From My Inbox (Comics, Daily Apple Blog, and Yerba Mate)

3 Things from my Inbox.

First, a few comics:

Funny F 1 from bytes blog - 2014
credit: Bytes Daily

wednesday collage = priorhouse 2014

Next, my FAVORITE HEALTH BLOG right now is “Mark’s Daily Apple” – I am still just exploring it, and I may not agree with all of his beliefs, but Mark Sisson’s blog has been the most comprehensive HEALTH blog I have ever encountered. His HELMINTHS post is fascinating and I encourage everyone to read it!

Anyhow, I have been doing an herbal cleanse for a few weeks now, which involves drinking a “tea” that is comprised of Hydrangea root, Gravel root, Marshmallow root and a few other roots. It actually tastes pretty good too!

“Yerba Mate” came up this week because my “root” tea was soaking and the topic of “teas” came up….


yerba mate and root tea - priorhouse 2014 - june

Back in 2009….  someone told me Yerba Mate was a nutritious energizer and so I bought some online.

However, it had a smokey aftertaste and in my gut I just felt something was not right about it.

I stopped drinking it and made some Rooibos and Green Tea instead.  (So many times we can just sense it, eh?)  Anyhow, I did a little searching about it and found that it was not an elixir after all!  And when Mark’s Morning Pick-Me-Ups Post came in yesterday – he summed it up so well – so I just had to share!


Here are a few of Mark’s pick-me-up suggestions (cut and pasted) rest is HERE

~Hot Chocolate with Cayenne  That cayenne powder shot I mentioned a few weeks back certainly wakes you up…

~Whey Protein Isolate (at Night).  You have to plan ahead and down it at night. But it works. Consuming the alpha-lactalbumin in whey (or milk) before you go to sleep increases tryptophan production at night which leads to increased wakefulness in the morning.

~Protein and Fat If you’re going to eat something in the morning, make sure it has protein and fat. A few eggs, maybe a bowl of Greek yogurt, a steak, whatever. Your breakfast should be protein- and fat-centric.

~Rhodiola Rosea If you find yourself dragging in the morning, noon, and night because of mounting stress, consider rhodiola rosea.

~Sparkling Mineral Water with Salt and Citrus   As you know, I’m not a big “8 glasses of water a day minimum or else you’ll shrivel up” kinda guy. Just listen to your body, drink when thirsty, and you’ll be fine. That said, if you wake up feeling run down with an almost imperceptible inkling of a headache emerging and a dry mouth, I find that a tall glass of sparkling mineral water, a healthy shake of salt (sea, Himalayan, Celtic, Hawaiian, your choice), and the juice from one lime or lemon (give it a good roll on the counter first to break up the cells and liberate the juice) will have you feeling better, faster, than anything else on this list.

~Yerba Mate  Another South American hot herb drink with stimulating properties, yerba mate’s primary active compound is none other than caffeine. It’s got about the same amount as tea, less than coffee, plus other compounds (but none with proven stimulant qualities except for maybe theobromine). Caffeine is clearly the main player, and we all know that caffeine works…..

 Depending on how it’s processed, yerba mate often contains significant amounts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a potential carcinogen that’s often found in other roasted plant-based infusion drinks (like coffee). That’s because most commercial yerba mate is dried and smoked using burning wood for up to a day – barbecued, basically. Yerba mate that’s air dried without smoke, like this one or this one, should have fewer PAHs.


In closing, here is a shot of one of my favorite “teas” – it is called Rooibos and it comes from a bush in South Africa – it is smooth, slightly nutty, and caffeine free!

photo of rooibos tea from south africa - priorhouse 2014


Have a great day!


38 thoughts on “From My Inbox (Comics, Daily Apple Blog, and Yerba Mate)

  1. Rooibos and Green Tea is definitely the way to go for me, It’s worked for me before but I tend to make it a little stronger if i decide I want to skip coffee for the day, 🙂


  2. Very informative! I am not a Tea drinker but I have just started the Dukan Diet which is essentially Oat Bran, Greek yogurt and MEAT ONLY so I can try and knock off 10 lbs before my sons Wedding ! Gotta love meat !


