Walk With Jo – (Navy Monument and Obama walk)

This Monday is Memorial Day here in the States, and so I am posting my walk with Jo a bit early.

For this week’s walk with Jo – I take you on one of my very favorite drives near my neighborhood – a narrow little road with trees that change with the 4 seasons.

I also have some rain video footage with a song called Brand New Day by Forty Foot Echo.  And to add to the feel of Memorial Day, I added a few photos from the Naval Aviation Monument, which sits right near the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach, Virginia.




navy aviation monument - priohouse 2014
Naval Aviation Monument in Virginia Beach, VA (click photo for more info)


Now I know everyone has “different” political views, but it looks like the President of the United States, Barack Obama, decided to join in on Restless Jo’s walk this week as well!

Here is the youtube video showing Obama (likely wearing some high-tech bullet proof undergarments) – along with his staff – enjoying a little ol’ spring stroll this week!

 I think Obama’s walk is extra cool – because it whispers of the freedom we have in this country – and even though the President has to be careful as to ‘when and where’ he takes a stroll, well this joyous little walk  = with handshakes and smiles =  it screams volumes about the freedom we have because of those who have “given the ultimate sacrifice” –  who are also the ones we honor and remember on Memorial Day! 

president obama takes a walk in May priorhouse 2014
Snapshots of the president’s little walk – May 2014



Hope you too – can get out for a spring stroll!

And for those who want to peek at other Memorial Day posts – Koji’s very detailed post

and gpcox’s post about Arlington Cemetery, 150 years

click photo to go to gpcox –



To see other Monday Walk entries –HERE  is where to go…. 

Have a great day!




60 thoughts on “Walk With Jo – (Navy Monument and Obama walk)

  1. Thank you for the link and the work you’ve done on the rest of the post. You put a lot of thought into this and it shows! ⭐


  2. although there was nothing spontaneous with Obama’s walk… Our PM, did the same 2 weeks ago. It seems someone is copying the others’ PR advisers. Samaras did it to present a more down to earth view (didn’t succeed no matter how the TV stations with cameras that happen to be there, presented it) And what’s this about names. As if Obama is going to remember their names after one second. (Brandon, Camden…) Never mind, the game is the same everywhere…


    1. well Vass – you are absolutely correct – and even calling the video “raw” and then having shaky footage is a part of the the PR to make it feel more impromptu- and I get it – believe me – and now I do not know Samaras – but I do know that the hats all of our politicians wear are all very similar.

      And again, I get your point – but there has always been something I like about our current President – albeit not perfect – and the healthcare stuff was never a good idea – but he is smooth – and he is as genuine as they can be – and he is NOT sleeping around like many of the former president’s were – and I he has been bringing that personal touch ever since he made his first bracket selections.

      Now I sure hope people do not read this and then chime in with angry comments – but I am proud to have Obama as president – for reasons I cannot go into right now – again – he’s not perfect – and I HATE Obamacare – but we all wear social masks – different hats for different jobs – and even though staged and prepped – I love every second of this video.

      Also – do you think it is by chance that we see a melting pot variety of folks being greeted? There are white dudes in their early 20’s – a mom with her son, the Asian food truck worker, – and well – the whole gamut – which shows again how it was planned for and then pieced together ever so cleverly – but the message is one of joy – to me at least- and a freedom walk is good any day – but all the more when we honor those who gave so much.

      Further, in my opinion – our current President has very little to gain from this stroll – he is not running for office ever again – the Obamcare cannot be fixed by this walk and greet – and if he was grumpy and pissed off – well he could have told his guys that he did NOT want to stroll – he could have refused to go and been a prick about it all – and while I have never met him, I heard that Obama is genuinely charismatic like this – which is how he weaved his way up through the ranks – because he had favor with people all along the way to the White House – and then he took a job that has so much weight – it can crush and smother a person – and often has impossible issues to address – with things behind the scenes that go beyond his ability to fix – red tape, domino effect, limits, etc.

      anyhow, I like the spirit of this “walk video”- for each and every clip that was selected – because Obama truly is a man of the people – and well, I also like the video because I think Obama had the idea for it – like he was told to go to wordpress (he was linked to the Restless Jo blog) –

      and then Obama saw all those cool walks going on –

      and he called his people – and said, “Let’s do this thing…”


      1. Hear! Hear! Y I agree with your sentiments. The small amount of coverage we get about USA politics in Australia is usually negative. But I have also liked Obama, from over here he seems to be doing the best he can. And I bet he’ll be more than pleased to hand the reins to some one else….


