From My INBOX – (stop it, dp book, puppy, writing flowers)


This video that came in from C- has a nice take as it highlights “two words” for effective counseling (ha!) – and if you are busy – at least watch first 3 minutes – although that full 6 is just fun.

stop it skit bob newhart
“Stop it.”


QUOTE of the week:

From Visitor Hugo’s Les Mis’

“Another story must begin!”

“Une autre histoire doit commencer!”


Delancey Place has a summer book release, which has just been added to my MUST READ this summer (making it 7 books on my list now). I would not normally be drawn to this topic necessarily, but I look forward to this author’s digestible and flowing writing style — AND I really “do” want to know more about HOW theRoaring Twenties, the Japanese ‘economic miracle’ of the ’80s, and the Asian boom of the ’90srelates and ties intoalmost all crises in major countries” right now…..

The Next Economic DisasterWhy It's Coming and How to Avoid It
source: amazon – click image for link


“It is a short book, and that’s intentional.

And it is definitely a challenge to conventional economic thinking. I hope you will consider ordering the book, and I further hope that it will give you much food for thought on what I consider one of the most important issues of our time.”

you can preorder the book from Amazon….




I first received an email that Starbuck’s was working in tandem with Arizona State University to offer free college to their employees, with no obligation to work for the company afterwards.  This led to a bit of a fun discussion with the hubs about how that is pretty cool – and then we talked about the state of Arizona – and how my school (NCU) is from there (which I really like NCU by the way) – and how my husband’s daughter is a serious Diamondbacks fan. My husband’s daughter lived in Arizona for many years and so my husband has MANY miles logged from trips to and from AZ to pick her up for the visitation we had to fight for…..

Anyhow, THEN this came in my inbox: Starbucks Liars

Having told the world they had made a massive grant to Arizona State to help underwrite the education of their baristas, we now learn that Starbucks is not actually funding an employee scholarship. It seems Arizona State University is simply dropping the price of admission and low-wage Starbucks workers can then apply for federal student aid. Starbucks does have a tuition assistance program, but it is not new, and it does not pay for all or even most of college. Meanwhile, at Starbucks, this how the folks behind the counter spelled “Virginia.” (more from terrierman HEREand terrierman also shared this doggie wisdom image:

“You are not getting a puppy.  You are getting a dog that will bark, sh**, piss, chew, need veterinary care, and will require both training, fencing, and exercise for the next 15 years.  Too much?  Maybe what you need is a cat.

source: terrierman


Have you taken an amazing iPhone photo recently???

Well you may want to consider entering it into the 8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards – more info HERE– and entries can be submitted HERE.


The garden newsletter from Marie Iannotti:

“And when I’m truly stuck indoors, I just bring the garden inside with me, by snipping a few flowers to put next to my desk as I try to focus on working and fight off the urge to gaze out the window. I hope you remembered to plant some flowers, just to cut and bring indoors.”  

I know a few gardeners that abhor the thought of cutting flowers from their gardens, and even though I agree that the beauty can stand as-is outside to offer refreshment as we come and go – well come on now – sometimes we need to bring some of those blooms indoors to add refreshment.

Just make sure you shake off any bugs when you bring in garden flowers!  

In 2010, I did this a lot. I would go outside and grab a few misc. blooms and just put (smush) them in a glass real quick like – and enjoy the soft touch as I wrote through the night.

writing flowers from 2010 - priorhouse 2014
In this photo, here are some of my writing flowers from 2010 – along with the Mac computer I wore down! Notice the peppermint? Well not only do herbs offer a pretty flower – but the leaves and flowers can be rubbed together to offer a potent therapy scent (which calms and even takes away a headache).  Lemon balm and lavender are also easy to grow herbs that can add beauty AND body balancing smells!!


Lastly, did you know that there is a very simple recipe for keeping fresh flowers in a vase thriving longer?

This works for quick garden picks or expensive bouquets.

Put the water in your vase (or container) and add a drop or two of bleach and a few pinches of sugar!  One feeds while the other keeps things clean – and then change the water every few days – while also pulling out the flowers that fade quicker…

Have a nice day!