    1. Thanks K – and I almost did not cut and paste the info – was just going to do the comics and a quick link to the Daily-Apple- but I just kinda felt left to cut and paste a bit – and well, I think ti takes detective work to find what works for our bodies…. we were all raised with different exposures and then we have certain genetic predispositions – and even in the womb we were exposed to different things as our mommas had different shots and different vitamins available…

      never heard of the Dukan diet – sounds almost primal – which I am just exploring right now – hmmm and woo hoo – a wedding on the horizon – how awesome – what a milestone for your son! ❤ ❤


  3. Lots of very interesting info here. I will admit though my favorite thing of all in this post is the Winnie the Pooh caption. Such a great attitude and a good mantra for is all. Today is my favorite day. A wonderful way to start the day!


    1. Hey Sue – I agree! and I think I could have posted just that image and it would have been a complete post – even though my favorite is the Peanuts one:

      “The sun is shining.
      It’s a brand new Day
      and I’m Alive”


  4. A lot of good info here. I wish I could get myself to become a tea drinker but it just hasn’t caught on with me. One good thing, though, is that I’m not a coffee drinker either! I also had a hard time with plain water, too,until I started putting lemon juice in it! Simple but tasty! 😀


    1. Hey Linda – and I think that may mean you are not much a of “drinker” in general – like I once heard someone talk about those who prefer beverages to food – and come people have more oral needs than others – which is satiated through sipping and drinking more… hmmmm
      have a great day in sunny Florida. 🙂


  5. My Aikido sensei was Argentinian and after class he prepared mate for all to share (yes from the same bombilla) and it took me months to Getty over the after taste and even then while I enjoyed the activity of sitting down sharing and talking, I never actually enjoyed the drink much. It’s a hard drink, for me at least.
    This compilation is awesome though, very useful!


    1. Hey Narami – and it sounds like a well-rounded therapeutic experience…. and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment – 🙂


    1. Hey Doobs- well I think the cartoon could be updated for 2014 by adding a smart phone and something with “sugar” in one hand – maybe a big gulp…. or worse – a mystery ingredient energy boost drink….


      1. and with the WTF meme – did you mean….
        Why the farce, win the future, why the face, water treatment facility, worse than failure, welcome to Facebook, or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???


  6. How are you Yvette?! I loved the comics, especially the Winnie the Pooh one 🙂 Such profound wisdom. How is the herbal cleanse working out for you? I keep thinking I’ll try one of those, but just don’t know where to get the ingredients, here in Hong Kong. I’m SURE there are lots of places… but not speaking the language really is very limiting.


    1. key Kan- nice to see you my friend. and the cleanse is working out really well – and I thought it would be hard to not have any sugar – but the herbs are so satisfying – and I sneak a bit of something here and there. I get most of my stuff from “lucky vitamin” online – not sure if they ship to HK – but I like this company a lot – also – you have to be very careful as to where you get your herbs from – potency is a factor – and so are fillers and all that. Please feel free to email me for more tidbits, but here are a few things to consider… and this is not meant to treat or diagnose, just an educational sharing – 🙂

      ~~first, everyone can benefit form a cleanse. I mean, we floss, we exfoliate our skin, and we clean grease out of hair – yet many never think that their inner plumbing needs a good scrubbing. I am shocked that so many people with health issues are just given prescriptions without ever doing a cleanse – now scripts have value – and I have seen them save lives – but too often I believe we are overlooking heavy parasite loads – or just gunky mucous buildup – or candida overgrowth – that gets expressed as physical illness. And many times the parasite loads will never show up in any stool sample test or blood sample – and it takes cleansing to

      ~~It takes detective to work to find wellness. Each person is so different go slow – like a marathon training – and some people have heavy metals in the body (dental work or certain soil they played with while growing up) and then others have this or that….

