From my Inbox (U2, drums, kowski, failure)

Time to share a few things from my inbox.  I also have been wanting to participate in Lisa’s “1 Day 1 World Project” which features the 8:00 am hour this week (more here).  During this hour, I enjoyed some Keurig coffee and here is the slideshow I made to go with it (link HERE):

From My Inbox:

First, as many folks know – U2 has been in the news because Apple attached U2’s latest release it to all iTunes accounts by default- (more here) and there were vids going around with young folks were like “U-who?” – and this image for the new iPhone was sent to me:



This U2 image reminded me of my favorite U2 song, New Year’s Day – the long version, which I sent to my oldest brother this weekend – so it was actually in my outbox, but I played it this morning too.

This song is special to me because even though I do not like all of U2’s material – back in 1983 I loved this song from the very first time I heard it.  I still recall that day vividly! My older brother was sitting at the kitchen table – reading The Buffalo News (we were not a Courier-Express family) and he had the large newspaper pages spread wide open.  His breakfast dish was to the side and the radio was on.  He was singing along with the long version of this New Year’s Day and it sounded good.   I was quite young – not yet in high school –  but I paused in the kitchen to feel the music – and this song (the version with the instrumental part at the 3rd minute) will always remind me of that chilly winter day back in early ’83 – and it serves as another example of how I am grateful that my older siblings exposed me to a lot of great music!



Second, some of you know that I am half Polish and proud of it.  An old nickname of mine from the 80’s is “Vet-ski” – and my cousin Kathy still uses it!  Anyhow, someone sent me an email with this “Kowski” tweet from darren rovell about the NFL Kowski’s this weekend:



Third, I enjoyed a small morning laugh with this inbox video of the “Oceans” song, which is a popular song in the Christian community -and actually it has been OVER played all summer!

In this video snippet – watch how the drummer of this band goes off and does his “thang” – just funny:


Fourth, terrier-man shared a potent little post (HERE) where he presented something for all of us to think about:

He writes:

At what point do we suit up and fight the real wars that need to be fought? Banks have devastated the American economy, wiping out trillions of dollars worth of equity amassed over a life time. Fast and packaged food producers kill more Americans every day, through diabetes, hypertension and obesity than Al Queda has killed in the last 15 years. (more here)


Source: and Huffington post

I have had a huge wake up call this year regarding all food – and not to make any of you feel guilty – but if you have not started thinking about the crap that we are consuming with most packaged food – that has NO NUTRITION – well at least just think about thinking about it – ha!  And without coming down too heavy on you – just keep in mind that little things we do – really do add up to impact our health – and positive change starts by becoming “aware” 🙂


Lastly, from my inbox – Delancey Place (HERE) shared from a book about comedy from author Mike Thomas, – which had a potent little reminder about the need to fail.  The cast Member Alan Arkin described his appreciation for the Second City Theatre with this:

” …it gave us a place to fail. Which doesn’t exist in this civilization anymore. There is no place to fail anymore. And failing at something is crucial. You don’t learn from anything unless you fail. And we were not only allowed to fail, but almost encouraged to take chances every night onstage.”

Keep in mind that failures, messes, and setbacks are a natural part of life.  Stop beating yourself up over certain things – especially if you have had made mistakes of have had things flop – or if you are kicking yourself for things you know you could have done better – it’s okay. This kind of stuff is just part of a healthy life!  But so often in our culture there is shame and disappointment connected with flops or failures- or we just come down way too hard on ourselves – but all of these things need to be embraced with more GRACE!  Sometimes we let failures and mistakes disproportionately occupy our thoughts and  it robs us of health instead of becoming a catalyst for appreciation and growth.

Also, did you ever notice that for some reason – we humans always like to compare our weaknesses to someone else’s strengths.

So I just want to say be encouraged today.  Choose “what” you rehearse in your head – and let it be to focus on things that give life.  We all have losses and we all have different times where we woulda, coulda, shoulda did things different – I know I wish I could go back to make different choices to a few specific times- but I am here and now!   And with grace I move forward.  I also have learned to modify my expectations – and that is very life giving too, but that is for another post sometime.  🙂

I close with some words from Denis Waitley:

“Failure should be our teacher – not our undertaker”

waitley quote about learning form the past

So let’s all enjoy right “now” – right now!

As we start a new day today – as we start a new week  – and actually tomorrow (9/23) we all start a brand new autumn season – so let’s embrace the simple joy that can be found in this very minute.  🙂  I know I am.