15 thoughts on “From My INBOX – (stop it, dp book, puppy, writing flowers)

  1. Stop it! 😉 Well now this is the insanely MP humor I like! Especially the dark end! And how about this puppy thing. My oldest keeps asking me for a puppy or a hamster or an animal but if she treats it like she treats her toys the poor thing is going to try to escape, either our home or this life altogether. I guess this thing makes sense to me but still won’t put her off… But maybe I am thinking for her. Thanks for posting!


    1. Hey Vass – and there were just so many things woven into that skit- like how she gets up to leave – but stays because he can’t make change (for the five dollars) and so she sits back down to get that two more minutes worth – while already well aware of what she is getting –

      and laughing about the pet trying to escape – ha! and I hope you make the right choice – I think with pets timing is also key too – at least for us it was – and went a good few years in between our pairs of pups – which really worked for us! thanks for the comment and hope you are having a nice day – oh – and did you notice #3 – the new book coming out? thought of you with that….


  2. Great 1 to 6 from you inbox :), Yvette! I agree, Bob Newhart is awesome. Btw, I also like to put flowers in a glass, like wine glass especially 🙂


  3. My favourite of all six has to be Bob. Tied for second is the puppy poster – being the owner of a beagle who is 12 and a half and still thinks she’s a puppy, and the flowers to write by. My Mum taught me that exact recipe for long lasting flowers. And because i’m nosey, I’m curious to know what the serious writing was that kept you up through the night??


    1. Thanks Jill – and I like your order of prefs- thanks for taking the time to scroll –
      and you have a beagle?
      I can see that match up!!
      Now my writing project at that time?? – well I had a few projects in the works, including some classes I was taking –

      and not sure if you know this, but right now I am working on a PhD in “work psychology” – and I am on the final phase. Well it is a longggg final phase – and I just got a new dissertation Chair assigned to me. The bad part of this second Chair change is that the new one wants a bunch of changes and so it is like I lost many MONTHS of previous work. But the good part is that this new Chair is really experienced and I agree with all of her suggestions. I also feel the like the finished product will be better with her input as she is better match with the kind of study I am working on – yet it is still a hard thing to deal with – but “time is my friend – not my enemy” – and “it’s a marathon – not a sprint…” O_o – ❤


      1. I had to write a thesis for my Masters degree – and that was a marathon. I think a PhD dissertation might count as an ultra distance marathon. But I know a bit about what it takes to do one of those – vicariously – my husband has run ultra marathons and marathons. Running or writing – it’s all about one step at a time, isn’t it. Fascinating area of research, though, especially in these times. Super impressed that you find the time to blog! And grow flowers.
        (And yes, I have to say there’s something about dogs matching their owners, or is it the other way around. Suffice to say she’s a cute, stubborn, wee thing!)
        Best wishes with the change of chair.


      2. “it’s all about one step at a time” – such is life, eh?

        and with blogging – I do try and keep to my boundaries – and actually I am getting ready to pause the Priorhouse blog for the summer – partly because it is the one year anniversary of when I started blogging on it regularly – but also because as a teacher it is in my blood to change things up in summer.

        with gardening – believe it or not I have done very little this year. And speaking of “time” – well if I had more time – I would write a whole long post about how newbies could set up a garden to be low maintenance. When we use anchoring perennials, lots of mulch, native plants, and when you have edges that keep things back – well there are little tips that can keep things manageable and easy as the garden matures – and so after a few years of learning through trial and error – well I see it was an adventure I needed for that time in my life. Once I am done with alls choosing for good (O_o) – I predict that my gardening days will be very limited – and I am actually perfectly okay with that.
        hugs to you my across the globe friend! ❤ ❤


  4. What an eclectic post! That video was hilarious…Especially the end!! Thanks for the book recommendation – I will put it on my reading list too. And finally, thanks for the tip on keeping flowers fresh for longer. I’ve got to try it.


    1. Thanks Kan – and we totally have to check in about the DP book – I know it was an outreach kinda of labor of love effort with the author (and all proceeds go to charity) and I am looking forward to it – I am also lining up to read a book titled “Y” – ha! it seems a bit sad – but with a title like that I could not resist –


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