street art – legs from bull’s eye target (cowbell)

The Weekly Photo challenge is CONTRAST this week.

While we were out walking on a different part of the RVA liberty walk (to join in with Jo’s walk this week, where we walked on Dock Street- video HERE) we came across some street art that connected to the prompt – legs from the target, differing art, shadows from the beams, etc.

contrast - legs from bullseye art painting street art - priorhouse 2014

bull's-eye with legs coming out - street art RVA - priorhouse 2014

contrast - legs from bullseye art painting street art 2 - priorhouse 2014

To see the Video collage from our walk with this “legs from a target art” – go HERE.

This is linked to Debbie’s look up look down challenge – week 45.

Also, the topic of a cowbell came up in the contrast post on the Travel Tales of Life blog this week, and so for fun, I had to share the SNL cowbell skit here too – 😉

“I’ve  got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell…”





here is the target art at night –

rva art wall with bulls eye target

and also some cowbells being used by Mississippi States fans.

mississippi state fans use cowbells at games...

52 thoughts on “street art – legs from bull’s eye target (cowbell)

    1. well it is not in your town because you have all of those other wonderful things that you share with us – and if one town had it all – well that would not be fair, right?!


      1. ha – you are so fun Jo – or you will just have to visit RVA sometime – I remember a while back you said you had never been to this “Richmond”


      2. not yet Jo – and I do have a walk to share this week – it is part 2 from the river….I will link it Wednesday – and then my break begins – ❤


    1. Thanks Indah – and welcome back from the diving get-a-way – I am hoping to get back into it next year sometime – in the meantime I will enjoy any of your posts about it!


    1. I checked it out and I love the birds in the street art that was in “Ices’ fjord” – liked all the boats even more!!!

      merci pour linking et merci pour the sprinkling – ❤


  1. Oh My! what a different form of street art…I mean I’ve seen some around various cities but this one is sooooo different and compelling….the way the legs are angled in all three pairs gives it a distinct feel. Also love the way you’ve put the photo twice, one atop other to give the nice depth effect 🙂 Great shots Y! Like the vids too :D…your posts will be missed when you take that break…


    1. Hey – well there was other art – including a giant chair made out of chairs – but I did not want to “clog” the post with too many photos – and I think I am going to lump the pics into a slide show for my monday walk with Jo this coming week.
      and thanks for the visit and comment sir. 🙂


      1. A chair made of chair sounds fun. At work, we are about to send dozens of computer keyboards for recycling/disposal. I thought that some smart sculptor could likely do something creative with them.


      2. well I like how you say that someone else could do something with it – ha! and for a few years (like maybe 2005 to 2011) I was on a huge “trash to treasure” kind of art kick – integrated with different lessons – and so much so to where I cannot do it anymore. and by the way – I sometimes wonder what happens to most the computer leftovers –


  2. That’s brilliant, and thanks for linking it to the Challenge. I did a post a while back featuring odd legs – these would have been just perfect for it!


    1. thanks Amy – and there were at least dozen art selections on this section of the river walk – but this one was such a surprise as we turned the bend and because it was “contrast” to me as I looked up – I felt what we bloggers feel at times… I felt “here is a post…” ha!


      1. Sorry for pressing the reply a little too fast. Placing these people body on the target might try to say something 🙂


      2. hmmmm – now you have me thinking – and please let me know if you get any insight as to what the message might be. I have not even been able to process it all – because I also took some street shots of PEOPLE – and my mind is buzzing with what I am going to do with the footage I gathered – so please let me know later on what you “get” from it –


    1. never heard of alas – and bass you are truly the Mac Daddy of varied music interests – amazing.
      and BOC was my first concert. Most of my siblings saw Rush for their first – but I was always too young to go – and so one day when I was 14 – my friend Lori and I took a bus to Shea’s theatre in Buffalo and I wanted to see BOC cause I loved that “burning for you” song – I just changed some of the lyrics if I sang along – if you know what I mean….. I saw George Thorogood there a few years later- and it is classic theatre – ah – memories….


      1. okay Vass – here is the classic cowbell song that was background music in the 70’s – a song by Mountain – and when I was a youngen – I recall “Foghat’s” Slow Ride playin’ – “Torn Between Two Lovers” and “Beth” played for us girls to sing – -ha! and as “Cream” songs hit the airwaves – well this song Mississippi Queen was ubiquitous too (and gave us all some cowbell) :


    1. hey paradise lady – well I think the song is actually called “don’t fear the reaper” – and that skit was just a fun way to highlight the rare use of the cowbell in a song – and did you notice the drummer – it was a young jimmy fallon who kept cracking up – ha! SNL sometimes sure did (does) spawn some stars!


      1. yeah babay – as long as you can “bring it” -and don;t pull back too much cause “you’re gonna want that cowbell”
        I am laughing to imagine the small cowbells with that female and coastal touch in that scene – you are so fun…..


    1. well it does seem like fun – and never on it – and I also do not watch it because many of the skits feel like 4th grade humor or are centered are too many inappropriate topics that I do not care to fill my mind with – ya know – like the same reasons I try to not eat a bunch of chemicals – the little things add up physically – and mentally as well – – and so besides being annoying at times, sometimes SNL feels like low quality junk – hate to say that – but I guess that it takes a lot of trial and error of silly (and junky) skits to get the GEMS they eventually pour out….. which become classic, ya know?
      So I am not judging anyone who watches it weekly -I just can’t…… but truly some SNL skits have been an important contribution to society!

      and speaking of comedy shows – my son asked if he could watch Key & Peele – have you heard of it?
      so we previewed it first and decided that, no – he could not watch full length episodes – but he could watch some of their skits. but T – oh my goodness, when my husband and I previewed a couple episodes – it was soooo funny – and one of the skits had us laughing with stomachaches and was my best laugh of the year – oh wow –
      but this was the other one we liked:


  3. Hahaha that SNL skit is hilarious!! Had not seen it before, so thanks for sharing. And I loved that street art! The legs sticking out of the target… so cool!


    1. thanks for dropping by Kan!! and there were more pics to go with the legs on the wall – I am going to combine them with Jo’s Monday walk this week….. we met some cool people – TTYS


  4. Those where some strange-weird-creepy-beautiful shots. All those adjectives role into one. Only in the U.S can you see this. Although if I returned there they would probably use me to stuck me in to the wall.


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