Split-Second Skating Photo at Harbor

The cameras on our phones are perfect for grabbing “quick-like” images – and sometimes these “split-second photos” not only grab the action, but they capture an entire mood and feeling of what was going on at that time.

split-second photo - skateboard in air-priorhouse 2014

I love this image because it shows my son in action (burning his daily 5,000 calories) and because he only started riding a skateboard a couple of years ago – it has been fun to watch him advance with moves and tricks.

Now – the “other story” behind this image has to do with how we ended up at this spot last summer (and some of you have seen other photos from this evening in a different post- here).

We stopped in Portsmouth, Virginia so that my step-daughter could visit her friend. It was my step-daughter’s first visit in many years and so every day of her trip was special just because we missed her so much!

This little stop was at the end of a  l o n g  day at the beach.  We were stuffed with pizza and greek salad and we all had that salty, sun-drained feeling (which I actually love). The friend’s condo was right off the highway, so that was nice, but even if it wasn’t – we would have driven as far as needed!

We had to kill some time while they visited upstairs and thankfully we had a beautiful harbor view to soak up.  The ferry horns went off at intervals while my son skated and the rest of us just chatted it up. I grabbed a few phone photos as well – and I am so glad I did!

To see more entries – check out the DP’s challenge this week, which is Split Second Story 

33 thoughts on “Split-Second Skating Photo at Harbor

  1. I love this photo. As the mother of a skateboarder I used to spend quite a lot of time shooting ollie’s and nose-grinds and all those other tricks I was supposed to remember. These days he’s more often behind the camera and doing a much better job than I ever did! 🙂


    1. oh very cool that he is now behind the camera – aging kids are just so much fun – ❤ and have you seen the skateboarder scene in the opening of a Breaking Bad episode – the skateboarders in WW's empty pool?


      1. 🙂 He’s making a bit of a career behind the camera; shooting movies and getting a bit of editing work. And yes, loved the scene from BB: the boy-child is so envious!


      2. thanks for the reply – and Su – I have to admit – I used to look down on the skater crowd (and some groups are a bit shady) but this is truly a sport and there are some die-hard athletes that work that board for hours and hours – and your son’s career sounds cool – and I wonder if those genealogy searches revealed any ancestors in the film/movie industry….


  2. Oh, how cool, one of my most favorite places on earth! You are across the elizabeth river on the portsmouth side looking across to norfolk, and the waterside park/shopping complex! We used to ride the ferries back and forth for fun on the weekends. My condo was just down the river 5 minutes to the east of there! Thanks for the great whoosh of sweet nostalgia, and I love your photo of your son skateboarding, it’s so cool to watch our children make progress in their activities, isnt it?! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    1. okay – now how absolutely cool is this – that you know this spot so well – and it seems as if you have covered the globe quite well Aisha- my goodness!!! and it really is fun watching them progress – and I also like finding balance with knowing how much to meddle vs. knowing how much to chill and let them do their thing – such a balancing act times – parenting vs. micromanaging human beings that need choices – oh – and how cool that you used to ride the ferries back and forth – what memories – and I feel so touched to share this nostalgic connection with you – how very cool. 🙂


  3. Your description of the ferry blowing its horn really helped set the stage! I’m not prolific with the smartphone can ‘cuz my hands shake so much now! 🙀


  4. Love this action photo! He looked very talented with skateboarding. It is perfect submission for the challenge.. Really like the story behind it too, sounds that you had a great evening 🙂


    1. thanks so much Indah – and I thought about a flower photo for this split-second challenge (one I took on a trip as we were leaving a place)- but it felt wrong – and then going back to this shot it felt even more right! have a great day –


    1. Thanks “B cubed” – and I think we share the same salty coast – you are just north of us on the Atlantic – oh – and it was salty, sun drained- with the smell feta cheese and onions in the air (which actually was not bad!) ha


    2. and I was just thinking of you earlier – cause someone once said,
      “yell less and laugh more” but also
      “throw water bottles less and hug more” –
      “drop less F bombs and give more comments that edify”


  5. A stunning shot for sure Yvette! I wish I could burn calories like that. I am more likely to burn my knees and elbows and break lots of bones. LOL! Sounds like you had lots of fun and now I want pizza and greek salad as well. 😆
    Great entry for the challenge. 😀


    1. Thanks so much Sonel – and I think your nature photography and dock strolls burn the calories too – with less risk of injury – but then again…. grabbing some of those shots make me wonder of the risk on some angles – whew. 🙂
      – and how about the 8,000 mile hug this week?- ❤ O_o


  6. So upbeat, this post. But “upbeat” may not be the word … Festive, vintage-family hangout time … The picture of the boy is stellar. It really is awesome, the skateboarder artist illuminated by the harbor. Yeah, the image is good, and the content is too, giving us some details about what sounds like a good, good, trip. Okay, I’m out. Peace, T


  7. I just got my first iPhone this past weekend. I used to hate these phone photos as an insult to real cameras. But now that I have one I can’t wait to join the fun.


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