      2. Thanks for your comment Pomme – well it has not been a pretty situation that is for sure – and whew – I forgot how loaded of an issue certain topics can be – 🙂


      3. Dear Y, I didn’t have time to elaborate the other day. I am not living in the US and this means that I only see the international ripples of the POTUS decisions. I must confess that Obama was the president I would have voted for, because he more than anybody had the element that is missing from our society: hope. (btw, I still can’t believe that Bush jr was elected twice…) I don’t think my opinion has any weight, but I was willing to forgive many things and delays about Obama, since I am aware that the wrongdoings of many previous presidents can not be erased in a day, a year or even a term. (I guess the Nobel price was given for the same reason, before any actual Obama action). But, I fear that the things he should have invested in, like better free education,better free health system, a new line of thinking about work, production, pay and living, in short to sow in people’s minds and hearts a new philosophy of life, were all either unsuccessful or not even tried. I can not blame him, for all I know he had the intention, but had hostile legislative bodies to deal with, and generations of comfortably numb thinkers and a heavy debt to deal with. And avoiding to participate in wars (at least openly) was certainly a plus. I don’t know, maybe I was hoping for more and was let down. And, yes, his walk was out had a nice feel, and that is why it struck me as a very odd deja vu. So I think we agree on this one!


      4. Well Vass – no further reply was needed – and because I feel like I know ya pretty well – I just know that the “BS meter was going off as you smelled PROPAGANDA all over the video. 🙂 peace out el Greco!


  3. This was beautiful Yvette! I’ve been working on my Memorial Day post all week. Thank you for providing some much needed inspiration. I’ll be coming back to read the other posts. Xo


    1. well I am looking forward to your post! and thanks for leaving a comment – and for the XO – right back atcha – ❤ – see you mañana!!


      1. Me again! I had to come back and visit (I was reading on my iPhone still snoozing the first time around!)
        I loved these pictures and the post on Arlington was amazing. I’ve been to Arlington and was mesmerized by every single step. Changing of the Guard was my favorite and only wish that I had been a better photographer at the time to capture the emotions of me and everyone around. It’s on my list to go back.
        Now, a favor! May I link/pingback to this post on what I’m writing for tomorrow? No pressure or obligation…just thought your post and the link to Arlington would be great.
        Have a wonderful Sunday!


      2. well I am absolutely honored (“hobnobbed” was first interred there with auto correct – and so I am hobnobbed too). and I know totally what you mean with your reflection on what you would have “captured” if you could go back – and grab the mood and emotions – I have a few events like that – where I did not even take one photo – and well, anyhow, thanks for the ask – and thanks for the ping! ❤ blog hug too


  4. That was awesome! I’m so jealous. I’ve been to DC hundreds of times I never had the president walk up and shake my hand! lol. I loved the little girl who was 4 and 3/4.
    I have pictures of that memorial too. I’ve never used them. I’ll have to remember for another time. My memorial day post goes live tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Dawn- I know!!!!! I wish I was there and if I was – I would have asked to take a selfie and then tweeted it – man!

      And regarding the photos of the memorial – I have been there a half dozen times, but hardly have any photos – the ones I shared are almost all of what I have – and so one day I want to go and take some up and down shots….

      Okay, looking forward to your Memorial Day post – hmmmmm – and have a nice rest of the weekend too – 🙂


  5. Absolutely superb, Yvette! I am gob smacked- you even got Obama to walk with me 🙂 🙂

    It may be naive of me, but I like him. He comes over as a genuinely nice guy, and having read some of his books, I know he didn’t get there the easy way. Politics is not a nice game and I have very little time for politicians, but if I’m going to have one come on a walk, he’s the guy for me 🙂 Thank you so much!

    Because you have it out so early and it’s dedicated to Memorial Day, I will include this with my links tomorrow.


