A Man and His Car (street shots #1)

I pulled into the lot –

and saw a blue VW sitting in the row –

Leo, the proud owner, had just gotten back from a show.

While we were talking, in pulled a man with a shiny blue Camaro


On the drive home, I saw a couple cruising in their Volvo

Then I grabbed a shot of some blooms, which were hanging kinda low –

and I put it all into this little ol’ slideshow

with Van Halen music to give it some flow….



leo and his 1969 vokswagon bug - priorhouse 2014
Leo and his 1969 Volkswagen Bug

old blue camaro - priorhouse 2014

magnolia blooms - priorhouse 2014
Magnolia blooms
volvo cars sure are nice = priorhouse 2014
My favorite ride – and the cute old couple in their convertible

cars in the parking lot priorhouse 2014

23 thoughts on “A Man and His Car (street shots #1)

    1. why thank you sir, and dude, I have been to your blog earlier this month – and while I do not always have time to press like or leave a comment (especially if I am scrolling blogs via phone) well your recent poem was such a pleasant read – it was HEART warming – and the ending rhyme scheme was simple and flowing – which I actually like in poetry even though another blogger recently slammed this style – which I have a post brewing in my about – anyhow, want to share your wonderful ❤ heart felt ❤ poem here:

      I know you are in blues.
      Stuck in this abhorable noose.
      But look what’s in store,
      A health fraught lionine roar!

      We are waiting.
      Fending time writing,
      For gloomy clouds to clear,
      So all mirth be smeared!

      Every wound, they say,
      Heal, time may!
      Try looking at the light ray.
      Soon did it reach the quay!

      In that shady wood,
      Faltered you stood.
      Hesitating to tread ahead!
      Why? Is the road dead?

      Prayers a million we rend,
      Wishes a billion we send!
      So you be on the mend,
      Let this down reach an end!

      Eternal health you muster.
      Bring back your sharp luster!
      Of any sort of illness, you be free.
      This, I pray, so you festoon in glee!!

      I bluster,
      With not a jot of fluster.
      This phase won’t linger for long.
      Just turn the page for a merrier song!


  1. We still see a number of old Beetles here in San Francisco. I guess there’s no winter road salt to eat into their flesh and rust them out as there is back east, where they are few and far between anymore.


    1. Hi Doobs – 🙂
      yeah I bet SF has some fun ones….
      and oh wow, you are right about the salt – growing up in Western New York we saw cars get eaten away – but here in RVA -where we have more black ice then snow – well they actually apply a de-icing brine right to the pavement that does not seem to eat away the cars as much….


    1. thanks Amy – and I am telling you – your gravatar looks so similar to my ‘nacho sanchez’ crepe myrtle blooms – pic will be coming later this week….


    1. well thanks Sue -<3 ❤ and I got pretty fast with making them because I made SO many for sports teams starting around 2006 – and I have made about 30 or more for different ART events – and those are exhausting and can take allllll day –

      but the quick little vids I make for this blog are pure fun (short and art side musing) – and I also draw boundaries so I keep it win-win – like I try not to tweak once down – I will make edits if major, but have to draw a line. For example, this "car" video – I could add in a better shot of my favorite ride and I also left out one of the prettiest shots of a magnolia bloom – but the boundaries keep it in balance – even though this summer I hope to work in Final Cut more, which is a tricky program….
      Thanks again 🙂


    2. Sue – also – just FYI – one tweak I made on this car vid was actually with you in mind – I first published it with a different song but then it said it was blocked in different countries – so I redid it real quick – and glad I did because snippets form “Mean Street” by Van Halen fir much better….


      1. That makes me smile. Thank you! I like Van Halen. In my climbing days I used to listen to a good Van Halen song before getting on a project.


      2. well Sue – now I give you the blog fist bump! O_o (even though I only like about 20% of van halen’s songs…)
        and for some reason, after I read your comment yesterday – well I kept thinking of the scene in the Wedding Singer movie, where Adam’s character says to his ex-girlfiend –
        “Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up. … “


  2. 😀 on the poem…
    Love the interior for the bug and the exterior of the camaro. How you did your video? My video maker doesn’t allow me to put words.


    1. Thanks so much Rommel – and I made the video in iMovie – which is standard on my Mac. And they have limited font options – under 12 – but it is enough (’twill serve) – there is also a program called Final Cut – and I can use it “okay” but I am wayyyyyy quicker with iMovie and I try to keep my boundaries with time use for blog stuff… ha!

      and just an idea – if you have a program that only allows pics – maybe you can make your text in Word – use a large font – and then grab a photo of it (just an idea) – thanks again –


      1. also – if you do get inspired – it really is a fun release to just play with thoughts and put them into a rhyme – for me at least – because I am not actually trying to write deep poetry with it – to me – it is more about the message and expressing the story or words with some flow. and it gets easier as you do. ha! jk – but many years ago when I would sit and journal – to think or process or problem solve or record a memory – well it just made it more fun to have a rhyming flow – as I thought of the next words – my mind was also pausing and sorting the current thoughts – and so what is “cheesy rhyming” to some can be appreciated by others….


    1. and no punch back K! 🙂
      oh, and I forgot to add that Leo, the owner, said he paid $1,200 for the bug -redid a bunch of stiff – and was recently offered over 5,000 for it – and well, I though it would have been worth much more.


  3. As “Sue” mentioned above, I feel you are creating Video off think air 🙂
    Topics so varied and music so diverse, Loved this one for the selection of theme…


    1. Thanks so much “bmp” – ha!! I really appreciate your words – and I am just letting the content find me. I try to being my camera with me – or use my phone if I do not have it – and then when I see something or someone – the idea finds me – and my art side has been fed through this – and that is very cool. thanks for dropping by this week….


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