Peace ~

63 thoughts on “From my Inbox (U2, drums, kowski, failure)

      1. well this was my first – and it sure seems like a cool challenge and project – I have enjoyed the different shares – and so I am curious to see what you share for that early 8 a.m. hour… 🙂


    1. Thanks Indah – I don;t think everyone agreed with the brilliance of their music recently – and many folks were upset to have their songs in their que….
      anyhow, thanks for dropping by 🙂


      1. 🙂 Have to be honest, I love U2 songs from 1980-1990 only..The Joshua Tree was their best album for me. I don’t really follow their music nowadays but my close friend is a U2 fans up until today! Often I heard her travel experience in visiting U2 tour around Europe – she is that fanatic 😀


  1. Dang, I don’t know where to begin to comment. Talk about an A-Z post! I’ll comment on two things, Hehehehehehe. One, my married last name ends with an SKI so I can wholeheartedly understand your enthusiasm and all those RED arrows. I get it I get it. GRIN I’m polish by injection. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. LOL Second, food. I’ve been eating GOOD nutritious food for many years, and I can honestly say, I will NOT eat crap anymore. Oh, I don’t consider um ice cream (the good brands) and chocolate (NOT from China) crap food. What you are is what you eat. It is TRUE. I really have to have sugar in tiny teeny tiny amounts because if I don’t I feel ill. No lie. Now to wrap this up, Yvette, awesome post and I cannot even begin to think how much TIME you put in on this baby. I’m impressed as I am with others who know how to do the [HERE] thingie and get results. I have tried again and again and I am not able to do it on my theme. Or is the the person behind the theme in the edit box who doesn’t know what she is doing? DUH! Polished, Polish Post! High 5 from me! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. nice – “pink-rose-ski” – love it. and when I was in Buffalo last November I was snowed in a few extra days (not surprising) and one night the news was on and they were interviewing folks from the Galleria mall and it was so funny because there were two main groups of people – Canadians who traveled to shop – and then all these folks from Cheektowaga with “ski” or “wich” at the end of their names… reminded me of the large Polish community throughout that region – where Buffalo is the Dingus Day “capital (more here)

      anyhow, thanks for your feedback – and I agree with you on the quality of items – esp. chocolat – mmm – and so right – NOT all things are created equal –
      have a great day –


      1. This is where I live, Yvette!!! I live in a suburb of Buffalo and I go to the Galleria Mall to get my hair done. You are right about the ski’s here. I’m not Polish by birth so this transition into the Polish culture was quite a culture shock. I am amazed you were here! Yep, we are the Dingus Day capital. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


      2. seriously? How cool is this? Well now I am going to have to touch base later with you to find out where you get your hair done cos I think we may know some of the same people – what a small world – and that is my hometown – I have lived away longer than i was there – – but born and raised in Buffalo and “still Talking Proud” – (old city song from years ago…)


  2. What a busy hour, Yvette! I’m so glad you were able to participate this week and I think I’ll have to go back and re-read your “be encouraged” paragraph a few times. Great words to live by. 🙂 And I agree- that food brand map is just plain scary. 😦


  3. Wow quiet an inbox you’ve got Y !! 😀
    I love that Ocean song, too good ! I’ve never been a fan of U2 but you are right that ‘New year’ song is worth listening to 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your glimpse of inbox with us. Hope you had a great weekend and will have great Autumn days ahead. With Love,
    Zee ❤


  4. What can I say! I’m a big U2 fan. It might please you to know my daughter likes them too. I think it’s because she’s been listening to them for years. And the likes of Eric Clapton, the Beatles, and Gershwin. Love coffee too. So, I’m clinking my mug to yours in the morning. As for the drummer, well, he sure was marching to a different beat, huh!


    1. thanks for the coffee mug toast – what a greta way to start the morning – and it’s pretty cool how you mentioned the variety your daughter likes – from U2 to “Eric Clapton, the Beatles, and Gershwin….” that is some musical palette – and when I saw Gershwin I had to smile because there is no way you could have known this – but the first song I experimented with for this posts slideshow (before the U2 choice)- well it was a Gershwin song (tip-toes – that certain feeling) – but I took it out cos the U2 one fit better – anyhow, to see you mention that was just cool. here is the one I had synced tot he coffee dripping at first:


    2. also real quick – you said that right about the drummer – it was a different beat – but a few folks are not getting the humor – and I thought maybe if they knew the song it would help – but another funny thing is that he is on electric drums – and whoever was on sound could have helped a bit –


  5. Ok, for all the “owski’s”… all four of my grandparents came to the USA from Poland, so, I guess that makes me 100% Polish descent. But, with all the raping and pillaging that happened in Poland during so many European wars, who really has a pure European heritage? Pozdrawiam <– Cheers in Polish, according to Google's translator! haha


  6. What an interesting and inspiring post, Y! So many things. Off topic, of course, the girl on that U2 video looks like Twiggy from the 60s! But, boy, I love that girl’s voice singing even if the drummer did get a bit carried away! I was just having the food conversation (again) this morning with hubby. I’m trying to get him to stop buying boxed cereals. I think he’s finally getting the message. I used to think Grape-Nuts was a healthy cereal then read that it’s nothing but wheat and barley flour. I’d just as soon give up every processed food! Have a wonderful rest of the week! 😀


    1. Hi- and I know – I know exactly what you mean – and I think we could talk for hours – because it all comes down to having a healthy inner “terrain” and processed foods slowly pull from that terrain. anyhow, thanks for sharing that – ❤
      and I agree that the girl has some pipes – and even though the song has been overplayed I still like it – and surprisingly so does my youngest son – and once in a while he plays it and funny to see that one added to his huge eclectic mix –
      peace ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Such a wonderfully inspiring post, Yvette! I have to let you in on a little secret that not many people are aware of – I had a paper-route when I was 13-14 years old, and guess what newspaper I delivered? The Buffalo News! 🙂 I was born and raised in WNY too; lived in Fredonia until I was nearly 20, when the overwhelming need to escape the bitter winters finally drove me westward toward the warmth of Southern California! 😀 I remember the Talking Proud campaign too! lol! Loved that trip down memory lane. Great post!


