Hand fan art and “Be Pacion”

The Din girls were in town last week and I had some “blank” hand fans for them to decorate.  I also printed out a few examples of “hand fans in art” and later made this video:

Hand fans in art:

hand fans in art

mary cassatt paintings of ladies with fans


Meeting the Dins for hand fan art
The Din girls


A special part of this day has to do with a note that I found while I was packing up to meet with them.

I noticed a folded piece of paper sitting on the side of the house underneath a bush. I picked it up to throw it away and realized it must have been from our neighbor’s house because they have school-aged children and this note was a from a child – it said, “Not yet, Be Pacion.”

I crumpled it up and was about to throw it away, but then I paused because I HAD to look at it again.

not yet be patient note from child

I read it again –  “Not yet – be pacion” – and I just smiled. I wondered what this child was waiting for and what was going on.  I then remembered my son’s amazing kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Henderson, and recalled when she taught him how to write phonic style.

“Not yet – be patient.” I said out loud and this resonated.

I realized how profound this little ol’ phrase is – in general – but especially to me right now.

There are two things in particular that I am trying to have a good attitude with while I wait – while I stretch the ol’ patience bar!

I needed to read that note on that very day!   As corny as it sounds – it was like a note from heaven – and it encouraged me.

I think we all need to hear this – “not yet, be patient” – because there are always areas that have us waiting.  For example, we have a friend who is patiently waiting for knee surgery.  Another friend is waiting to find the right house. Two friends are in temporary work as they patiently wait for the market to turn around. We know a bunch of people who are slowly waiting to pay off “rescue” debt and we know even more folks who are patiently waiting the right mate. And then we know some couples that are waiting for relationships to improve.

It seems that throughout life we all need to remind ourselves: NOT YET – BE PATIENT!


I went in and showed this little find to my husband and he shared something Randy Alcorn once wrote – about how the wait is often the key to making us appreciate things more (something like that).  And while that is true – the waiting is still difficult at times – even if you know in your head it will have good fruits.  Also, it is extra difficult to “be pacion” if the wait has been extra  l o n g   or if the timing seems misaligned to what we thought it was “supposed” to be….  H’m.

But notice the note does not just say – “Wait”  – it says “Not Yet” – Not yet!  Meaning it IS coming and the time will come – and then it says “be pacion” –  and to be patient is intentionally hang in there – and say to yourself “come on now… hold on” – 🙂


Later on that day, I showed the note to the Dins – and Christine and I had a good laugh at all of the pencil dots.  Whoever made this note was wrestling to be patient!

It looks like part of their coping was passing time by using the pencil tip for some deep pressure stippling. Maybe this is a good idea…. art for attitude adjusting…  ha! When I see my neighbors out I will show them this note, but in the meantime, I am glad I found it because it’s just fun.

be patient note

Well that’s it for today and while my summer blog pause is now over, I am still finishing up my summer reading list and so I will share more about that later this month.  Also, our family still has a quick trip to Virginia Beach planned for this month, which is nice because September is the time when the locals come out – and hey – summer is not officially over until the 22nd – so hopefully there is still more fun to be found for all of us!


In closing, I encourage you to “Be pacion” with the things you are waiting for – and I leave you with a quote:

Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.”

Henry van Dyke


38 thoughts on “Hand fan art and “Be Pacion”

  1. You’re back Yvette! Woohooo!!! I just randomly thought of you and what do ya know, here you are 🙂 Happy to see you back and very cute note, I had no idea bout “pacion” but now it all makes sense hehehh. Welcome back, hope you had a great summer, looking forward to reading and hearing from you. Take care!!


        1. yes – and yes – and “go y o u” Zac – for all the positive posts you splash into the blogosphere – 🙂 ❤


    1. thanks poet boyle – and I am almost caught up on my reading and so later I will have a few poetry reflections to share –


  2. “Not Yet, Be Patient.” A priceless reminder for everyone so in a hurry or waiting to what feels like a forever. It’s amazing how fate help us discover things such as the paper you picked up made by a child to help us see or reflect on something we need to do or change. I personally need a lot of patience. Life gave me a fair share of heart breaking lessons that I hope one day I get to recover from. It takes time but being patient will bring its rewards. Thanks for today’s inspiration. Beautiful words and images. All the best to you and your family.


    1. Thanks for dropping by and regarding this comment – “gave me a fair share of heart breaking lessons that I hope one day I get to recover from…” – I agree – its takes time and patience – time for wounds to close and “pacion” for our hurt to ease and for our mind to process (and maybe see) other angles from the lesson, etc. hm

      And side note – I really enjoyed your “boy and brain coral” post – and loved this little quote you added to one of the cool beach shots: “A lot of people treat nature like one big garbage can and expect it to clean itself and always be beautiful for their amusement. A lot of people use nature like its inexhaustible but it’s not. If we want our children and the future generation to enjoy nature the way we did, then today is that day to start caring for it.

      anyhow, we recently watched a documentary relating to the Philippines – a London bus driver traded jobs for a short while with a Manilla bus driver and what a contrast of life! Sure stirred up my thinking – Hope you have a nice month. 🙂


  3. G’day Y pleased to see you back, hope your break from blogging brought you lots of joy. What a great theme to start you back into the blogosphere. There is so much waiting as life slips by, your little neighbours have a good message…

    Love the fans. I am a BIG fan of fans. In the hot humid Queensland weather I never go any where with out one tucked in my hand bag, they save my sanity on our unbearably humid days.


    1. Thanks Ninna – glad you liked the paintings with the hand fans – and I actually had to cut myself off because there were many more paintings I could have included. Also – did you know there is fan sign language – in the 1700’s women signed letters of the alphabet and then years after that there were codes.

      • Twirling the fan in the left hand: We are watched.
      • Carrying the fan in the right hand in front of her face: Follow me.
      • Covering the left ear with the open fan: Do not betray our secret.
      • Drawing the fan through the hand: I hate you.
      • Drawing the fan across the cheek: I love you.
      • Touching the tip of the fan with the finger: I wish to speak to you.
      • Letting the fan rest on the right cheek: Yes.
      • Letting the fan rest on the left cheek: No.
      • Opening and shutting the fan: You are cruel.
      • Dropping the fan: We will be friends.
      • Fanning slowly: I am married.
      • Fanning rapidly: I am engaged.
      • Touching the handle of the fan to the lips: Kiss me.


    1. Thanks gpcox – good to be back – even though I am s l o w l y finding a groove for the start of my second year here – all in time, eh?


  4. Totally agree Yvette! now, I will be patient waiting for the next holiday 😉 Thank you for lovely thoughts! Have a great week Yvette – so glad to be able to read your post again!


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