West Point, VA- Monday Walk with Jo

To join in on Jo’s Monday walk, and a few other challenges, I am sharing some photos from our walk along 1st Street in West Point, Virginia. We were visiting some friends in West Point and had some time for a walk around this old town.  I had not planned on taking any photos on this fast paced walk, but the sun was setting and little things caught my eye. Some of the homes are quite rickety, but there is much beauty to behold – like the large wrap around porches on the old southern homes, seashell driveways, fun windows, and a buoy hanging out as a flag. I made a quick slideshow to share:

walk with Jo - 9-8-2014first street in west point va

large southern porches in west point va

sunshine and shells at the river old farmers band building

church windows in west point va

Lewis B. Puller tribute at river
Lewis B. Puller is a Marine who is from West Point, VA and I think the guy with the mower is related to him – maybe a grandson? Look at those faces… they match!

This is linked to Kan’s Moment of Joy challenge week #7, Dawn’s lingering look at windows week #36, and Debbie’s Look up, Look Down week #55.  For More Monday Walks – Check out Restless Jo’s Blog HERE, where this week Jo has featured Captain Cook’s monument! Have a nice day and be sure to get on out there and take a walk today or sometime this week. 🙂

64 thoughts on “West Point, VA- Monday Walk with Jo

  1. Hey Yvette! Thanks for the linkback. “The joy of a walk is found in little things like sunshine and seashells”…. What a lovely thought. And watching your little video/ slideshow was also a joy. What’s that piece of music? It was wonderful and uplifting.


    1. Hi Katie – yeah, the camera was in the truck and I went and got it when I saw those southern porches! It is not the style of home I want to live in – I prefer a French tudor! But some things just scream “The South” around here – and a large wrap around porch is one of them. 🙂 ❤


    1. thx ninna – a very small town – and they have a historic walking tour that we may do sometime – also I guess they have a crab carnival every October –


      1. Crab festival. That’s something!
        In Germany, Bavaria, they have october fest. With sausages, pretzels and bear. Lots of umpah-bumpah. Been there once.


      2. well we also have “Octoberfests” similar to what you mention -with beer and bratwurst – which I would enjoy more than crab (not my fav)
        but I bet Germany is unbeatable for this kind of event – and lots of umpah-bumpah – ha ha ha


    1. thanks – and I guess they only have around 3,000 people in this little town… but the outskirts are bigger in the greater King William county – and people seem to move to this county for two main things – either water access or a large chunk of land. hm


  2. Lovely walk/stroll around a town of southern ambience with you Yvette. Love the board walk the light on the grass is beautiful and the video captures the walk so well.


      1. I may have to post a week behind the actual walks, at least for a while (I have another Monday feature already, and, while I’d like to be a week or two ahead, I’m not now).

        I did take a short walk with my kids yesterday, and brought the camera with me…

        So maybe by next week, I’ll have a post ready, and be a little further along…

        Hope to see you then!


        1. well actually you can post your walk any day of the week – Jo just posts them on Monday (and tweets them out)- so don’t even think about it as a Monday challenge (at least I don;t think so – ) and mine will be coming on a different day this week too. But also some folks just join in on the restless Jo’s walk once a month – so when you get caught up – please share – and now you have me curious as to what you saw on the walk…

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I’ve popped on over to Jo’s place, and I’ll be joining in, if not this week, then next. The camera download is on my list for tomorrow or Sunday (most of my blogging happens from Saturday-Monday, but I’m a little ahead on drafting, so I might actually not be scrambling this week).

          I won’t tell you what I saw, so your curiosity can spice the experience for you!


  3. Hello again! 🙂 Sorry for my late response but I’m just back from the Algarve yesterday (so no guesses where tomorrow’s walk is going to be). Hope you had a good and refreshing Summer, Yvette, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next. I may be a little slow at the catch up so please bear with me. Many thanks for your vid and for joining my walk. 🙂


    1. Hey Jude – I like them too – and I think they reflect “different times” – like when people wanted to congregate out front and likely needed to cool down – but now we have A/C and I think many prefer to have privacy out back…
      anyhow, have a great week – and thanks for dropping by,


  4. I call a wrap-around porch a verandah, and the little ones are always a porch. Downunder, on the old homes, they were built to keep the sun off the walls. Now they are outdoor entertaining areas. Loved your walk, as usual.


  5. prior,

    Thank you for the “like,” otherwise I might not have discovered your site. Love the West Point, Va photos. I grew up in New Kent County (documented in Renaissance Musings) and came across the York River Bridge many times growing up. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    Renaissance Musings


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