      ~~ The little things we do (or don’t do) really add up.

      ~~Even without cleansing – it is just a ALWAYS a good idea to stay away from CHEMICALS – and without being an alarmist – even IF the FDA approves something – if it kills animals in a lab – it likely is not good for your living body (like stay away from aspartame) –

      ~~ and if you do cleanse, remember that it takes time – herbs have to get into the system – and sometimes people feel sick before they can get better (die off occurs) and well, it could take years for some folks to get well – and then also the body needs a break in between – the liver needs support and so do kidneys and all that… and exercise is a part – have to oxygenate the blood and sweat….

      ~~ Cloves! My “granola” friend, Dawn, back in Colorado used to always try to get to me take cloves – and I wish I would have listened to her more – she was spot on in so many areas (I see that now). Anyhow, some people cleanse and then take 7 clove capsules once a week for maintenance – and I guess cloves (freshly ground – like what Hannah Kroeger sells – and not what the supermarket sells) well cloves are pretty amazing for what they do inside our plumbing!

      ~~Also, start to eat more garlic – start with small amounts if not used to it – – but garlic is just the most amazing thing all the way around…. antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial etc. I can only eat so much of it – and so I bought some

      ~~ two brands I strongly recommend for cleansing are Sonnes and Kroeger herbs (both sold at lucky vitamin) – oh – and anything from the NOW Foods brand is also of the highest quality at an amazing price (also sold at LV) and I heard that a popular vitamin store chain (no name mentioned) will not carry the NOW brand because NOW will not let them jack up the prices on their items…. anyhow, the “NOW” quality is superb!


      check out LOGOS brand supplements – for restoring the body’s healthy terrain – we get well from the inside out – so check their awesome product line (and nicely priced) – here:


      1. here are the 3 brands I highly suggest – and please note – I do not get any perks – just my opinion!

        First _

        try the psyllimum and bentonite clay shakes (called P & B shakes) (under 30 bucks – which is win-win- and you start slowwwwww)

        #7 Detoxificant sonne’s #9 Intestinal Cleanser. Mixed together in juice, this Cleansing Drink offers the scrubbing and roughage benefits from soluble and insoluble fiber from psyllium, and the detoxification properties of bentonite. – See more at:

        or their 7 day plan –

        Second – Kroeger:
        lots of options with kroeger
        “In 1978, Kroeger Herb Products was started in Boulder, Colorado, to fulfill a demand for balanced health products that work naturally within the body. Through the effectiveness of their formulas, a reputation for having the finest products grew and so did the company.”

        and Third: NOW Foods link is here:

        but Sonne’s would be my first suggestion on where to start – the P & B shakes… and be patient 🙂


  7. Marshmallow root!!!! Are you kidding me or is there really something called marshmallow root? To me marshmallows are those soft sugar bombs! Which I, by the way, DON’T eat!
    But I love Pooh and Piglet…


    1. hey ninja – my boys said the same thing when I told them what was in it – but they are totally different things – and by the way – I do not eat white marshmallows either – except for maybe once in a while in a “Smores’ treat when by a fire –


      1. and just to share the difference between the sugar/gelatin marshmallow and the Marshmallow plant……

        The Marshmallow Plant has leaves and roots that are used to make medicine.
        from the web:

        “Marshmallow leaf and root are used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract. They are also used for dry cough, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, constipation, urinary tract inflammation, and stones in the urinary tract.

        People sometimes apply marshmallow leaf and root directly to the skin for pockets of infection (abscesses) and skin ulcers; and as a poultice for skin inflammation or burns, and for other wounds.

        Marshmallow leaf is used topically as a poultice for insect bites.

        Marshmallow root is applied to the skin as an ingredient in ointments for chapped skin as well as for pain and swelling of the feet and hands due to exposure to the cold (chilblains).

