Flowers in the street


yellow street paint and crepe myrtle blooms - 1

It was one of those afternoons.

A hot day in early June.

Tension from the get go.

Rushing around.

Running errands.

Hunger pangs.

Everyone grumpy.

Confusion over where to eat.

Options galore –

So we split up.

Some went for pizza –

Some went for Mexican –

I went for a walk.

yellow street paint and crepe myrtle blooms - 4

To breathe.

To decompress.

After walking,

I sat down for a moment.

Looked around.

Then down.

To see the coolest contrast.

Small, beautiful pink and white flowers

from a Crepe Myrtle tree

Had fallen on the ground –

Right next to layers of hardened yellow street paint.


yellow street paint and crepe myrtle blooms - 3

This was a visual depiction of what life felt like right then.

A stressful moment amidst a lovely day with family and friends.


Tense times are sometimes just a normal part of a healthy life.

I am not talking about the unhealthy kind of ongoing strife-

Just the times that come naturally.

Occasions that come up from being human.

Having needs.

Having a life that is full!

A rich and layered life will have some days of juggling things.

Times of ruffled wings.

Even if you are NOT in the rat race per se-

And even if you are mindful of “what matters”

Moments still come that are tricky and sticky.

And for us –

running errands and chaos about “where” to eat

Led to my getting inspired by flowers in the street!

Then –  a bit of laughter on the drive home

as the rhythm of life’s everyday beat resumed!


yellow street paint and crepe myrtle blooms - 2

A full life has to have occasions of hustle and bustle.

It all gets mixed together –

           the average times – like the cobblestone cement –

                  the grumpy times – like the yellow paint

                           and the lovely times – like those crepe myrtle blooms

They all get mixed together

To become our unique story –

Our unique memories to behold!


57 thoughts on “Flowers in the street

  1. This is really lovely. How unique to take one ordinary day’s experience and write a poem about it, and see “life” in the flowers and cement. You just inspired me today, believe it or not, for I have been it seems, in a slump. Not looking forward to winter I’ve already attained a degree of blahs, but starting today, I take a step back into optimism and Joy. I have you to thank for all this. Really. Bless you! Love, Amy


    1. this made my day dear lady Pinkrose – and laughed at the “degree in the blahs” –
      glad I could send some inspiration your way – and I am sure it was also because the topic of flowers is so dear to your heart – ❤


      1. Still it seems I struggle with blahs again today, so I took a nice bike ride and went to Yoga this evening. Everywhere I look I see flowers fading away, and you don’t know how that hurts. Plan in progress to move from this location to one where it is warm with flowers all year round. You really did help me with your poem yesterday and I turned around to encourage a friend in Australia who is struggling with blah. See what you have done? You’ve started a Fight against the Blahs aboard the Train of Yahoos. I’m now on that train, saying ALL ABOARD! (grin!) Thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy

        PS I followed you just now. Yippee!


    1. Thanks Indah – so many design choices makes it hard to pick – but then there is no pressure because one can always change it up – ❤


      1. we all were better after food – ah-
        and in hindsight – I see that one person in our party that day – well he had the majority of the stress – it was where he was at that “week” – with end of year tests and school year build up – and that was what had me pondering – I felt like we were intentional about doing life “right” – for us at least – but STILL those ruffled feathers moments come – and that is healthy, and I know you know this amiga ❤ – and so as I was thinking about if I could have done anything better or what to not do (less errands that morning) well I just realized sh** happens – and sometimes it is nobody's fault. ha!


    1. thx..

      and after the walk – and photo opp – – I grabbed a small burger to go- extra onion – hold the tomato –
      and that was JUST what I needed too. ha!


  2. Beautiful flowers that indeed can take away our mind from stressful situations. Nature had a way to make us relax, to heal, to forget, even forgive. Thanks got today’s inspiration. Have a wonderful week and all the best to you and your family.


    1. I am going to have to add this to your other nature quotes…
      “Nature had a way to make us relax, to heal, to forget, even forgive…”


  3. What a great post Y, so pleased you had time to take time out and find those beautiful crepe myrtle flowers to calm your mind and share with us. I also find it quite stressful deciding on a place to eat. I like to try new places but am always dithering as to whether the food will be worth the money…


  4. The mixture of different things that are happening in our lives really gives us a unique story and life. I love this post. Truly inspirational.
    Welcome back Ms. Y. 😉


  5. What a great contrast Yvette. Those beautiful little flowers in the middle of it all and so good that you’ve seen it, through all the turmoil and exitement. Nature sure have a great healing power. Lovely post hon and thanks for sharing. 😀


    1. thanks Zac and that made me laugh – and I am not sure if it qualifies as a poem – it is more of just how I think/write – kinda light and simple words I guess. thanks again for the welcome back amigo 🙂


  6. Hello lovely friend, am finally back in blog land now I have my computer back at my new place – love these pics, they so well describe your test! I don’t mind tense moments, as long as these “untense” again:)


    1. glad you are getting settled in and getting to blog again – so nice ❤
      and looking forward to your painting projects this coming season.


  7. What a beautiful post about the melding of everyday lives and how a day out, a simple activity, can become meshed into so many emotions. Love the way you found meaning in the different layers from the flowers in the street, even down to the yellow paint. Love this: Then – ‘a bit of laughter on the drive home as the rhythm of life’s everyday beat resumed!’ The rhythm of life…and all is restored, that bit of tension diffused. A beautiful capture of every day life this Y, and lovely to have you back mon amie-) ❤ xx


    1. bon jour Sherri – and merci, merci. and having a camera on the ol’ phone allowed me to capture this quick moment – so I am grateful for technology too.
      bonne écriture to you –


  8. I like your analogies Yvette 🙂 It is admirable that in the middle of tension you were able to focus on something other than the hustle and bustle. Nature spread a lovely carpet for your meditative summer walk.


    1. Thanks Paula – and it really was cool to look down and see that much layered yellow paint – so layered and chipped – old and worn – to see then newly fallen delicate blooms – ahhhh – the moment found me! 🙂 have a nice weekend


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