  6. Brilliant post Yvette! Love that video with rains capture and beautiful song, it’s moving and somehow works very well. And Jo’s walk with Obama completes it to a super special walk!


    1. thx Indah – and I love how you worded this “somehow” works well – because that was how it felt as it unfolded – the video was literally made with scraps and limited video options – I just took some raw footage and even told my husb. that I would likely delete it all – but it worked.

      and actually – the whole idea for this post was started with some heavy rain this week and a song that is on the radio a lot this month – it is an upbeat Christian pop song called “beautiful day” – (nothing like the U2 song with same title) and well, the lyrics that got me thinking were:

      “When trouble seems to rain on my dreams
      It’s not a big, not a big deal
      Let it wash all the bugs off my windshield”
      “So put the drop top down, turn it up,
      I’m ready to fly.”

      but the song did not fit at all – and talk about a 360- well the forty foot echo song fit so well – “somehow” =

      and then Obama joining in was the perfect topper. ha!

      have a great day…. and I am tracking your photo progress – congrats again. 🙂


      1. Thank you Yvette! You too, have a great day.. love this post in many ways 🙂 and I like the song too..the tunes stuck in my mind today :))


  7. I love every second of Obama’s video too, Yvette, thanks so much for posting it. He always seems to be at his most relaxed and genuine when taking a minute to really say hello and it’s great to be reminded that this side is still there, not completely buried under the burdens of the job. Your drive is beautiful and I can see why it’s one of your favorites.


    1. well it looks like we have even more in common my Northwest Coast friend! 🙂

      And looking at the video again – I saw things I missed – and even though the walk was prepped and planned for – (had to be) there was so much spontaneity in each encounter (as you noted – he is in his element)

      For example, when he meets the joggers- he smoothly apologizes for breaking up their run (which indirectly acknowledges the big deal it takes to allow this kind of walk for a man in his position – it shuts down some streets) and then he notes they should run in place (his hoop side coming out) – and the way he smoothly responded to the guy that said “Mr. Lewis” – it was very subtle – but Obama replied, “Mr. huh…” and there is so much layered in that mere response – but it would take a page to elaborate –

      And how about when he meets those white dudes in their 20’s – and he first meets “Dan” – and then when “Brandon” and “Campden …” walk up – the repeat here is likely because we can see Obama catching the rhyming feel to their names – (which had to be unscripted as the folks were pulled from the area) and then “Ann” walks up – and there is even more of that close juxtaposition with the vowel a sound in the names – and he catches it –

      And again we see the acknowledged “planning” for this walk when he whips out the white house m & m’s – but what I found really cool on the later viewing – was how he responded to the lady who said it was the best day of her life – he said, “Well give me a hug then…”

      And that just says it all.


      And maybe on his next walk – he can hum a bit of an Al Green tune…. Ha!


      1. Yes, I think we have a lot in common. 🙂 You got so many of the moments that I think reflect a bit of his real personality trying to get out. Sure it was planned but it really looked like he enjoyed the change of pace and a chance to talk to people on the street. I can’t wait to see what he does after the Presidency as little glimpses like these remind me of the man inside the job.


      2. and I know this is a hot topic for so many – but it seems that everyone always thinks they would do a better job – when it is complicated. Also, and this is not the time or place – but to add the religion topic in – well so many Christians forget that Obama (and all government officials) is not the head of the Christian church – they are leading a country that is comprised of diverse individuals with differing beliefs – and well, for another time…. 🙂


      3. I agree completely, many people focus on the response to one topic that is important to them but loose sight of the fact that there are a thousand other equally important things to be attended to at the same time. And the separation of church and state definitely mirrors this challenge … for another time. 🙂


  8. How skilled you are, making videos like that! Really beautiful and professional. Something I for sure can’t do. But it’s amazing and wonderful to see them and enjoy them.


