curious.

      And this family (one child) is truly one of my very favorite families encountered over many years of teaching – just love them!! And that extra time with little ol’ Macayla was often a gift – when I would stop cleaning up and just chat it up – or you know – “make” the time to enjoy one-on-one time with a student -which is something that can get lost along the way.
      Have a great weekend – 🙂


    1. Hey Pommepal – thanks – and I taught different subjects on and off while I tried to stay home with the kids as much as possible – and I taught art recently (for about 6 years) – and did some lessons in the 1990’s with youth group kids – but at the for of who I am is a natural born TEACHER – yeah baby! Thanks again and I am looking forward to your walk with Jo coming week…. where will you take us….have to wait and see…. ❤


      1. well I actually love that adjective “artistically inclined” and I may have to use that – it really feels right! thanks for that….


    1. dude – now that was completely cool to read **** you rock *** and you flatter – but I will take it and say thanks – and you know I think you are a gifted writer – what a mind! have a great weekend


    1. Thanks Amy = and to think she was using leftover paint is even crazier – because the color palette is so similar in addition to the line design (thickness and pattern) – and I just emailed the parents and will see if he can tell me the museum the granddad’s piece is in. Hope you are having a nice weekend…. 🙂


      1. well I heard back from the dad – and he sent a few photos that I will try to use in a post later on – but the piece is now in North Carolina!

        and here is what the dad wrote to me:

        “Also, at the time Macayla did her painting, she had never met her grandfather and did not even know he existed.” – Gene



    1. why thank you very much – and I think he wants to move on from the orange base (and under that is the coolest marine teal blue) but painting is such a huge chore – especially covering colors. but thanks again Preeti – and nice to see your gravatar -<3 hope you are enjoying spring in your neck of the woods. 🙂


      1. Spring has moved on to beginning of scorching summer heat in most of India but had fun with the blossoms when Spring was in full swing! 🙂


    1. and thank you Meghan – because sometimes (as you know) the comments can help a post take on a new flavor – and so thanks for taking the time to visit and leave some thoughts…. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Meghan – 🙂 and there are good things going on around your blog – even though I know you have been blogging for a years – I feel like your current blog is still unfolding in many ways – and I look forward to watching it grow and evolve –


      1. Thanks Y! I’m excited with my blog too. I wish I could reblog on my self-hosted blog, but I can only do it to my Firebonnet Lite blog on But at least I can keep my fav stuff somewhere!


      2. well I know you shared it in a post before – but I am not sure I still understand “the two blogs in one” that you have- I will have to go and re-read that other post – O_o – lol


  3. Looks like grandpa’s talent lives on Yvette! Great shots and love the outline sheets video. Your son is quite an artist. I love his horizontal room art. Very creative indeed! Grea post and shots hon. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


    1. thanks Sonel – and I will tell my son – even though I do not think too much thought went into it – grabbed the drills – eyeballed it for a second – put in the screws – and placed the objects – and sometimes less truly is more, eh? TTYL — ❤


      1. Well, that is what artists do and looks like he got his lovely talent from his beautiful mom. 😀

        I do agree fully! 😀 ❤


  4. (EN) I don’t know why don’t I always receive your posts and I can’t see them totally.
    I like always your variety of perspective. I could say : Yvette= Yearbook,Varied,Essay,Teaching To Everybody 😉
    (IT)Non so perché non sempre ottenere tuoi post e non riesco a vederli totalmente.
    La varietà delle prospettive che mi piace sempre.Potrei dire: Yvette= Yearbook,Varied, Essay, Teaching To Everybody 😉


    1. Hey forthemo – well I did have a few problems with some posts this week – so if you were linked to any that said error – well sorry about that. 🙂 – and thanks for the sweet comment – hope you are doing well in Italy – “A presto….” ❤


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