Shark Tank and Humanity (WPC)

The WP photo challenge this week features the word HUMANITY. The Shark Tank show jumped out at me.

We normally have an episode or two of Shark Tank saved in the DVR, but last week it was Shark Tank WEEK and so of course we had to enjoy a few back episodes as we get ready for the season premier on September 26th (info here).

My husband made a comment after an old episode that connected the show to the humanity theme for me.  I cannot remember verbatim what he said, but he noted how life changing a deal in the tank can be, and then – in a minute or less – he quickly summarized how “well rounded” the Shark Tank show is – how raw, gritty and real it is in that there tank – and how so many little nuggets of wisdom pervade each episode.


Humanity is highlighted on the Shark Tank Show in a few ways:

First, the folks coming onto the show pitch offers that are loaded with a myriad of ideas, personalities, styles, and attitudes.  We also see who has business sense and who does not.

Second, as folks EXIT the tank – their emotions are all over the place.  We see raw human emotions unlike you will find anywhere else. My photo collage highlights some of the hugs and high-fives, but there are also many folks who leave the tank with tears, pride, anger, disappointment, bewilderment, etc.


Humanity on shark tank- priorhouse 2014

Third, humanity is highlighted on the Shark Tank show through the SHARKS, the investors who host the show, who are so varied too!

The interaction between the sharks and the entrepreneurs highlight a visceral side of humanity that we do not always get to see on TV.  So much unfolds in the tank as there is talk about evaluations, patents, work ethics, presentations, funding, licensing, etc. The Sharks imbue the viewers with business tips, candid opinions, and personal stories… sometimes even with tears.  We also get to see some of their creative personal sides as well – which is depicted through offers, refusals (i.e. “I’m out.”), competing for or tag teaming deals, and then times of just offering advice (of all kinds) to the entrepreneurs that have dared to venture into the Shark infested water.


the sharks from shark tank - humanity post priorhouse2014
The Sharks from Shark Tank – Lori, Robert, Kevin, Daymond, Barbara, and Mark

I have one closing thought to share.

A while back Lori Greiner asked her Twitter followers to share what was “priceless” to them.  I think I gave a quick answer like “people…” (cause people are so priceless, eh?)

But since then I have realized that a few more things are priceless too -and one of those is the “right product at the right time with the right investor.”  And on this show, we are seeing investors help people make dreams come true, while they also help make different products become available to the world.

We need “things” in this world for a variety of human reasons – and sometimes the latest invention or newest gadget can be priceless because of the positive impact it can have on humanity!


more about Shark Tank here

44 thoughts on “Shark Tank and Humanity (WPC)

  1. In many ways, sharing raw human emotions is where humanity begins, it brings wonderful understanding among us. That is a great TV to share. Thank you so much, Y! Have a great Sunday 🙂


    1. Hey Sue- well i actually heard about the show from a blogging momma a few years ago – and she said it was the ONLY show she and her family watched – and she said they did not have TIVO/DVR so they watched it in real time each week – and would make popcorn and sit together – and with all her hype – I had to check it out – and it turns out that we liked it as a family too. anyhow, if you do get to check it out – I’d love to hear your opinion.


  2. Great insights, Y. We love Shark Tank too and you’re right, the highs and lows of emotion and advice are addictive. I really hope everyone keeps pushing for their dreams even if they are rejected by the sharks.


    1. I also hope the folks that get rejected keep pushing on too 🙂 =

      and at first I thought this show was only going to be about the pursuit of money – but it is so much more (along with the business of making money and doing business)- even though we all know Mr. Wonderful (Kevin) may ONLY be about the money (by his own admission). ha!
      anyhow, thanks for the comment and have a nice day!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow Y, This was a take on prompt I did not expected, this was so unique 🙂
    I have never seen or even heard of this show before you mentioned, gonna check this out now for sure, Thanks for the nice introduction 🙂


    1. sure thing – ❤ and thanks again for including me in your blog rounds this week – hope your month of September is going well –

      oh – and if you want to check out an episode – I think you can watch some here. It truly is never the same show twice – 🙂


