Jo’s Monday Walk – street portrait and 519 sunset

Monday – 5- 19- 2014

It’s time for a Monday Walk with Jo.  


Here we go…

We went back to that cool store – the one in Carytown…

The place we went to last month – you know, when we took our stroll –

But this time – there was NO after rain mist –  and NO cool song from the patio!

However, we were greeted by a captivating sunset glow!

We also found great bread – a cranberry walnut with sourdough!

Then – a cool dude said, “Yes” to my request for a portrait photo!

Back at home – the snowball bush was emitting a new “mojo” –

~ snowballs are gone, but the stem lines have such artsy flow.

The baby birds are gone too – and only an empty nest remains –

So maybe now I will take more pictures of old trains-

or maybe I will find some airplanes….

hmmmm  – well I know it will all unfold!

Ok, that’s all for this week’s “Walk with Jo”-

To see more entries –Here is where to Go!

Later this month –  I will have an update to my KEY LIME PIE post!

And I used a Supertramp song to make a short slideshow:




monday walk priorhouse2014- glisten sunset


street portrait monday walk priorhouse 2014 - mikes roommate

monday walk priorhouse 2014 cranberry walnut bread

monday walk priorhouse 2014 - no mas snowballs on viburnum

Have a nice day. 🙂 (and side note – I think the 4 baby birds all survived – we have seen a couple and we hear them in the area….)

18 thoughts on “Jo’s Monday Walk – street portrait and 519 sunset

      1. well i should have known you would choose classic butter – mmm – and I chose the Sesame Tahini…. not too bad….


    1. Hey – thanks for this comment – I just added a sentence the ending of the post about it too – and we think all survived. Well we see them bouncing around certain areas and HEAR them – which is the sweetest sound from the office window. we cleaned out the bird’s nest – once we were sure that they were done – but I heard that nest’s can harbor bird mites and once the babies leave – any leftover mites will look for a new host – and well, this is right under the upper office window and so we cleaned up (with respect of course). Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂 and can;t wait to see what happens with the chicks project.


  1. I enjoyed the walk of the Street Portrait walk 🙂 The video is really cool, Yvette!
    Have a great week.


  2. A couple of years in a row we had doves make a nest and raise their young. I was always sad when they had left, because they became a part of the yard! Cranberry bread – you have a recipe? I make cranberry coffee cake every year with Christmas.


  3. I love the cool font! (Mike is cool too) HOW did you do it? I tried the font package here but it was very frustrating for me?


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