Throwback Thursday – (Southern Cross song + pics)

For Throwback Thursday this week – I have some pics and the song Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash:


I have linked the original video –  which I guess MTV scrolled a lot back in mid 80’s (song facts HERE)


throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014 old alarm
Old alarm system from a building in Florida – Feb. 2014 – wow – have we come a long way!


I was cleaning up some old digital pics this week and I had a good laugh when I found this shot from ten years ago – when my son photo bombed a picture of his classmate:

throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014 - 3

throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014

throwback thrusday c- 2003
My youngest son in 2003- he is a character!

And then in this shot of my step-daughter on a visit, it shows a Priorhouse tradition – face in the cake!

throwback Thursday - june - priorhouse 2014 - face in cake

And lastly, these are my two boys – in 2003-

tt- c and K - 2014

Have a nice weekend – 



32 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – (Southern Cross song + pics)

  1. Funny I was looking a pictures of my sons from 18 years ago last night ! Time flies!


  2. Ahhh! Loved these pictures of your sweet, smiling babies!
    And, giving away my age, Southern Cross was the song playing when a boy from out of town asked me to his Junior prom 🙂
    Great memories!
    I’m behind on my reading because of a super busy week. I’ll be back to visit soon.
    Have a great weekend Yvette!!


    1. well mamma-joy, how cool to have that memory – and I have so many random songs that bring me to a specific spot, but this is not really a memory song – even though I have thousands of memory songs – I just happened to hear it like 3 times while running errands this week and it was soothing. And it reminded me of this week and well, your memory made me smile and love love love how music does this in our life. It is like a rhythmic scrapbook that connects with moods and can evoke emotions – like my youngest and I pulled into Target last month and “woman in love” by Tom Petty came on. I literally have not heard that song since sometime in the 80’s – and I asked him if we could sit and finish hearing it. and he sometimes likes to hear the songs we used to listen to – so he said yes – plus he was stuffing his face with fast food (please don’t judge me – lol) and well – the acoustics in the car were nice – 😉
      and the part – “woman in love” “but it’s NOT me” had him smirking….
      and as the memory brought me to Yester-year – it also gave me a new memory with my boy.

      and strange enough – now this random C S & N Southern Cross song is making me think of you and other bloggers, an someone who emailed me about it. go figure!

      music rocks!


      1. favorite part is at the 2:55 mark –
        “time after time – night after night – she would look up to me and say she was lonely…”
        gosh, better to be single than with the wrong person – oh yeah…

        but I guess it also shows that sometimes we do not always know what a partner needs- like when he cites, “I don’t understand what she needed…” – another reminder that it takes time and living it to get this relationship thing down….as well s the right match for our gift mix…”


    1. thanks Debbie – and I have been missing the look up challenge – but grabbed a shot this weekend so I will be over later! and regarding the cheeky smiles – well I picked some happy ones on purpose – and another time I may toss together a post with candid shots – or even those grumpy faces I managed to catch. and one time – years ago – we had a congo about how in the past – certain portraits of people were “SERIOUS” and no smiling.

      At the time, I had some twenty-five cent copies of Connoisseur Magazine (isn’t that ironic) and each cover had these stately people with no smiles – and it was a topic we all enjoyed learning about – but I am personally glad we are a smiling culture – for the most part….


    1. Thanks Lisa – and guess that is kinda a music hug from the east coast to west coast – ❤ ❤ cause music travels so well – eh? and thought you'd like the boat video (I originally had a plain lyric one inserted) but this one was nicer – and with all your harbor, boat, and water shots- well….


  3. (EN) well… 🙂 and 😀 then 😉 and ;-P ….great! 🙂
    (IT) dunque… 🙂 e 😀 poi 😉 e ;-P … bello! 🙂


    1. haha ❤ love your coded message – looks like you have another language under your belt – called "blog code"

      (IT) haha ❤ love il messaggio in codice – sembra che hai un'altra lingua sotto la cintura – denominato "Codice blog"


    1. well you said that right – fly by – and I find myself telling other people that – like we saw a momma with her newborn and I said, “I know it is cliche and you’ll hear it a lot – but the years go fast and so soak up each embrace….” ❤


    1. well sometimes parents did it too – and if there was time, we would make an extra cake for doing this – and then order one for eating – but it really just kept it fun…. thanks for dropping by ❤


  4. The first image was really funny ” your son photo bombing” 🙂
    My daughter does it now a days, every time my wife poses for a shot…
    Some interesting music again 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing…


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