weekly photo challenge – road trip lights

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week asks for “a photo with an unexpected detail….”

I chose a photo from a road trip last November.  Sometimes the roughest part of driving to and from Western New York is going through the state of Pennsylvania.  While the geography of Pennsylvania is gorgeous, as it borders six other sates and has “rolling hills, plateaus, valleys, and ridges…”-  it can be treacherous to drive through during a winter storm.  And on the drive “there” we had some rough weather with icy roads and times of almost zero visibility from snow.  Horrible.

However, on the way home – we had wide open roads with NO SNOW! ahhhh- so nice.

I took a quick photo of the open highway — because it also matched the unencumbered and refreshed feeling I was bringing home with me after this unplanned visit up North.

Later on, when I looked at the phone photo, the glistening lights were unexpected details that added to the feel of the open highway.


orignal photo with extra lights on highway - priorhouse 2014
Original highway photo from our road trip 11-2013- taken on the rolling hills in Pennsylvania
orignal photo with extra lights on highway - 3 edits -priorhouse 2014
Road trip photo with some edits…




This post is linked to the DP’s weekly photo challenge which is Extra, Extra this week – more entries HERE.

Have a nice day.

33 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – road trip lights

  1. I lived in western New York (Hamburg) for one winter, would’ve stayed longer but you can take a girl out of Kentucky, but you can’t take Kentucky out of the girl (read: divorce).


    1. well I have a lot of family in that little ol’ town of Hamburg – and brrrrrrrr – (and got the ‘read’ – hope all is well in Kentucky – ;))


  2. I really love this capture, the lightening is incredible, Yvette! I’m in awe with the extra effect versions. Hope to learn to take night light images someday 🙂
    I remember the icy road in PA, had a terrifying experience…


    1. thanks – and it us not the most technical of photos – or even that artsy – but it means a little bit “extra” to me – and I thought the edited versions would add some pizazz to an others boring shot – ha! TTYS


  3. Love these shots! It always amazes me when photos I take with my iPhone through a windshield actually come out! Ooo, never driven through PA but growing up in icy Ohio and KY was probably about the same. UGH! Don’t miss the ice and snow for that very reason! 🙂


    1. Hi Linda – and yeah, and I have heard some Ohio stories -too – and sometimes KY is on the news…. but icy roads are not fun in any state – and “photos through the windshield” well this sounds like a nice scrapbook theme or something – ha!


  4. Ooo, I like that extra bit of sparkle you got. So often an image is imbued with the feelings we had when we were there seeing it. I love the edits you did, the blue one almost looks like a runway to me. My youngest was born in a car in the dark of the morning during a winter snowfall right off the icy PA freeway… I know those roads well! lol


    1. oh my gosh – I read this last week and was laughing pretty hard (sorry to just be replying, but I was mobile when I checked the feed and it is too hard to reply that way) anyhow, not only did you deliver on the PA freeway -= but it was also in an ice storm – Megahn – that is some story! oh my gosh how cool….


      1. My oldest didn’t think so! lol It was his birthday and he was in the front seat (2 door tercel) sitting on my Mom’s lap on the way to the birthing center while I was in the back in intense labor… and I handled that by “sounding” as in making primal sounds. Freaked him out… not to mention he was stuck up against the heater that my then husband had on full blast to keep me warm until they could find a place to pull over (Arby’s parking lot at 5:30 am). Anyway, it has taken my oldest until this year (32 years old) to have a child… 😉
        As for me, it was a glorious experience!


  5. Agh! Icy roads. I’d be sitting up with my back all tensed up and my hands gripping the wheel like I’m clinging to it for dear life. Yes, when the road clears, it’s such a welcome sight! Thanks for the share!


    1. Hi – well I think they call that “white knuckling” and I was doing it on the way – and I would have stopped for the night but the snow would come and go and also there was not really any place available on those roads – and my son video taped some of it but later deleted it and I wish he would have saved it – but when we finally reached the stretch of highway in Orchard Park- I seriously had a bit of post traumatic stress from the hours of slow driving and gripping the wheel on the 219 – I still have a twitch – just kidding


  6. Wonderful effects from the lights and fun to see the differences after some editing. Night shots are difficult, these are great and gives a feeling if depth in them.


  7. Have driven it many times Yvette. Lived in Jersey and went to college near Pittsburgh. Saw lots nod lots of snowstorms and drove thru many of,them. Hence my relocation to SC LOL !! Welcome summer indeed. The only good news about western PA winters is that they make you appreciate summer more 🙂 sadly, my husband hates SC summer more than I hated PA winters!!! Fun interpretation of the theme, good job!


    1. Well I am discovering that there are SO many of us with Pennsylvania road trips in our history – and I think we could have a PA themed party to share highway stories! My stories would be all about the 219 – oh the horrible 219!

      And interesting to hear how much your hubs. hates the SC summers – guess all that beauty comes with some thick humid air during the summer –


    1. thanks Indah – and it was not really taken to be shared – but later it had that special moment capture – and you are so right – the red glare does look like it could be something in the sky – especially int he dark image….


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