    1. Thanks Ninna – but it really is not that difficult – and the more you do – the easier they are to while out – so get to trying some – and maybe start with making some slideshows of your art photos!

      and thanks for the sweet compliment. 🙂


  9. Such a lovely post, and the walk video is simply outstanding. He’s a wonderful personality, a great human being and a remarkable leader. I’m a huge Obama fan (and I believe in his policies and decisions). Thanks Y 🙂


  10. I so loved your walk video Yvette and those rain shots were just awesome and the music as well. It was such a great walk and such stunning shots as well. 😀

    I am not much of a ‘memorial’ kind of person but I truly enjoyed your lovely post and insights. Very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing hon. ♥ Big Hugs ♥


  11. Enjoyed seeing the Naval Aviation Monument!
    Sufficient to say that I cannot wait till the next president. This one rubbed me wrong from the first moment, but he’s not the only one: The media. I better change the subject now.

    Thank you for all your well-wishing comments of little pretties:):)


  12. Interesting walk this week Yvette, fancy getting the President along !!! Looking at it from the other side of the world I think it is absolutely amazing that Obama can stroll around, unannounced, meeting the people, and they all seemed so delighted to see him. When so much media is focused on fear and negativity this is the sort of news that should be covered. Maybe it was tightly staged he made it seem quite impromptu. We do not own a car, we have the use of other peoples, so I enjoyed the car ride with you.


    1. well comment made my day – to hear the part about enjoying the drive in the video – because I was just taking a chance throwing all that together – (and well – you know being artistically inclined and all – hah ah – thanks again for that my friend) and so this made me smile muy mucho – have a great day Pomme –


  13. simply magnifique! glad to have come across your awesome blog… my very best and friendly greetings from Toulouse, France, “old Europe”! 🙂 cheers, Mélanie


  14. At the last minute we decided to go to the cemetery at March Air Force Base in California to palce some flowers on the grave of a family friend. A two and a half hour drive took us 5 hours one way. We SHOULD have walked!


    1. dude- I hate it when this happens – feels like it backfired – sorry man – and well, we once went out of our way to visit family for T-day = and the 3 hour drive in I-4 took almost 8! not kidding – so horrible – there was an accident and we were stopped for a while. anyhow, even though it took a while – the memory of getting those flowers there will always be there – and it was an awesome thing to do – to remember and pay homage like that – 🙂


  15. What a beautiful post in honour of Memorial Day, a holiday I remember spending with my family for many years. I remember it being the start of summer and nearly always a very hot day in California. We had a long weekend here too but it was raining! Great to see the President joining Jo for her walk, I hope he enjoyed it…hope you had a great weekend too mon amie ❤


    1. Hello sweet Sherri – thanks for the nice comment – sorry about the rain over the long weekend – and I really enjoyed the “twist” post – ❤ le blog câlins ❤


    1. Thanks Koji – and I had Jack’s gravestone photo here for a while – but took it down because I was unsure of your consent – and well, thanks for letting me link that post (I just thought some of my readers needed to use up some of their tissue boxes as well…) 🙂 ❤


      1. loved when you wrote this this about Jack:

        “Jack was a great man to have endured combat in the Pacific during World War II. He was an immeasurable giant in learning to forgive – although he was never able to forget.

        I miss him greatly. I thanked him for all we have when I visited him today at his grave on this glorious Memorial Day.”


  16. “Tomorrow is a new day…I think I change my ways…” Nice lyrics to the song you put on the video montage. Didn´t know that in Washington D.C there was also a memorial for Naval Aviation, I knew about the rest memorials but this one was new. You´re a lucky man to live in a place like that. And a lucky man to have known Jack. I´m always amazed and thankful at the same time how Americans treat their veterans.

    The Arlington Cementary…it´s beautiful and at the same time it gives me the willies, big willies. I remember seeing on an American Channel soldiers planting american flags next to the tombs of the dead, you read the names and ages and literally I got choked up. Don´t have that in Spain, don´t have a national cemetary and people probably don´t even know what their army really is doing. So we get use to that. So when I see the Americans it does choke you up a bit.

    Nice tribute Prior.


      1. I said June was going too fast – flying by – crazy fast –
        Or at least I tried to say that Mr. Charly –


      2. Hi again – and real quick like – the naval monument in this post is actually in Virginia Beach, VA – right off A-1-A!

        And thanks for sharing the tidbit about Spain – (and don’t forget – I am female) ❤


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