A walk in scottsville, va (JMW)

My walk this week brings us to Scottsville, VA, which is located on the James River 17 miles south of Charlottesville and 60 miles west of Richmond.

Quick slideshow is synced to the song “Somewhere Out There” by Our Lady Peace.

Ready for to share in the walk?

Here we go….

Scottsville is a town that has less than 1,000 residents! The downtown area has 153 historic buildings and one of them is called Victory Hall, which is a fully restored theatre.

victory hall in scottsville va - priorhouse 2014


The folks at Victory Hall were getting ready to have an event – and the pattern in folded equipment had an artsy kinda feel:

patterns in folded up equipment - priorhouse 2014


Walking on away from historic downtown –  we can see some of what is nestled in these here hills.

scottsville virginia walking the trail - priorhouse 2014



Following the sandy path along the water’s edge you can take off the shoes to walk in the sand with bare feet. A little splash of joy.

walking on the sandy trail - priorhouse 2014

scotssville, va priorhouse walk with jo September 2014

Along the stroll we enjoy calm waters and then take in the scenic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

scottsville, va 2014 priorhouse walk with Jo


Looking up at the blue sky – and looking down at the brick pathway to the home we were visiting.

debbie's look up look down challenge - priorhouse 2014 - september 16th

Last week’s walk (at West Point, VA) featured Virginia homes with LARGE southern style wrap around porches, but today we have a Virginian home with a small, flat porch in a Southern Colonial style brick house.

I guess that this style of Colonial is usually noted for having symmetrical balance, shutters and an ornate feature above the front door, strong vertical lines out front (signaling formality and dignity), and for having contrast with white columns and darker house color (brick).   And yes, that’s a selfie of moi in the lower picture – just for fun!

lingering look at windows - priorhouse 2014


For more walks this week – check out restless Jo’s blog HERE, where you will also find her seaside walk from the island of Culatra.

This is linked to Kan’s Moment of Joy, Debbie’s look up look down, where this week Debbie shows us views of the Mucem museum complex from sea level and Dawn’s lovely lingering look at Windows.  Have a great hump day – and get out there and walk – even if it is a short walk.

Come on now – you’ll be glad you did.  🙂


be still sign








74 thoughts on “A walk in scottsville, va (JMW)

  1. I have to give it to you Y, the song did set the mood right! Never heard of it before, thanks for introducing me to it ^_^
    And as always love your walks and trips and the photographs you capture,Just fantastic ! 🙂


    1. thanks zee – and that song was on during the drive to the Scottsdale area – so that is why I picked it too – but I also like it – it reminds us of this old musician friend we used to know – a singer named Todd who moved to Texas – he was a single dad and we used to watch his daughter (Blair) for many a weekends – anyhow, have a great day


  2. A town has less than 1,000 residents, but 153 historic buildings. That is fascinating, Y! Beautiful scenery of the mountain and lake. Really enjoyed the walk with you!


  3. Love the reflective river shot, Yvette 🙂 Whenever I read Blue Ridge Mountains I want to burst into that Laurel and Hardy song.. on the trail of the lonesome pine!
    Many thanks for joining me again. I need to make a little time to look around. I’ll be back 🙂


    1. Jo – I loved it – and I am still old enough to have been exposed to L & H’s comedy – but only a bit – and so yes, I liked it a lot.

      also, as corny as this may sound – this is one of the things I love about blogging – it is the little stuff that unfolds from a personal comment that then makes our lives richer. For example, being so close to these Blue Ridge Mountains – well I needed to know that song – and that classic comic act – and I am the better for it – so thanks again. ❤


  4. I could feel the soft sand on my feet Yvette on your path. It seems remarkable to have so many buildings of historic nature in such a small spot. It looks so very peaceful. I love the water reflection too.


    1. Hi Sue, well there is a joke that somewhere in Virginia it is always 1865 – but I remember being in Colorado and having short drives to VERY old towns too – like Leadville and certain parts of Golden – and so I think so many towns in the US-Canada-UK have these little gems to soak up – as noted in some of your travel posts too. 🙂 ❤


  5. Boy do you know how to entertain us folks! I loved the video you put together which to me shows huge talent I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do! And this town, is so quaint. Just imagine … you don’t even need a phone there because everyone knows, well, everyone’s business. The shot of the Blue Ridge Mountains you shot perfectly in such a way it shows the great vastness and serenity. The quotes I so treasured and whether you know it or not (well how could you?) confirmed something for me in my life …. thank YOU! Loved the sand photo, loved the river photo with all the reflections, and best of all I LOVED your selfie. And now I know your name, too, Yvette!!! Oh yeah! Beautiful post, very well put together, just like a pro! Thank you for the walk! I enjoyed every moment of it!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Hi Amy – thanks for your words ❤ ❤
      and the videos are way easy – it takes time to imbue your own flair into them, but just start making slideshows and work with transitions – and youtube offers a create a slideshow feature – have not used it yet – but check it out – because like one of your flower posts – the one that I thought flowed impeccably – well you could use extra long transitions on some and it would show how well you matched the lighting. But honestly, it is easier than it looks – but it takes time – especially early on as you learn how to do it – but I have gotten pretty fast and I can whip them out. Although I compromise too – or I would never get them done – so if a few shots are crooked (more crooked than I wanted) I let it go – or if I forgot to use a photo – well I try not to tweak things too much just to keep margins with making them. But start with short slideshows and see how it unfolds – 🙂

      oh – and enjoyed this that you said:
      "you don’t even need a phone there because everyone knows, well, everyone’s business.." ha ha