    1. that is so awesome… and I find that my blog life is mirroring my real world life because when I worked and traveled I always ran into folks form WNY and here it is happening again. And what a bond we share – so thanks for telling me – and the only time I made it to Fredonia was in the late 80’s for a few college parties –
      how cool that you delivered the News – our neighbor friends deliver Courier Express.

      Do you remember Irv Weinstein? I have this opening line of the news cemented in my head: “It’s 11 O’clock. Do you know where your children are?”


      1. Oh yes, I remember! 😀 I don’t think there was a kid alive in WNY who hadn’t heard those words uttered by Irv Weinstein! A friend of mine in High School actually had to be in the house before he said that phrase or she was grounded! lol! Another Buffalo original was the children’s morning show, Rocketship 7. Do you remember that, or was it before your time? I absolutely loved that show! ❤ 🙂


      2. Hi – I never heard of Rocketship 7 – but did you ever sit in the orange seats at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium?
        also – you spell your name exactly like my best friend in high school spelled her name – she was very particular about the “l-e-y” and I recall her talking with other kimberley’s who spelled this that same way –


      3. I figured you might be too young to remember “Rocketship 7”. And I spent far too much time and money on concerts at the Aud, but luckily never had the misfortune of sitting in the orange seats!

        That is funny, I used to be very particular about the “l-e-y” too. Now, I simply curse my mother for her intended “creativity”. 😀 As long as someone is within the ballpark of a correct spelling (which, you would be completely amazed at how one, single, extra “e”, seems to cause such confusion) I’m satisfied.


  8. Interesting read but the thing that stuck with me the most is what you said about food. I think about that a lot. In the last month an a half I started drinking more water and cut out a lot of the packaged food I had been eating. I feel much better for it. I have pretty good habits, but I was starting to slide a bit. Then one day I realized I just wasn’t feeling great, just some small tweaks made a huge difference.


    1. Hi- and glad a few tweaks have made a difference – 🙂
      I have had a paradigm shift with so many things related to food – I am going to share the top ten things I have learned in an upcoming post – because I have learned SO much when I was healing from that skin affliction this year – and I think I have over 10 things to share – whew!
      I always cared about my health – but I never really wanted to study this area -(yawn) – However, I was highly motivated to get well – and the docs only know so much and most of them are ignorant to parasites and microbes.
      So in my quest I became empowered and it has been liberating. And it also shows how sometimes the worse thing to happen to us can also be one of the best things – argh!


      1. well said – and sometimes inexperience is the “only” way to learn something – sad but true – sometimes it takes a boot in the head or huge wake-up call to “get” highly motivated – ha!


  9. You do have an interesting inbox of email, how does one manage to follow all those different things, where do you find the time?
    Anyways, great post as always Mr. prior and what you said about food, I would have laughed at you 3 years ago, now with my health issues you are right on the money. I have no problem in spending a couple more $ in broccoli than eating “garbage” every day(although that garbage does taste much better than broccoli)but in the long run is not worth it nor the short run really. And yes being aware I couldn´t agree more, I´ve now become an expert in nutrition and what foods not to mix with others even in a salad(not kidding)so the protein levels won´t get too high. And actually have found this nutrition thing quite intriguing and not boring at all, plus I always have liked to cook so that helps too. Now cooking healthy though.
    Again, what kind of strange inbox you have……….


    1. Hi CP4 – thanks for taking the time to comment amigo.
      and regarding nutrition and health – keep in mind that another thing to consider is your genetic make-up/blood type. Because some “bodies” do better with more white meat, or more red meat – while some bodies can’t process legumes or certain carbs.

      And another very important thing is to consider cleaning the digestive tract if you really want to feel well. It is a very normal pat of life to just accumulate “gunk” in the 28 feet of intestines and other parts of digestion – and I heard that especially beer drinkers could have different strains of yeast, which slowly pull from health (and I could share more about that later).

      anyhow, just keep in mind that all health is related to what is going on in your digestive tract and over the years microbes, protozoans, bacterium, fungi, mucous, and “stuff” just accumulates – and so wellness involves intestinal cleansing.

      Check out one of my favorite nutritionists – ann-louise

      ann on oil pulling HERE
      and if you have time – listen to this radio recording HERE with Ann-louise = long, but worth your time!


      1. Appreciate the link, and yes for me it´s much better white meat(less cholesterol and proteins)so it´s a balance once in a while I eat red meat with high cholesterol and proteins and I had to give up coffe, instead is green tea from the marrocans that does clean your digestive system.

        Still trying to figure out the 4 in CP, any clues?


      1. I am soooo glad my brother from another mother living in a foreign land. ❤
        and I recently just found out about how awesome baking soda is – and this guy is correct.


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