Monday Walk with Jo (olive oil and flower walk by….)

For this week’s walk – I have 4 things:


Well it looks like wiseGeek gave us one more reason to get on out there and walk with Jo: “Research suggests that walking boosts creativity.” (more HERE)


We had a Priorhouse Olive Oil taste test on Monday.  When we walked by this cool Ybarra brand – with a huge “Y” on the bottle – we had to give it a try! However, the oil was NOT very good. It was greasy and tasted like heavy corn oil. However, the Delallo brand had a beautiful mix of fruity and bitter with a smooth, light  – and “non-greasy” feel.  Also, did you know that olive oil is one of the top counterfeited items in the world?  Well go HERE to read about it and to see why you should NOT rely on the fridge test.


olive oil taste test ybarra and delallo- priorhouse 2014

Homer called olive oil “liquid gold” and on the web you can find a thousand uses for this awesome stuff – and for olive oil tasting resources check out

Tips on olive oil buying (from Extra  HERE)

• Ensure that your oil is labelled “extra virgin”

• Look for “harvest date” – or a “best by” date, which should be two years after an oil was bottled.

• Never buy olive oil in a clear bottle.

• Don’t worry about color. Good olive oils come in many shades.

olive oil taste test priorhouse 2014

3. “KEEP ON WALKING” SONG by Passenger

Also, Adrienne, over at Memory Art, posted this interesting song about WALKING:


A few of the lyrics:

I got up and started walking…
I had no one to meet
And I had no taste for talking.

I walked into the morning light
    and felt the warm sunlight
    forming on my shoulders

4. Walkin’ by some plants

These are some of the flowers I had the chance to walk on by….

Marigolds, which I guess were once considered a weed, well they are now valued as a great bug deterrent for vegetable gardens. Also, Marigolds add color and grow easily from seed – so they are win-win-win!

orange marigolds priorhouse 2014


Rose of Sharon at Night… this shrub glistened on the walkway as night set in…. the little purple flowers are called “jumping jacks”-

rose of sharon with jumping jack flowers priorhouse 2014

up view of rose of sharon on walkway priorhosue 2014
Rose of Sharon getting ready to bloom soon…..

Lastly, we also walked by some FRESH FLOWERS, which were orange-ish carnations, in a fast food restaurant!!!  When companies spend the extra dollars on some fresh cut stems – I think it is a classy touch!  I also added a few effects to versions of the photo and will be linking to the Word a Week Challenge, which is ORANGE this week.

orange carnation- 3 ways - priorhouse 2014

Well that is it for this week’s Monday Walk with Jo – to see more entries – go HERE

Have a great week – and be sure to make time for a walk or two!


Author update – olive oil tasting sheet:


47 thoughts on “Monday Walk with Jo (olive oil and flower walk by….)

      1. thanks Jill- and I rurally never now what I want to do for the monday walk post – so it is turning out to be a favorite right now… fresh change of pace I guess. (ha!)


  1. Sorry, that’s what happens when commenting on an iPhone. I meant to say, “but who knew all those good to know factoids about olive oil?” Damn iPhone virtual keypad!


    1. and did you know you could also shave with olive oil – or even just hydrate the skin…. 🙂
      okay, hope you enjoy your walks in the city by the bay….


  2. Enjoy this post favorites are those flowers! Thank you for sharing your walk with Jo story..Jo must be delighted to read your post too 😉 cheers and have a good day!


    1. thanks Indah – appreciate your visit and comments – and my favorite thing about Jo (and her followers) are that they are an “accepting” bunch – and they all hold up this BIG umbrella of grace for posts – and that kind of reception just allows creativity to flow…. ya know?


      1. Indeed..and positive attitudes towards life and surroundings 🙂 Really brighten up my days when reading your posts and Jo..many thanks for that 🙂


  3. What a coinsidence, yesterday my woman bought a Marigold and I plant it in a bigger pot! And about Olive oil, you have to check with the country of Homer for some fine quality! A blessed tree, both for oil, for olives (so fitting with good wine or beverages) wood and last but not least for the best shade/protection from the sun in the warm Greek summer days.


        1. Oui, très bien . . Vous pensez? Allez, on y va … a la moindre occasion . . ça fait mal la vie ;D Now faut t`y habituer. J’ai pas peur pour moi. Tu vois *V* no question. So happy to hear from you anytime Vassilis


    1. Okay Vass- you have the bragging rights to all things olives – yup, you sure do El Greco!
      and cool about the Marigolds – just such a well-rounded plant….. 🙂 and I hope your month is off to a good start….


  4. Super stuff, Y 🙂 Love the song and that ‘negative flower is beautiful. Thanks for brightening my day again 🙂


    1. Thank you Jo – and as I just noted in a comment above – I really feel like there is an umbrella of grace when it comes to you and your circle of readers – kinda like “all walks are welcome” – and that just paves the way for some fun ideas to unfold for all….. have a good week off and see you in dos semanas!!! and also glad your camera came back to life – amazing what TLC (and a heater) can do! TTYS


    1. mmm – sounds delicious and a bit formal – and….. just what we would expect from our seasoned ‘lady of the cakes’ … 🙂


  5. Olive oil tastings are all the rage these days. Many wineries have them. But they are expensive and depend on the bread. I tend to like those infused with Italian seasonings like basil and oregano.


    1. Hey Dawn – my mother likes them the way you mentioned – all infused! And I was told to have green apples to go with the bread and other items….

      I have not been to any wineries that have them, but in Florida recently – there were two different places with free oil tastings – and well, both places were offering it because they were selling their “infused balsamic vinegars” which were crazy good – a health tonic to go with the oil I guess…. mmmm
      okay – so now I am hungry! ha!


      1. oh and my dad did not garden – but his house did have a plum tree in the back (my folks were divorced when I was young) – anyhow, when we move into our next home – that is the first tree going into the ground – a plum tree- to the far back right – just like his…. 🙂 ❤ ❤


    1. mmmm – now we just need some of that chocolate cake you just posted about it – be right over for some…. ha!


  6. Sigh…your walks make me so happy. It feels like I was right there beside you 🙂
    Great information on the olive oils…I’ll be sure to take your advice to heart.
    GREAT pictures. My favorites were the marigolds and the lovely orange carnation (middle picture rocks!)
    I grew marigolds from seed this year and they are gorgeous!!
    I’m gonna come back and look at your links, Yvette.
    You are certainly a blessing 🙂


    1. Thanks Mama-Joy! And would you believe that my Marigolds reseed all by themselves and I have not had to buy any in a long time – in fact, I pluck some of the marigolds that start coming up in the wrong spots. Anyhow, thanks for the super nice comment – and hope you are having a good week (and healing up <3) – ((hugs))


  7. Love how you combine olive oil and flower into a beautiful walk post! Well done, Yvette! 🙂


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