      1. Awesome about the videos. I will have to try it out because I have wanted to put music to my flowers and have a “show”. Or, have music playing as you view my flowers on a post. SO much to learn yet …. time is just so well, scarce some days as I try to squeeze in my blogging with LIFE. So glad you got a kick out of what I said about small towns. LOL It’s true. I have some neighbors who seem to know everyone’s business …. no phone necessary. And I live in a pretty big town. Imagine a small one with the “busy bodies”. Yikes! No thanks!!!! Love, Amy


  6. What a wonderful walk together with so much more. Such a quaint town full of hidden life behind the wrap-around porches, the curtains and walls. I’d love this place! Absolutely beautiful pictures. I felt like I was along with you. Barefoot in the sand, too! Thank you. 🙂


    1. I still can’t believe you are leaving the Sunshine State – no more Rollins College or Winter Park pictures from you – sniff 😦
      but I know you will have lots of other captures to share – 🙂


  7. Marvelous promenade, Prior… Beautiful pics… 😀
    BTW I have nominated you for an award. Check out the nomination here (Just scroll down the page and look for your blog’s name):
    http://aquileana.wordpress. /2014/09/18/greek-mythology-eros-and-psyche/
    Congratulations and best wishes,
    Aquileana 🙂


  8. Oh a beautiful trek. Must put that on the list of places to go. Is your header the long bridge from Va Beach to Chincoteague ? Thanks sooo much for your visit I really appreciate your view point.


    1. Hey moonduster! and thanks for your visit too – 🙂
      oh and the bridge is actually going up the draw bridge in West Point, VA – but I know the long bridge you are referring to – and we were in that area in 2010 – during a heavy rain too! whew.


  9. Lovely! I hope to get my photos edited before the weekend is out, and my camera battery charged, too…so I can take advantage of this lovely early fall weather we’re having here in upstate NY.


    1. well I think most of the role be shocked at how beautiful the state of New York actually is – in my experience people think snow – industry – or think of the buildings in the Big Apple (NYC). 🙂 but what a gorgeous scenic state New York really is – and now I really can’t wait to see what you share ❤ – but no pressure either Ha!


  10. A fantastic walk as usual, Yvette. I loved the slideshow… especially the closeups of the brick walls and the panning out of the view of the Blueridge mountains. And fantastic way to end it… with a pic of the sandy path and many footsteps. Thanks for the little overview on the architectural styles too. I used to loved the colonial styles of architecture found around Virginia 🙂 Thanks for the “joy”ful link too!


    1. thanks Kan – and funny you should mention the panning of the brick wall – because someone that was visiting watched it and said (not mean or anything) but they said they said something about how the moss and brick shots were not their taste. and I had the chance to just share why I added them.
      And real quick I just said that I like brick work these days (just a phase) and I shared that in my video – I wanted a gritty pictorial kind of feel – this house was an old one and those bricks outside had personality – also -with the Ken Burns effect (that moves) on those brick shots not only matched the song (the falling away tone and the “somewhere out there”) but as an artist – it met a taste bud for me.

      so it ended up being a cool mini talk about how our art sides and our personality and moods of the season becomes imbued in our pictures and videos – anyhow, for you to note the brick shots shows me how you get my art – bon vivant! and that was a small joy this morning.


      1. Oh yes, you commented on the bricks in two of my posts recently… must be part of the brick phase. 🙂 Have a great week ahead!


  11. I watched the video twice, not having scrolled down for the guided tour yet! Loved it. I;m just learning how to do digital storytelling on Coursera. It’s amazing how panning around the image makes it look like movement. Brilliant. Loved the psalm signboards. Laurel and Hardy, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that before on the old black and white tv. 😀


    1. oh cool – to watch it twice says a lot! thx – and I actually had someone email and ask that I add a few more photos so the whole song could be included – cos they liked the song that much. And well, I do have some more photos and even some video from that day – but not sure how much time I want to invest in it.

      Oh- and that panning around is sometimes called the “Ken Burns” effect – and you may know this – but he was an American filmmaker who made this panning of still images well known.

      have a great day and thanks for your feedback. 🙂


  12. What a stunning video Yvette and love the song! I can see you really put lots of effort into it. You’ve captured the beauty of this little town and the historical buildings so well! Such a serene place. I love the shot of the sandy path with the water next to it and the one with the reflections of the trees in the water. Stunning! The selfie of you reflected in the window is so cool and I just love old houses like that. They have so much style and atmosphere. Thanks for this lovely walk hon. I so enjoyed. 😀


  13. O … My … Gosh … This was such a delightful (guys don’t normally use that word) post !!! Victory Hall … and you were there at the right time for a festive event … The water, the Virginia Colonial style brick home, wow. It hit me that you have some amazing walks. Keep walking, my friend.


  14. Thanks for sharing these. Our family vacationed (visited relatives) very near Scottsville when I was young. I haven’t been in that area for about 40 years. It was a treat to see these beautiful photos.


  15. A fun, adventurous , very relaxing walk at Scottsville. Beautiful landscape, amazing buildings, nature full of life. Walking on the sand barefooted reminds me of fun times by the beach. Thanks for an exciting trip. All the best to you and your family.


    1. well thanks for joining me on this little ol walk – and I just have to share what you ended one of your recent posts (here) with – such a good stuff:

      “So, no matter what, hang on a bit longer. No matter what, don’t let go. No matter what don’t give up on your love ones. No matter what, never lose hope. You will endure. We will endure…together.”


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