Triple Shot Friday – Maya Angelou Tribute

This week’s Triple Shot Friday is dedicated to Maya Angelou – 4-4-1928 ~ 5-28-2014 (bio is HERE)

First: Video art slideshow with Tribute Poem to Maya Angelou.

The poem has some lines from a few of her poems and in the video, the words are set to some of Claude Monet’s Impressionistic art.  I chose Monet’s work because his colorful, lively paintings remind me of Maya’s outlook and energy! Also, the Monet paintings fit so well with an instrumental version of a pop song that is out right now.  The words to this poem are at the end of the post.

Here is the (updated) video:


Second: My favorite Maya Angelou quote!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


Third: Song from Porgy and Bess:

In the 1950s, Maya Angelou toured Europe while performing in the opera Porgy and Bess, and Nora Jones sang the song Summertime, which is one of the best-known songs from this opera.


Priorhouse Poem to Maya Angelou

It rained and rained

the day Maya Angelou died –

I think the earth cried…

Even though now she was more alive

heaven smiled

arms opened wide

“Clap hands, let’s come together…”

Maya the poet,

artsy and bonafide!

smiles on faces

California David,

with “generosity of graces”-

was there to share embraces

Wings not clipped –

feet not tied…

“Come rest here by my side.”

‘twas better than any dream-

heaven’s welcome team

“exquisite sweetness”

Maya “quieted into awe”

New light – fresh sight




were so right

“Nobody, but nobody,
 can make it out here alone”


Thank you, Maya- for such great poems!

Enjoy your new home.


When the rain stopped –

puddles were on the ground

Maya’s words whispered to me

Whispered with an UN-CAGED sound-

Sweet freedom abound

“I rise

I rise

I rise”

The Maya Angelou words integrated into my tribute poem are from these Angelou poems:
California Prodigal
On the Pulse of Morning (Kimberley Thomas has a post for this poem HERE)
Caged Bird
A Brave and Startling Truth

Russell Boyle has 5 of Maya’s poems on his blog – HERE 

and go HERE – to Six-Degrees-Photography for Maya’s poem “When Great Trees Fall”  (and she has some photographer links of interest HERE)


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and check out Delancey Place’s post about Maya’s “hotel-motel” use as a space to write – HERE

credit: JetMag - & DP
credit: JetMag – & DP


27 thoughts on “Triple Shot Friday – Maya Angelou Tribute

  1. This is a wonderful tribute to such a dear, wise woman. I especially liked your poem..
    Maya is grinning that big smile of hers saying, “Yes, thank you child”


    1. Hey – well I love the way you said that – “Yes, thank you child” 🙂
      warmed my heart – Thanks!


  2. Beautiful tribute Yvette..She was an amazing lady, inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post to remember her…


    1. I appreciate that Kev – and at first I had Sarah McLachlan song (I will remember you) but it was way too sad – and also the lyrics pulled from the poem – and so real quick I inserted that one and it worked – also – that particular song is on the radio so much – it has inappropriate lyrics though – and so that was how I ended up with the instrumental version – able to get the music without all the explicit crap….
      have a great day


  3. Lovely post Yvette, great idea to make Maya your subject. Never heard the Jones version of Summertime, it’s terrific., and of course I love your art choices for the slideshow!


    1. well thanks Tina- and the idea to make a post for her really was for me – because in my reader there were many posts doing a shout out and I really did not think we needed one more – but then the next day – I just wanted to do it – for me – and I did think of you with Monet’s work -and after your post a couple of weeks ago I have been thinking of you with other artists too (and super cool “split-second impressionistic” shots)


  4. Very good to see you back. This is a lovely tribute – your poem especially. Summertime is one of my all time favourites!


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