        In foods, marshmallow leaf and root are used as a flavoring agent.

        How does it work?
        Marshmallow forms a protective layer on the skin and lining of the digestive tract. It also contains chemicals that might decrease cough and help heal wounds.”


      2. Have to google… haha…
        I know what smores are! Learnt that recently when I saw “5 ingredients fix” on teve. Otherwise I would have had to ask you about that too. XD


      3. oh Ninna – I forget the culture barrier sometimes – and wow – you just learned what they were….
        well let me tell you – smore’s are even more amazing if you are camping – or just sitting around a fire – and the marshmallow is roasted fresh – and then things get layered – mmmmm – simply amazing….


  8. I haven’t done a cleanse for a long time. However, I’m a big one for breathing for cleansing and energizing. I am mostly a water drinker (lots – especially in our dry climate), but do love green tea with lemon or/and ginger. How fun to hear you talk about Hanna. My mom and I used to go to her in the early 80s. She helped me correct my two year old son’s turned in feet naturally so he wouldn’t have to wear leg braces to bed every night. And she prescribed goat’s milk because she determined he was allergic to cow’s milk. They didn’t sell goat’s milk in the grocery stores back then so I met up with a goat farmer in the parking lot of our local university and we make the sale… I felt like a drug buyer. 😉


    1. you see Meghan – this is what amazes me about blogging = it is stories like this = that you not only met – but had the chance to work with Hanna Kroeger – that seems surreal to me – and well, it sounds like she was a big help.

      Had to laugh at the feeling like a drug buyer – ha! I gave my oldest some goat’s milk for a little while – and they sold it by the quart at our local store – and I guess it is closer to mother’s milk than cow’s milk will ever be. And I do not want to even get started on cow’s milk, but I think it is mucous building in all humans – and it is made to make a baby cow grow and grow – and while it has nutritional value and is a liquid food – so many people do not realize that milk may be causing them lots of problems (sinus, inflammation, etc.)
      I think the French model the ideal way to utilize this white food – use it for rich creams for cooking or baking food – don’t have too much – don’t drink it like water – and don’t have it with sugar cereal as a way to start the day (with a sugar coma).

      well thanks for the comment – and the ginger in your tea sounds yummy – and thanks for noting that – I think I will get some ginger at the store this weekend. 🙂 ❤


  9. I love the new and updated blog look! It’s great 🙂 I have recently been trying more teas, I used to be against them. But now I am learning to love them. I might give some of these a try, thanks for the informative suggestions. 😀


    1. Hey Taylor- well let me know if you find any teas you love – and one tip for you – something I wish I was told in high school – be very careful because some teas (and coffees) STAIN the teeth – especially black teas – so protect those pearly whites while consuming. Have a great day T! ❤ ❤


  10. This is really timely as I experiment more with green and herbal teas in an effort to move away from coffee. Thanks for the link to marksdailyapple…fascinating stuff, particularly the helminthic worm article. The processed food I put into my body isn’t gut-friendly, and lately I’ve been hearing more that good health starts there. Like you said, I won’t agree with it all, but he has some interesting and helpful looking information. Thanks for the heads up!


    1. thanks K – and while getting some links for Kan, I noticed that Hanna Kroeger also has an herb package for those staying sober and healing up from certain things – and if I find it I will link it to you because maybe some of your newbie followers would be interested – and I also heard that detoxing from the yeast and carbs in certain whiskies and certain beers can be harder because it may have been feeding underlying conditions – where cravings are less for the alcohol and more of craving from lack of inner balance that was getting met with alcohol – hmmmm ) I will drop by your blog when I find the forum I saw it in – have a great week B-3


  11. let me know if you would like a sample of yaupon tea. it’s delicious and is the only naturally caffeinated plant in N. America. Yes it is a member of the same family as yerba mate, but this one is not roasted in smoke. It is also high in anti-oxidants and is an anti-inflammatory.


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