Street Portraits #2 – at the pump…

We were on our way to meet with the Simms – and while C was filling up the gas tank – I grabbed some quick footage of a few folks in the area. I really love people – and I also enjoy studying work – and when I saw J.C. doing such a niche job – it was inspiring….

“At the pump” video:


street photography- gas dude - JC - priorhouse 2014
J.C. is a former Marine, which is where he studied Petroleum Logistics. He shared a few things about his travels, but the audio did not come out.
Street Photography - gas dude - crystal pump - priorhouse 2014
Crystal was pumping gas into her Lexus while wearing some classic heels….
street photograhy gas dude motorcycle guy - Priorhouse 2014
This man was leaving the station, did not catch his name, but we shared smiles for a couple of miles.

21 thoughts on “Street Portraits #2 – at the pump…

    1. Thanks Indah – and when I put these together I think of one of your comments from a while back – “somehow it all works” – ha! well at leafs to me it does – and because this is my artistic outlet right now – I am enjoying it…. (even though I’d rather be diving…. soon….)


    1. Thanks Z – and your comment means a lot because after we left that day I really thought the footage would be tossed. Because as ya know, not all pics and vids come out as stuff to keep – but then when I threw it all together – I felt like I had something and the diversity was unplanned – have a good week my friend.


    1. thanks passion dew – and I really liked your sky photos this morning – so nice to sip coffee to your triple shot post of photos, words, and music. 🙂


  1. Great subject. I HATE to pump my own gas! YAY NJ. I especially liked pumps at the pump : ) Fancy !


    1. well K – it was very weird for us when we were in NJ to have the guys pump the gas – I mean it is a treat – but I realize how much I am just used to “not” having anyone do it for us – even though I remember many gas stations in the 80’s that had the free window washing to go with the gas pumping – but I think I kinda like the little human contact we can have with it now – you swipe – lift – fill – and go…..
      and thanks for reading/watching 🙂


      1. Nope not me especially after I read how much bacteria is on the handle. Yes , I admit I am a weirdo : )


      2. no – that is not too weird – because you are right – and I usually grab one of the station’s paper towels – but the main reason I do that is to not get the petro on my hands – I am not extreme about it – but when I think of it I try to use a paper towel because I think the little things add up. But I never really thought about the germ-bag handles – ha!


  2. You’re putting together your pictures so beautifully! Must learn how to do that…
    Or maybe I’m just a “one-picture-dudie”? O_o


    1. thanks Ninja! – and as you know – we have to let things flow for “us” – and right now you – I think you need to keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing! – because you do amazing work with filter edits on single images – and I look forward to them each week – (I also really look forward to Emilio’s filter use and photo adjustments because they have his essence in the way that comes from inside….)
      and Ninna -it also seems like your writing is unfolding and works in tandem with your personalized images – and when we let it flow from the inside – I think that is where the BEST art comes from – so keep doing what do – minus the dairy coma- ha!


      1. Thank you Yvette!
        Your always so kind and wonderful and encouraging!
        I learn a lot from your comments! Love to have become to know you! Hope I can give some of it back to you! >:D


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