A Walk on Dock Street (and a dozen doors)

Dock Street Walk

We tried taking a late afternoon nap, but could NOT sleep

So we snuck on out – to grab a bite to eat-

Which led to a stroll – down along Dock Street

There were exciting doors to soak up and admire

And a smooth chef dazzled with his pan of fire

We exchanged smiles with folks here and there

While the gleaming lights added shine and flare –


sign on dock street walk priorhouse 2014

shining light dock street walk priorhouse 2014

cool chef - dock street walk priorhouse 2014

doors 1 and 2 dock street walk priorhouse 2014

liberty trail logo -dock street walk priorhouse 2014



This is linked to Restless Jo’s Monday Walk, Meghan’s Random Moments of Delight, and Travel Theme: Shine.

Dock Street is a part of RVA’s Liberty Trail, more info HERE


Have a nice day!


The song for the video is an acoustic version of Shine, from Collective soul, which is one of my husband’s favorite bands.

I added in a little bit of the version of Shine that Dolly Parton made, which I guess she did because Shine is one of her husband’s favorite songs.

35 thoughts on “A Walk on Dock Street (and a dozen doors)

    1. well it may have been – because we were waiting and waiting for our “restless one” to show up – for some piwo!! 🙂


      1. well of course we could find a refreshing blanc for you – but we favor reds – like a peppery zinfandel maybe?


    1. Thanks Amy – and have you ever heard of the door blog? I will be over to share the link a little later – ❤


    1. thanks Andy – was fun except it was also really humid and I also had huge bug fly right into my eye – but it was okay – no stings or anything – whew


    1. Hi Colline – we actually ate somewhere else and so we were full by the time we reached this cool chef – but I will tell you that because he was so cool (through the window mind you) well we decided we are going back later this summer – it is called Aziza’s on Main – and I may bring him the vid snippet of him that I grabbed. thanks for dropping by – 🙂


  1. Great video Y. Very effective use of visuals with the doors. My husband loves Collective Soul too. As I was watching this he was enjoying the music 🙂


    1. now that is super cool that he likes them too – and I am wondering if he liked the Dolly Parton snippet. hmmm
      and thanks for the comment on the doors – I experimented with the manual settings for a few of the darker evening shots –
      oh and hope things are drying out up there – I will be right over 🙂


      1. It was a beautiful sunny day and all is well. We cycled yesterday to one of the communities we helped in the flood. They had a big celebration one year after the flood.
        I think he missed the Dolly Parton snippet actually 🙂


    1. why thank you very much!! and I did not even think about it being steady – 🙂 – but speaking of that – I did have some video footage of that ending night scene – with VCU in it – but it was not steady and it was so bad it was not usable…. have a great Monday – and trusting that the perfect condo buyer will come along – in the right time with the right $$ – ❤ – and that you all will be content while waiting….which I know is not always easy….


      1. and I thought of you earlier – while making eggs – and seeing the yokes O_o – 🙂
        so know that I sent you very positive thoughts…. for the dress and wedding and all that – ❤


  2. Liked this post, Yvette 🙂

    I know, how it fells like, taking a stroll along the familiar neighborhood and meeting a few people we knows.

    Exchanging a few warm words and a few smiles, makes our heart light.

    That’s something I missed for a long time in the city and I am so happy to feel it once I am here in my native…


      1. Yes of course, Yvette 🙂 The Monsoon magic has arrived in south India and it gave a green carpet to the nature.

        A bit busy with work and all, couldn’t explore the blogosphere as I really wish to 🙂

        Hope to catch up soon….


  3. Mr. Prior, I don´t think I had read a poem by you until today. Was nice.

    Did you notice that you endangered the cook, first you distract him with the camera…he waves and the second picture there are flames shooting up like crazy. Or maybe he was just trying to be cool, which the guy pulled it off actually.


  4. I love the urbanacity (did I say that right?) of this post Yvette and the video is great! You capture some great night scenes my friend 😀 ❤


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