      1. Oh my blog round isn’t complete without visiting you !! ❤
        Yes I've holidays for the whole month so its going pretty well, Hope your's is going good too, Its a month of beautiful weather here! 🙂

        Thanks for the link Y, I'll check it out ! ^_^


    2. Okay zee – here is an episode to skim – I picked this one because at the 14 minute mark is a product (60 dollar stuffed animal) that we were joking about all week after this episode aired –


  4. Of course it´s a hit t.v show, most humans love to see the mishaps of others, their emotions and so on.
    By the way Mr. prior did I just read ” my husband…” so you´re a woman then, didn´t figure that one out…..well at least you liked the comment on the blog lifeconfussions.


    1. wel I meant to say “my wife” gosh – I forget to keep up with the persona Mr. Spaniard – please let me know when you are dropping by so I can make adjustments.


    2. also – it is so much more than mishaps amigo – and that is what makes the show special among the plethora of crap shows out there that also become hits. It really is a unique show and watch few episodes if you have the time you burn boxeador…


  5. I’ve never seen this show. When I heard the name “Shark Tank” I naturally thought of the ocean! HA! Well, I guess it’s kind of the same thing! Great take on the humanity angle, though, as we’re all trying to make it through! I’ll have to check it out. 😀


    1. yeah, I know what you mean – and the show may not be for everyone, but there is a reason it keeps winning awards and the viewership is going up each season – because it is never the same show – and each time a person comes into the “tank” they bring in a different personality – a different idea – a different pitch – and it leads to all kinds of responses from the sharks – and then all kinds of details unfold – let me know if you get to check it out – 🙂

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  6. I have never heard of this show. But then again, I don’t live in North America or Europe, so that probably has a lot to do with it. Is it like a business show? Maybe I’ll have to check it out on Youtube or something.


    1. Hi – and thanks for dropping by!

      well it is a business show – and I think it started on CNBC – but it is also a reality socialistic show.

      There are five sharks that wait in the tank (or room) who are ready to make deals with people who have small businesses and want/need an investor. And here is where the variety comes in – sometimes the ideas pitched are silly – or misrepresented – or you hear personal stories that are moving – or folks are not prepared or they are cooky and puffed up. Then – through the interaction of the sharks you learn about products – and details of running a business. And sometimes the sharks give reasons for “going out” – and other times they fight over deals – or sometimes Kevin makes an insulting offer – but it really is an ideal family show.

      and a quick example that I have comes with the elephant in the phot collage I made. This was a product pitched by a couple who were trying to market this overpriced stuffed animal. None of the sharks were interested – and for good reason (I think) but near the end – I like how Mark summed up their product and the function of it. And so a few times like that it has gotten my kids talking about ideas like this – niche markets – risky products – supply and demand – etc.

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      1. and also – I think this is a reminder that NOT all company’s have to grow big or get licensed or move into mass marketing – and so cheers to you because there is something very special about handmade and custom – and add nautical to that and well it seems win-win-win 🙂


  7. People are indeed priceless. They help us get back our hope and faith in humanity. Yes, people can hurt and use us too but then kind, selfless, giving people help take away those hurts and more. I need to watch this show. I’ve seen the previews but didn’t try watching because in general I’m not a reality show fan. So many out there can mess up our mind and views of the world. So many also are just into themselves such as reality shows about Hollywood celebrities and wannabees. Shark Tank is an inspiring, breathe of fresh air. A hope and reason to rethink and watch Reality Shows. Thanks for this wonderful post.


    1. well thanks for the nice comment Island traveler and thanks for coming here while your blog rounds 🙂 appreciate it…

      and regarding the ST show – some folks says that it takes a couple episodes to appreciate it. Also, the show also appeals to folks who may not even be that into the whole “entrepreneurial scene” – because of the variety….
      Oh – and when we watched the 2-hour season premier last week – afterwards my son and husband were talking about how the Sharks have evolved/changed over the years – and then we all started assessing if we thought the “huge success” of the show has influenced them in this way or that way – it was a pretty cool talk….

      anyhow, I am with you – also not a big reality show fan – especially because most of it is edited or is just bad TV…


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